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Blackpink reaction to: Disney princess S/O

Anonymous: May I have a reaction when they see their s/o who works at Disneyland do their job for the first time? (Like their s/o is a Disney princess or something like that) thank you so much!


Jisoo would think it’s the cutest job ever. When she first saw you she wouldn’t recognise as quickly as the others you but she would go for a picture anyway because who doesn’t want a picture with a princess. You’d look at her and grin then it would all click into place for her. She would smile so big at you and giggle a little. Jisoo would go to take a picture straight away and would place a little kiss on your cheek. She would wink at you as she pulled away from the picture. The next time she saw you out of the princess clothes and makeup she would have so many questions for you.

“Woah! Y/N?! You’re a princess?!”

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Jennie would feel like she was falling in love with you all over again, seeing you as the princess you work as would make her feel like goo. I believe she may be a little shy when she sees you as well, not in the I-don’t-know-you-I’m-awkward kind of shy but the holy-crap-you’re-a-princess-you’re-pretty kind of shy. She would be blushing slightly when she talks to you when you’re the princess and would love to wrap her arms around your waist in the picture. It would be something she loves to see and would be in awe of you even more than she would have already been.

“Wow… You’re beautiful like this, even more than normal.”

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Rosé would be the tease, the one to nickname you princess (if she didn’t already call you princess that is) straight away and never call you anything but princess. After she recovered from the initial shock that her Y/N was a Disney princess, she would bow to you and kiss your hand before standing and asking for the royal highnesses appearance in a picture with her. She would bow and say thank you in an over dramatic fashion (probably giggling and causing the little kids around you to giggle as well, maybe even their families) when you accepted. She would rest her head on your head or shoulder, depending on how tall you are, when you two had your picture taken. Rosé would kiss your hand again. She would wink and then say walk off after saying:

“See you later princess.”

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Our little Lisa would probably dream about this. I feel like she is a massive Disney nerd so she would LOVE you being a Disney princess. She would wait with all the little kids to get a picture with you; she would probably talk to them about how amazing the princess you work as is and how you are definitely her favourite princess. She would gush about it to the other girls with a massive grin on her face after getting picture with you.

“I’m a dating an actual princess! Can you guys believe it?! An actual princess!”

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