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My Breathtaking Princess

Summary: A look inside Jasper’s thoughts and what drew him to finally write that letter to his breath taking Princess.

Authors Note: This is my first official Jaspenor one shot. Something about this couple draws me in and I felt compelled to write something after the last episode. Feedback is always appreciated, now on with the show, oh and yes there is smut.


Jasper Frost had never been a lucky man and there was an irony to it considering the fact that once upon a time he had been a con man who created his own luck. When it came to matters of the heart though he wasn’t just unlucky, he simply didn’t care. The only thing that Jasper had loved was money and power and it was those two desires that had drawn him to accept a position in the UK for security detail at the royal palace. With the Bonnie to his Clyde everything had been in motion to steal the royal diamond from the royal family.  Work, case the joint, knows the in’s and outs, get the diamond and get the hell out. That had been the plan and it had almost worked until the day he had met Eleanor Henstridge.

“Frost, your resume was impressive. I wanted to take a chance on you by offering you this position but it’s not just any position.”


 “You will be security detail for her Highness”

Her highness? That meant the Princess right? Samantha and Jasper had done their work and he had crammed as much knowledge as he could on the royal family and England for that matter.  During the entirety of his flight, Jasper had been practicing his accent, deeming it as doable.

“Don’t take offense if it doesn’t work out. Her highness has put past bodyguards through the ringer. They barely make it a week and don’t come out alive.”

Fuck, was he serious? Had Jasper gone in way too over his head? Had he even actually thought this through? Samantha had believed so but now physically standing here in the fucking palace paranoia began to get the best of him and Pryce seemed to notice.

“She’s a handful,” Pryce says as they walk through the halls. The sound of a door being opened causing Pryce to stop at the end of the hall “speaking of” gesturing straight ahead.

Following his boss’s gaze, it lands on the Princess. Jasper had seen pictures of her from media sites that he and Samantha had shifted through during their research which always involved her doing something quite scandalous and showing some form of skin.

“Pryce who is this?”

It was clear as day to Jasper that she had just woken up and was waking up to a hangover but still Jasper found she radiated beauty. So much so that it left him speeches as his eyes appraise her unique and un-royal attire.

“This is your new security detail, your Highness.”

“Ah” noticing the look of delight that crosses her features as she approaches, only to circle around Jasper until she’s standing directly in front of him “new meat.”

From afar she had taken his breath away but now with her face to face with him he found himself fucking speechless. There was something naturally beautiful about her that he couldn’t pinpoint. Maybe it was those emerald eyes that he knew could tell a thousand stories or her raven locks that his fingers just itched to run through.  Maybe it was the fact that her long tresses seemed to heighten her already prominent features. Whatever it was he found himself entranced, no woman, not even Samantha had drawn such a reaction from him.

“Hello are you broken…do you have a name?”” hands snapping in front of him causing Jasper to finally try and formulate a sentence.

“You-your highness” making sure to slip in that accent and wanting to be professional causing him to add a quick bow. Blue now meeting green “Jasper Frost.”

How had Jasper ended up in here? Lying in bed with his breathtaking Princess who was peacefully slumbering. A shadow of a smile displaying on his lips realizing that he had completely exhausted her. Today they had made up for lost time so much so that afternoon turned had turned to night. Ever since Eleanor and him had seen past his bad deeds Jasper had done everything in his power to show her that he was a changed man, enter Jasper 2.0.   

No longer did he open up those double doors, strolling in unannounced, no, now he stood outside her door waiting to be let in. Time and time again he had been tempted to reach out for her and kiss her absolutely senseless but for the first time Jasper hadn’t taken what he wanted, he had waited.  It had been worth the wait and more when Eleanor had finally touched her lips to his own.  Jasper had silently thanked Hill’s Mini Me, Sara Alice because had he not confessed to what a real Princess was, Eleanor would never have overheard and he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Now, here he lay completely spent after making love only unlike his Princess, Jasper couldn’t find sleep because he was still letting it process that he had finally done something right. Jasper was finally where he believed he belonged.

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Nowo: A little but… why we have to dress like Tweedledum and Tweedledee? 

Aria: Because the lovely little Liam liked the movie and we are sisters~

Nowo: but we are not twins…

Aria: That is just a little detail >3<!

