princess itachi

sasuke says thanks
  • Sasuke: So first of all thanks to a special person who always supported me
  • Suigetsu: ...
  • Sasuke: And loved me even when I was down
  • Itachi: ...
  • Sasuke: My best friend
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sasuke: My one true love
  • Sakura: ...
  • Sasuke: I learned everything from this person
  • Kakashi: ...
  • Sasuke: And we all know this person...
  • everybody: ...
  • Sasuke: ... is me


  • Itachi visiting SS’s home regularly to see his niece.
  • Itachi helping Sasuke take care of baby Sarada since he took care of Sasuke when he was a baby.
  • Itachi treating Team 7 out to dinner to celebrate after Sarada is born.
  • Sarada training with Itachi when Sasuke is on a mission.
  • Itachi babysitting Sarada when SS is on a mission.
  • Itachi spoiling Sarada.
  • Itachi poking Sarada’s forehead.
  • Sarada wearing Itachi’s oversized ANBU attire.
  • Itachi refusing Sasuke and Sakura to buy furnitures in the nursery and offers to buy them instead.
  • Itachi agreeing to go to the Academy to substitute for Shino for a day and teaches Sarada’s class.
  • Itachi showing Sarada his training grounds and helps here with shuriken training.
  • Sasuke getting jealous because “Nii-san is spending too much time with my daughter.
  • Itachi questioning Sasuke’s naming abilities.
  • Sarada watching Papa and Uncle Itachi train.
  • Itachi giving Sarada a set of weapons on her birthday.
  • Itachi getting tired because babysitting Sarada is an S-rank mission.
  • Itachi and Sarada playing a staring game and Sarada loses because Itachi would activate his sharingan and Sarada would complain because “I don’t have that yet! No cheating!”

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What about 18 or 22 pleasee?? Thank youu

22 two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

they make her watch her planet’s destruction. madara takes her to the bridge and reminds her that she’s alive only because she is of royal blood and that this is what happens to planets that rebel right before ordering that the ion canon destroy her home. she cries, first from her own sorrow, but then when she feels the planet’s pain. sakura falls to her knees, feeling every crack and crumble run through her core until the fire sets in and she’s screaming. one of the guards slaps her for her insolence, but the pain is nothing in comparison to her home’s.

“get up,” the guard orders.

but sakura can barely hear him. her head is spinning and all she hears is a faint buzz. from the corner of her blurry vision, she sees the guard come closer, until someone else steps in between them.

she looks up through tear-filled eyes and before her stands madara’s heir.

“the princess is ill,” itachi tells them calmly enough. “like the rest of the royal family, she is tied to the planet itself. naturally its destruction has severely weakened her.” he turns to madara. “i take it she is free to leave now?”

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is there any cool characters with an ENFJ personality? can't seem to really find any

Everyone has a different definition of cool, but here are some that I think fit that descriptor:

Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Princess Diana/Wonder Woman

Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

For more please look under ALL TYPED CHARACTERS: ENFJ.

SasuNaruSasu Fanfics Drinking Game

Take a shot everytime

1. Sasuke refers to Naruto as “Dobe” “Idiot” “Baka” or “Usuratonkachi”

2. Naruto calls Sasuke “Bastard” or “Teme”

3. Kiba is Naruto’s roommate

4. Ino and Shikamaru end up dating

5. Someone calls Sasuke “Ice princess”

6. Itachi figures out Naruto and Sasuke’s feelings for each other even before they do

7. Sasuke “smirks”

8. Kiba has a crush on Hinata

9. Fugaku is homophobic

10. Sai calls Naruto “dickless”

11. Itachi is called a “Sadist”

12. Naruto and Sasuke spend like 3 hours fighting over who gets to top

14. Sasuke wears black converse

15. Naruto wears orange hoodies or orange boxers

16. Shikamaru is referred to as “The smartest person in the school”

17. Sasuke “Glares”

18. There is “Amusement” in Itachi’s eyes as he teases Sasuke

19. Naruto “smiles sheepishly" 20. Minato is the city’s “major” 21. Fugaku has a company called “Uchiha Inc” which Itachi and Sasuke work for

Feel free to continue

Konoha High - Chapter 1

He was sure. Naruto was sure he heard a cry of pain from a nearby ally. Frowning, he carefully approached the source of the sound. As he got closer, the sound got clearer, first it sounded like a bag of water getting hit expect it wasn’t a bag of water. It was Nagoto, a boy from his class. The guy pounding Nagoto so happened to be Kabuto, an older bully.

Without a second thought Naruto was throwing his body weight onto Kabuto. He sent both of them crashing into the ground. There was a sickening crack from Kabuto’s head hitting the hard concrete and Naruto inwardly flinched.

A beaten up Nagoto looked up at him with wide fearful eyes until Naruto squeaked, “What are you doing you idiot? Run!”

Startled by the blonde’s urgent cry, Nagoto pulled himself up on wobbly feet and stumbled out of the ally leaving his savior in the darkness.


