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So imagine the Headcannon of Sora having troubles sleeping after Dream Drop Distance, but add in that he actually manages to sleep as long as he’s with someone.

  • Sora cuddling with Riku and Kairi.
  • Sneaking in to either Goofy’s or Donald’s bed on the Gummi Ship.
  • Aqua immediately accepts him to come sleep with her when she sees him having troubles, because mom powers activate.
  • Ven refuses to let Sora ever sleep alone till he’s better because big brother powers activate.
  • Roxas mostly focuses on Sora getting better by sleeping close but not that close.
  • Lea sees Sora having troubles and is like “fuck it, come here” (I like to think Sora grows on him like Roxas but not that close maybe?).
  • Terra likes to talk to Sora about it until they both pass out.
  • Both Namine and Xion are completely open to letting him sleep with the so he actually does sleep.
How MC would handle a dangerous situation

Anonymous Request: So I saw the headcannon a while back about what MC is like in each game, and I was just curious if you could possibly do one about how you think the MC in each game would react to a dangerous situation? (it could be funny or serious!)

Ohhh this is an interesting one! I surely can, hope you like them! :) These are just my opinion so everyone keep that in mind lol Also keep in mind that the games I haven’t played (or just aren’t very familiar with) will not be included. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 

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Love Letter from Thief X: 

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My Sweet Bodyguard: 

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Serendipity Next Door: 

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Our Two Bedroom Story: 

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MPD: Close to You: 

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: 

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Be My Princess (1&2): 

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Star-Crossed Myth:

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My Forged Wedding: 

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Enchanted in the Moonlight: 

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Kiss of Revenge: 

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Pirates in Love: 

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10 Days with my Devil: 

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In Your Arms Tonight: 

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A Knights Devotion: 

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Her Love in the Force: 

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I honestly needed a break from all of the marvel characters and wanted to do a video game character instead.
Hopefully this goes well.

Link headcannons:

-A very calm but adventurous relationship.

-Link knows all the best places in hyrule, so you better love traveling because he definitely wants you to experience the places he loves too.

-He’s always been a quiet character, so I hope you enjoy silence, because there’s probably going to be A LOT of it.

-But if there’s been something said, make sure you soak up EVERY word he says, because it’s probably going to be the last for a while.

-You have to understand that it’s his job to protect the princess, so you can’t be jealous of him always visiting her to make sure she’s safe.

-Link has large walls that he’s never broken down. So you’ll be the first of the first to do so.

-He’s a romantic, but kinda awkward when it comes to being romantically involved with someone.

-You need to understand that link will 70% of the time not be home. He’s the hero of hyrule. It’s his job to protect.

-Nothing will ever come between the two of you, he’s SO protective it’s scary.

-It may not seem like it, but he truly does love you. He just doesn’t really know how to express it.

-Will let you wear his hat, it makes him feel fuzzy inside to see you in something of his.

-Loves eating your home cooked meals, it makes him feel like he has something to live for.

-100% sure he’d be down to start a family with you.

-If you guys do have a family together, you’d probably move to a new location or a new home, because walking up and down a ladder every morning/night while pregnant is rather exhausting and annoying.

-Will want Zeldas blessings.

-She’s like a sister he’s never had, so having her blessings are really comforting to him.

-When you guys actually do have children, he’ll be so anxious to teach the little squirt every thing he knows about using a sword and fighting so they can protect themselves when he’s not able to.

-Low key the fun dad, probably does things you told him not to do and does them anyways.

-Your child probably tells you.

-Hope Link likes sleeping on a couch for a while, because guess where he’ll be sleeping for the next week.

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first date hcs with keith, shiro, lance and allura !!


  • first date is very awkward wow
  • you guys could settle for just a movie or something
  • afterwords a snack and a walk
  • he’s just!! to awkward for this
  • like you have to initiate holding his hand and his face blows up in red
  • yikes he might kiss your forehead once
  • kiss him on the cheek after the date and he will die 


  • a cute first date!!
  • she’s kind of obsessed with making sure it’s all perfect for you
  • she has everything she wants to do with you planned out
  • expect a very packed date
  • she’s really sweet about it though like she’s just excited
  • you guys could like go see a showing, eat some food, talk and take a walk - so many things that she wants to do with you!!!
  • she just loves you and she wants you to have fun
  • might actually give you a survey or something afterwords for areas of improvement


  • cute and more simple first date
  • like you guys go for dinner maybe
  • honestly he’s down for wherever you want to go
  • you want to eat out? you pick the place. movie? he’ll buy the tickets you find the showtime
  • he’s just happy that he’s with you tbh
  • handholding in the theater!!
  • also he’d kiss your cheek maybe but if you want a kiss on the lips you have to initiate it at first
  • he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable


  • a bit of a chill first date although a bit cheesy
  • like you guys go out to eat, it doesn’t have to be fancy but you just get some food and then you get ice cream/ a dessert of your choice out
  • he’s very sweet during the whole thing
  • really awkward in the beginning, like clammy hands, erratic heart beat
  • but then when he cracks a little joke and you smile, he feels it’ll be all right
  • you guys have a very nice and funny date and it’s??? so cute???
Headcannon time!