Nowo: …why do I bother ¬¬

Kerie: Like… “Rapunzel”, right? The one I had last year…

Vincent: Yes, next year you could use another Disney princess dress, do you want to see some movies for chose it?

Kerie: Yes~ 

Herakles: Be careful, Liam, don´t run too fast

Liam: Yesh, Daddy!

//All of them are accompanying Liam to get candies, and every of them has a provisional pumpkin for even more candies 8Dc

A simple tiara sat on her head, and she wore a flowing white lace gown trimmed with tiny seed pearls and satin shoes in the lightest shade of ivory. Around her neck, Tiana wore Mama Odie’s magic pearl. It was strung on a simple, elegant silver chain so thin you could barely see it.

Naveen gasped when Tiana walked into the restaurant. He was on stage, playing with Louis and the Firefly Five in one last rehearsal. He dropped his ukulele and leaped off the stage. “My princess!” Naveen said. He twirled Tiana into a quick dance.

…“How do I look?” Tiana asked. She knew the answer, but it was always nice to hear it.

“You,” Naveen said seriously, “are the most beautiful princess in the world.” He tilted his head thoughtfully. “In fact,” he added, “I do believe you are the most beautiful princess in all of history.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Tiana said, smiling up at him. Naveen always said just the right thing.

—  From the book, Disney Princess Tiana: The Stolen Jewel

Kyle: Hey, guys. Abe and Eva wanted to share their little story about their first fight. I don’t know why but I guess they just wanted to talk to you guys and wanted to share more on why they’re so close.

Abel: Hi everyone! Eva and I wanted to share one of our worst yet favorite memories together.

Eva: Yeah! When we had a biiig fight! 

Abel: Last year, when it was almost Eva’s birthday, we got into a giant fight over something. 

Eva: I stole Clyde Two for a princess thing with my daddy. and Abe got really mad at me for not asking. 

Abel:She stole him from my bed, and I wasn’t happy about it. She did it before she would come up to me and ask if she could borrow him for the day. I always said yes since I know she would never hurt him. 

Eva: I was being bad that day…that wasn’t what made Abe really angry with me…When I was playing with Clyde Two, he ripped apart. His head came off and I was really scared that Abe was gonna be mad at me. I didn’t mean to rip him, he got caught on something. 

Abel: And I was. I was insanely angry, I went really overboard with how angry I got. I didn’t scream or anything, but I remember feeling so hurt and ready to attack her. Clyde Two is really important to me, and I love that frog more than anything. Instead of attacking her, I attacked the next important thing, her precious pink dinosaur that sparkled. I tore it apart, to the point it couldn’t be put together again.

Eva: I cried and cried all day after he destroyed pinky…I was so angry with him, I didn’t talk to him for five days.

Abel: Papa grounded me for a few days, telling me that I should think of something to make up for what I did. I was a mess for those few days, and my guilt was taking over me. I did the worst to my sister and I didn’t think she would ever forgive me. 

Eva: Daddy and Papa tried their best to make me happy since it was almost my birthday.

Abel: Then I got an idea. I was gonna make her something. It probably wouldn’t help her since that dino meant so much to her but it was worth a shot. I took some old socks from my room, her room and my dad’s room that were missing pairs and Papa was going to throw away. I also found some of Pinky’s skin Eva kept on her dresser. After hours of stitching, bleeding and stuffing fluff into the toy’s head, it was done. On her birthday, I came into her room, with some supplies in case the stitches came undone and I needed to add stuff, and I gave it to her. 

Eva: He fixed my heart with his present! I started crying when he gave it to me. Papa and Daddy were so happy that we made up! 


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What is a book that you’ve finished in one sitting?
This is really strange, but sometimes at night I get into these moods where I just want to read a quick “trashy” school romance book. Has anyone read Fallen Crest High? Or Paper Princess or Sanctum or Angelbound or Make Me? Those are some books where I just devour them in one night because angsty romance.

Were you always into reading or did something spark your reading interest?
Yes, my first DIE HARD fandom was Jennifer Armentrout’s Covenant series. 

