princess jenny

“Where are you, Shiro? I swear I can feel you out there.”

“I’m right here, Princess. I’m right here.”


So, @yaxxm’s latest Shallura piece made me want to draw Shallura and then I saw it was their birthday so I thought I’d dedicate the Shallura drawing to them but then I accidentally made Shiro transparent and it gave me an idea and I made angst….

I am not sure angst is a good birthday present, but if you see this, I hope you like it. Ha. 

[Flashing Lights Warning] Still version below the cut:

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I finished my Nintendo alternative pinup designs and I’m pretty happy with them! Can’t wait to see the prints for Fan Expo next weekend… I’ll add them to my store after the con is over/ if I have unsold stuff that will also be up for grabs!


Robin Wright’s dancing moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I gotta say tho, she’s got a serious move going on there