“What the fuck happened to your face?!” Was the first thing Sasuke Uchiha said when he saw his best friend’s bruised face.

Naruto chuckled lightly as if it didn’t bother him that he had a swollen black eye and bruised lips that suggests he went through some pretty tough pounding, “It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

Throughout the day, people approached Naruto voicing their concerns towards seeing the sorry state of his face and his answer went along the lines, ‘It’s nothing you need to worry about it.’

Naruto didn’t see Kabuto that day, not only Kabuto wasn’t there but also Nagoto seemed to be absent.

Naruto wondered if Kabuto had seen his face through his rage and the darkness of the ally. The blond really hoped he didn’t or else he could really kiss his relatively safe high school life goodbye.

Kabuto without any exaggeration is the most feared guy in school. Well, him and Orichimaru anyway. His slender body and gentle smile would definitely fool you into believing he was a harmless, even nice guy.

However, Kabuto was the farthest away from being anything close to nice. The guy was messed up in the head, rumors has it he was an abused kid who grew up bullying other kids to feed his rage. But no one really knew the real story.

Kabuto and Orichimaru usually targeted the quiet weak guys, and none of the tough guys was particularly very thrilled to stand in their way and so no one had really done anything about either of them.

Fed up with their friend’s mysteriousness and lack of explanation on the accident, Neji, Gaara and Sasuke had sat the blond down and demanded a clear, honest answer.

“Alright dobe, here’s how this works: you either spill the beans or be late for your lunch today.” Sasuke said.

Naruto sighed in defeat and began telling them about what happened the previous night.

Sasuke stared incredulously at Naruto, “You fought Kabuto?”

“He was beating Nagoto.” Naruto protested angrily. “What was I supposed to do? Sit and watch?”

Sasuke glared at Naruto until Gaara spoke up, “What Naruto did is stupid but probably the right thing to do, I would’ve done the same.”

Sasuke and Neji looked at the red head, surprised he decided to voice his opinion on the matter. Gaara usually avoided striking conversations with either of the guys. He only ever spoke to Naruto.

“You do realise you kind of ruined your high school life, right?” Sasuke turned to face Naruto again as he spoke, choosing to ignore what Gaara stated.

“Hey, Hey now,” Naruto chuckled nervously, “It was really dark I don’t think he recognised me.”

“You better hope so.” Sasuke said before turning to Neji. “Speaking of which, that Tenten girl has been gawking at you for weeks.”

That took Neji by surprise but he replied with a straight face, “You’re probably imagining it.”

“Whatever,” Sasuke said lifting his school bag off the ground and throwing it over his shoulder.

“Yeah, well, you better get going before Itachi comes and drags your sorry ass back home like that one time,” Neji sneakered and Sasuke glared at him.

“That was a one time thing, moron.” Sasuke said. He remembered that day crystal clearly. He got too caught up playing football with Naruto that Itachi came and gave him a piggyback ride all the way to their house. Sasuke was so humiliated he couldn’t look anybody in the eye for weeks.

Neji, Gaara and Naruto laughed as Sasuke made his way out of the classroom. Sasuke made sure to fling his middle finger at them before walking out of the door.

Naruto got up then, “I should be going too, I need to study for tomorrow’s Chemistry test; I seriously don’t want to fail.”

He said his goodbye’s to his friends before rushing out of the classroom and down the stairs. In his rush, he failed to notice the pale girl turning around the corner and ended up crashing right into her.

The girl squealed losing her balance and stumbled backwards but Naruto who was still on his feet managed to catch her just in time before she fell flat on the floor.

“Are you okay?” Naruto asked concerned, his arms still wrapped firmly around the girl’s waist. Hinata’s creamy eyes widened when she noticed how close his face was to hers and squealed again backing out of his hold.

“I-I’m fine, I’ve got to go!” Naruto watched her disappear around the corner.

“Weird…” He muttered. He knew the girl, she was in his class but they never really spoke, mostly because the girl was very shy and withdrawn from conversations.

Hinata rushed out of the main building and stopped to catch her breath. It occurred to her that she probably made a fool of herself and sighed outwardly. Why is it that when she finally had the chance to talk to him that she had to freak out and run away?

For years now, she’s wanted to talk to the blond but she never got the courage to do so. Besides, he’s always surrounded by people; she’ll just make a bigger fool out of herself.

“Well, well, if it isn’t our cutie pie Hinata.” Hinata heard Kaguya’s ice cold voice from behind her followed by the snickering for her two sidekicks.

Hinata gulped bracing herself for the worst. This was a weekly routine for Kaguya, the most popular girl in school, alongside her companions to drag Hinata into an ally and beat her up. Hinata had never done anything to them so she failed to understand how she ended up being their punching bag.

Like the usual, Kaguya’s friends would muffle Hinata’s shouts while Kaguya enjoys abusing and humiliating her.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?!” Shouted a masculine voice Hinata would recognize from a mile away. Hinata squeezed her eyes shut and let out a shaky breath. Dear lord, this just took a turn for the worse.

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