Are there any songs you relate to a certain book?
I love listening to music whilst reading, it just adds another element in there. I used to listen to Rihanna’s ANTI album when The Last Star (Fifth Wave Trilogy) came out. And I remember in the last chapter, when the tragedy happened, I listened to Never Ending on REPEAT. That song fit perfectly with the last chapter of the book.

In which season do you get the most reading done?
Whenever, I read pretty much every day.

Which book character do you relate to most?
Definitely Aelin.

Do you have any reading goals for 2017? If yes, what are your goals?
I definitely want to read more fantasy books! Someone give me some suggestions!!!

Are there any books that you feel like you need to read or else you will miss out on things at booklr?
Not really? My favourite hobby is going on Goodreads and finding all the amazing different books I can read.

What is the most books you’ve ever read in a week/month/year?
Not sure, but I pretty much finish a book in every couple of days if I’m really into it. (right now I’m stuck in the ACOMAF book slump, where I’m just awating ACOWAR)

Is there one character everyone else absolutely loved but you despised? 
Nope, even if it’s a terrible character, I don’t really hate them… except for Mal.

Are there any books that remind you of a certain place? If yes, what books?
Sometimes when I’m at uni I hope the Fifth Wave happens just so I can meet a cute alien who’ll fall in love with me (obvs joking but a girl can dream)

How many books do you own?
I used to read a lot on my iBooks, but now I’ve been buying books A LOT and am starting to collect all my favourite books.


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  • Finn: I’m Finn Mertens. I’m the last human left on Ooo. I have a compulsion to help people after I was abandoned and I now have a need to prove my worthiness as well as make sure no one feels the same way I do. That wasn’t quite what I was meant to say!
  • Flame Guard: I think, perhaps, you should stop talking till you get used to it.
  • Bubblegum: Used to what?
  • Flame Guard: What did you say your name was?
  • Bubblegum: Bubbly personality masking bossy control freak. No, ah, I see. Yes, of course. It’s a truth field.
  • Flame Guard: No one can lie in this town.


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favorite  color  :  pastel pink, brown, and gold. neons too, really love me some neons.
lipstick  or  chapstick  :  lipstick.
last  song  i  listened  to  :  Burnt Rice ( Henrik the Artist Remix) by Shawn Wasabi
last  movie  i  watched  :  Who Killed Captain Alex lmao
top  three  tv  shows  : Code Lyoko, Catfish, and Chopped
top  three characters  : Aelita Schaeffer, Muto/Ya.mi (yes i’m cheating and counting them as one character), Princess Daisy
top  three ships  :  Gonna just stick with my boi Yuge for this one. Bak.ura/ (Hea.rtshipping), Ya.mi/ (Puz.zleshipping/Blin.dshipping??? i guess since APPARENTLY Ya.mi and At.em are different people according to fandom and nvm i’m gonna start ranting lmao), (Riv.alshipping)
books  i’m  currently  reading  : i don’t remember the last time i read a book i wanna read so bad you dont even know

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“So, what’s your mission again, Agent Frost?”
“I believe, my queen, you are.”
“And… what are you actually doing now?”
“I’d have to say the answer will still be you.”

Okay, I don’t even know what I am writing anymore. So, Agent and Princess/Queen AU for everyone. And, yes, Jack in Kingsman’s suit just makes it even more flattering. 

I’ve always had a thing for Agent and his princess. Also a thing for Jack loving to play with Elsa’s hair.  But since I got no concrete idea for a one-shot, here’s my last procrastinating plan before I once again disappear to study. Hope you guys enjoy it.


