princess ily

✨happy fairytale things✨
🌸 lilly pads in a sparkling pond that make the water look enchanted
🌸 when the sun is golden and anytime someone take a picture in golden hour their skin is gold
🌸 people who do nice things and don’t expect anything back because they’re just that nice (we nEed moRe pEople like this)
🌸 going dress shopping and trying on all sorts of beautiful dresses on
🌸 looking at how beautiful the stars look on a nice night (bonus if your on a balcony)
🌸 blushing or making someone so happy that they blush !!!!!! 💕
🌸 oh my fuck sometimes i wish i lived in a fairytale film like sleeping beauty or cinderella or omG ANYTHING or I could be my own fairytale hahahah
I’d watch my own film