• me:*wakes up*
  • me:Princess Jellyfish is an extremely underrated anime. The main character is a girl with social anxiety who thinks everyone around her is looking down on her and constantly assumes they are thinking the worse of her. However, as the people who get to know her see, she is a passionate person who dedicates herself to her interests. The male lead enjoys wearing dresses, wigs, and makeup and is proud and confident, however he starts questioning himself as he grows feelings for the main character. Throughout the series he tries to help her cope with her anxiety, not forcing her to change who she is, but by embracing herself and her interests. It is overall a very well-written series and it's tragic there are only 11 episodes.
  • me:*goes back to sleep*

a new print for metrocon!! i LOVED the Princess Jellyfish anime, and while i still don’t think i’m ready to look at another reference photo of a jellyfish ever again, i’m really happy with how it turned out :) water’s soooo relaxing to paint

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