“Half bumper car, half go-kart, ALL BALLS!”
“I’ll be like Al Capone with breasts.”
“Hard to hate a guy who gives you raisins!”
“If I’m online, I’m looking at sloths!”
“One hall pass to rule them all!”
“I don’t think you can handle how much I can handle this.”
“I guess when you’re hall monitor, you have to leave your feelings in your locker.”
“It’s all interesting! Each pile tells a story. For example, last night Rena had chicken. The end!”
“That’s my stage name…Cookie Secrets!”
“Stronger and gayer than ever. That’s our motto.”
“Don’t you cankle me!”
“A no is a yes turned upside down.”
“There you are my stinky princess!”
“I decided to go join the birds. I eat lots of bread already and I’m tired of fighting. Goodbye!”
“I’m allergic to geese and ducks!”
“It’s the turkey’s turn to rule the Earth now. We had our chance and we blew it!”
“They closed it, remember? That guy died.”
“The real tragedy is that I don’t have time to get nachos before we start.”
“Sturdy and purdy!”
“All the losers get stickers! Stickers of shame!”
“Why are you running if you don’t want to? Just tell the teacher you have sciatica.”
“My butt is dry and strong.”
“She got catfished by a box!”
“He dumped you? I’m gonna kill him…again!”
“Are we holding hands? I can’t really tell.”
“Two days until trick or treating. What am I supposed to eat until then? Other food?”
“Never trust a boy with a skateboard! They’re too fast!”
“Why is no one singing? Why is no one dancing? What’s wrong with Hollywood?!”
“I’m the alpha turkey!”

  • Finn: So now that you’re Flame Queen-
  • Flame Princess: King.
  • Finn: [sidetracked] I- wait, what?
  • Flame Princess: [calmly] King. I’m Flame King. Flame Queen is a dull job.
  • Finn: [very confused] But you’re a girl! That makes you queen, doesn’t it?
  • Flame Princess: [rolling her eyes] Of course not. Queen of the Fire Kingdom is a totally different job from King, and it’s not one I’m particularly interested in. Most people aren’t. I think it’s been open since the last guy got doused with ice water fifty years ago…
  • Finn: But your dad was male! At least, I thought he was… he was, wasn’t he?
  • Flame Princess: [impatiently] Yes, but that has nothing to do with it. ‘King’ is the name of a job. It doesn’t matter who holds it.
  • Finn: [slowly] So, you’re saying Fire Elementals don’t care if their King is male or female; the title is the same no matter who the ruler is.
  • Flame Princess: Exactly. We like to keep things simple.

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last movie i watched: I can’t remember but I guess it was Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses (yes that’s childish but you can’t stop me >:3)

top 3 tv shows: Star vs. the forces of evil, Gravity Falls, Kuroshitsuji

top 3 characters: Star Butterfly (&Marco Diaz), Rhys the company man, Flora (&Helia&Tecna) from Winx Club [but I actually like the old seasons better than the new ones]

top 3 ships: Rhack, Starco, Narumitsu

books i’m currently reading: sadly no books because of stress but I always read fanfictions if that counts :3


Made some… edgeberry is it? Kind of coincidentally @princess-of-nope ‘s  stream kind of pushed me into shading that last one like this. Not a bad thing, nobody’s displeased with this C:

Here have one of those very very contrived fanfic plots XD He’s gon keep the blueberry, yes UFPap that is the obvious correct choice. Anyway I put a flowercrown on him even if it’s magical I’m probably gonna lose a hand.

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A - Age: 23

B - Biggest fear: Being alone. :<

C - Current time: 9:22 am

D - Drink you last had: Coffee~

E - Every day starts with: COFFEEEEEEE!!

F - Favourite song: : |  THIS IS TOUGH. I’m currently obsessed with Wait For It from Hamilton. 

G - Ghosts are they real: YES. 

I - In love with: My puggies Bilbo Puggins and Princess Stella ;- ;

K - Killed someone: *cough*


M - Middle name: Pamela Kathleen. 

N - Number of siblings: 3

O - One wish: To be a professor. 

P - Person you last called/texted: Roommate: “AY YO ANNI’S COMING TO THE MOVIES TOO” 

Q - Questions you are always asked: Are there moose everywhere in Canada?

R - Reasons to smile: I’ve got two cuddly pugs, a great family, and a wonderful boyfriend. <: 


T - Time you woke up:  5:30 ; - ; Boyfriend and I are both sick and we decided to wake up and make each other laugh… Which made us only cough even more. 

U - Underwear colour: I’M NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR. >:D!!!!!

V - Vacation destination: Germaaaany.


X - X-Rays you’ve have: I’ve broken my ankle, both legs, both arms… I went to the hospital a lot as a kid… Soooo, I’m going to assume over 10. 

Y - Your favourite food: Rare beef pho :3

Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn!

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Hey I’m starting this wired thing over here. Just finished the last paralogue (rn its blazing shadows). So i thought why not doing some sort of walk through (not really) but with screenshots instead? So here you go…
Prologue part one (part one- before battle): Prince with Golden Wings.
Hope you enjoy or whatever

Also, yes! I’m playing with a 4s Sheena: Princess of Graa; 3s Azama: Carefree Monk; 5s Corrin: Fateful Prince and Fateful Princess

Babes fighting and shit. Scarlet is trapped in the sea, but can fight. So lets explain this universe.

Since the beginning of time, monsters and humans have co-existed. But about 100 years ago, the monsters were soon jealous of the humans advances in modern technology, and soon, almost all humans were wiped out. Except few. This is where this story comes in.

Lale, is a human. One of the last, in fact. But she was not raised by humans. Her mother abandoned her, because she was afraid she would loose her. She left her at the care of Eagles (yes other animals exist), and was raised by them. When very little, Lale met a fairy named Laura, who’s mother was a witch, allowed Lale to have a sweatshirt with the power to let her become a bird, or fly. Lale can only speak in bird noises, yet everyone seems to understand.

Scarlet is a mermaid princess (wowowowo), who is being forced to marry a prince. She has a lot of parental issues. She fled her kingdom for a day, only to meet Lale. Thats where we are now.

Nothing is known of Laura. 

Only Lale knows.

But she never talks about it.

(Lale: She/her, Scarlet: She/her, Laura: They/them)


Cake Tasting (Silas x Camilla)

With Love,” Camilla spoke. It was in her usual sultry tone, but something about the way she said it gave Silas chills – the good kind.

Lately, just being around the first princess made him all kinds of nervous. She always walked with an air of confidence about her. She was beautiful as she was calm, and as nurturing as she was ruthless.

Silas had been so entranced by her long, lavender tresses and heavy lidded eyes that the snapping of her fingers startled him.

“I-I’m sorry Lady Camilla, what was that?” He asked with a sheepish grin.

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  • Bubblegum: [Looks at Jake, who jumps as she says his name] Jake, do I act motherly?
  • Jake: [Puts his hands up defensively] Hey, I'm staying outta this one.
  • Bubblegum: What do YOU think, Finn? Do I act like a mom?
  • Finn: Well, I, uh…
  • Bubblegum: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!
  • Finn: [Sits up straight] Yes, ma'am!

This is inspired by the Hiatus Challenge #1 by @seastarved. link here

AO3 link here

“Again, Killian?”  

“Oi! It’s not as if you haven’t been trapped in the brig yet! I got you out of one just last week!”

“Yes, but you’ve been a pirate for years! I’ve been a pirate for just one! You shouldn’t be getting caught so easily!”

“Aye, well I didn’t have my beautiful pirate princess to look out for previously,” he replies flirtatiously, while leaning closer to the bars.  

Emma leans in closer as well, “I distract you then, hmm?“ She smiles at him while batting her eyelashes.  

Killian groans. She would be the death of him.  

Yet, he can’t believe just how lucky he is.  

Emma is actually a princess. When she was twenty-one she decided to run away from the castle. Her parents love her dearly, but they were also overprotective. She wanted a sense of adventure and knew she wouldn’t be able to convince her parents, for she had been trying for years. Finally, when she turned twenty-one she’d had enough. She was an adult and could handle herself. She packed a rucksack with essential items she needed, took some money and jewelry she could sell, and left. She didn’t have a solid plan yet, but she started with going to a tavern that was far away from the castle that she would leave early in the morning before her parents noticed her absence.  

And that’s where she met her pirate.  

Emma was sitting at a table alone ready to retire for the evening when he showed up right in front of her, swaggering to her table in a manner only he could master and straddled the bench at her table, facing her. Before she could muster out a word to tell him to go away, he picked her hand up and kissed the back of it, keeping eye contact the whole time. Even when his lips released her hand, she could still feel the tingles of where his lips had just been and it was something completely new to her. She’d had many suitors kiss her hand, but none of their kisses left a feeling like that before.  

She could see the bastard was smirking, as if he could read her inner thoughts. He probably knew the effect he had on women and could read the expression on her face clearly. He hadn’t released her hand yet and continued to hold it when he finally said, "Captain Killian Jones at your service, milady.”  

She was confused for a moment. He was wearing leather, well, everything, with a red vest. What did he mean Captain? But then realization dawned on her.  

“Captain of a pirate ship?” She asked. And she was proud her voice came out even and steady, what with her heart beating an erratic rhythm thanks to his good looks, especially his eyes.  

Oh those eyes.  

Those blue eyes.

And to top it all off he had an accent that would make her swoon if she didn’t have any decency.  

“Aye, we sail where we will and answer to no crown.” He told her while maintaining his smirk.  

Oh, the irony. He answers to no crown, but he certainly answers to her.  

At first, she was reluctant to trust him, but as the time got later and they’d been speaking for hours, she felt herself relax. She didn’t know why, but something told her he wouldn’t hurt her and she could trust him- even if he is a pirate.  

Once she told him she had never been outside the kingdom and was eager for adventure, he offered her residence on his ship. He didn’t know why he asked her to come with him, he’d never done such a thing. He’d also never stayed up all night with a woman just to speak, instead of enjoying more pleasurable activities. He knew he couldn’t let her go and so he offered. What he hadn’t expected was for her to accept his proposal.  

Killian had been planning to leave that night and that was even better in her circumstances than to leave in the morning. He gathered up his crew and they made their way back to the ship. His crew knew to keep their hands to themselves and that she is to be treated with the utmost respect, no one daring to ask why she was suddenly joining them. She took up residence in the first mate’s cabin and began to learn everything there is to know on how to be a pirate, changing into the appropriate leather attire as well.  

The truth that she is actually a princess came out only a few weeks after she’d joined the crew, so to speak. Only he knows the truth and they keep it that way. She had decided she wanted to be truthful to him because she didn’t want to start their friendship off with secrets.  

That friendship quickly grew into love the more time they spent together. She soon moved out of the first mate’s cabin and Smee was happy to get his cabin back.  

After about six months of being with Killian, she wrote to her parents so they could stop worrying. She didn’t tell them where she is or what she’s doing, only writing that she’s safe, happy, and with a man she loves. Maybe one day she’ll go back to see them, but for now she’ll be alright knowing that she can finally put their minds at ease.  

They stay far away from her kingdom. When they are in port, they may do an illegal thing or two. You see, since both of them are so stubborn and competitive, they’ve created this little competition- who’s the best at not getting caught? It amuses the crew and they are always ready in case they need to go with their captain or his lady to bust one or the other out of the brig.  

They are pirates after all, topped with their stubbornness and competitiveness, the result is a ridiculous competition that so far has no end date.

Which brings them to their current predicament.  

She smiles in triumph at the effect she has on him, even after a year.

“Well then Captain, you’re going to have to figure out a way to not be so distracted anymore. Because this is the second time you’ve gotten caught and I’ve only been caught once since we started our little competition. It seems I’m going to win,” she says with a smug smirk she must have learned to master from spending so much time with him.  

She catches the competitive glint in his eyes that always appears when she challenges him.

“Never,” he responds determinedly with a grin on his face.  

“We shall see,” she responds with a teasing smile.  

They get him out in record time, not a struggle at all for pirates.

Once they’re back in their cabin on the Jolly Roger, he whispers something to her as she’s drifting off to sleep.

“Hmm…?” She asks him sleepily, opening her eyes and lifting her head from his chest.  

He smiles down at her softly, love in his eyes. He brings up the arm that was wrapped around her waist  and strokes her cheek with his hand, “I’ve already won.”

She looks at him confusedly, wondering what he means when she’s clearly been winning so far.

“I have you and your love. I’m already a winner in every way that counts.”

She looks up at him with the same look of love he has in those blue eyes she loves so much, raising her hand and stroking his face gently, simply whispering the three words she’s said to him so many times in the quiet of their cabin.  

He kisses her forehead and brings her even closer to his side, if that’s possible.  

A few minutes pass and he thinks she’s already fallen asleep.

He’s drifting off himself when she suddenly whispers, “I’m still winning our competition though.”

All he can do is let out a loud laugh that mingles with hers, music to his ears.

His ridiculously stubborn pirate princess.