-Pidge sleeps in socks.
•when Lance found out he was furious.
•"Just how?“
•"Uh, my feet get cold, we are in space!”
•"But still!“
-Hunk and Allura are BFF’s!
•Hunk usually braids her hair from time to time.
•Allura is always the taste tester when Hunk creates something new in the kitchen.
•Allura being tranced by the story’s Hunk would tell of his family back in Samoa.
•Hunk being the one the Princess would go to if she missed her father, but didn’t really want to talk.
•Hunk, being the big adorable cinnamon roll he is, would just hug her make her some of her favorite foods and let her sit in silence with company.
-Coran (besides Hunk)is like the teams therapist.
•He probably knows more secrets than the mice.
-Keith, surprisingly is the best sleeper on the team.
•You can find him going to bed on time and waking up exactly on schedule.
•Lance is secretly jealous.
-*Lance walks into room*
•Shiro: “Oh, hey Lance!”
•"Hi, dad!“
•*Pidge enters.*
•"Oh, hi dad, hi Lance!”
•"Seriously guys, what the hell!?“
-Pidge stealing all the blankets from everyone else’s room one night.
•like Seriously give this child some heat!
-Keith being the one that is always SUPER hyped for Christmas.
•somehow Pidge, Coran and a calendar set to Earth days in the castle so they know exactly when Dec 25 is.
•Keith wanting a Christmas tree so badly.
•The next time they stop on a planet, Shiro and Pidge distracted him, while the rest found one of the planets trees and brought it back to the ship.
•Allura decorated it with sparkling jewelry, and scarves.
•Once Keith saw it he almost died, he squealed with delight!
•Lance thought he was adorable.
-Shiro hanging a picture of mistletoe Hunk drew over Lance and Keith as a joke.
•But Lance grabbed Keith by shoulder and kissed him on the lips right there, without hesitation. Then let go and went back to what he was doing.
•Hunk and Pidge almost died from shock.
-Pidge teaching Coran how to play chess.
•"So, yeah just move your knight and you can get my pawn, easy.”
•Alright,“ Picks up his knight with one hand reached into his boot with the other. "I SLAUGHTER YOUR PAWN!” He yells while pulling a hidden knife from his boot and chopping Pidges pawn piece in two.
•"Coran, why?“

Angsty Sokai

Sora gets turned into Soranort. Kairi tries to get through to him, and he just breaks the wayfinder right in her face. Then just imagine him smirking, and walking away while Kairi can’t find anything to say or do besides break down crying from how much it hurts.

Dude! (♦੭`Д´)੭ top!Gumball (and top!Bubblegum) is the single most hottest thing Adventure Time has to offer (cuz it tops even grammar)!!!

It’s why I get really sad when I realize how rare it is to see.

I mean, most people write Gumlee as OverlyManly/Horny/SuperPervert!MarshallLee and OverlyStereotypycallyFeminineToThePointOfSexistWhenYouRealizeHeyThisIsProbablyHowThisPersonThinksFemalesShouldAct/InnocentlyVirginal!Gumball (wow… I… Sorry, I think I just got triggered.)… And that just pisses me off sometimes (obviously).

Which I find odd because, really, when you think about it… Top!Gumwad just makes sense.

Yes: Marshall Lee is “like, a thousand years old” and a demon turned vampire and a rock star/sex icon–but: come on!

Gumball’s a prince RUNNING A KINGDOM with little to no help (compare that to the fact that, as much as I love him, Marshall Lee doesn’t really preside over anybody: he’s the Prince of the Night-o-sphere–which is ruled by his mom–and the king of people we never see/see him with AND are, by most people in the fandom from what I’ve read, thought to no longer exist (shameless self promotion here, but: I have a headcannon for that I’ll explore, eventually, on here)), the Peace Keeper of literally the ENTIRETY OF AAA, and nearly as old as Marshall Lee (just like PB is almost as old as Marceline; duh); I mean, why wouldn’t he top anybody?

Yea, okay: he’s prime and proper and really up-tight but, seriously? That just makes him a regular ol’ Prince Charming–and you don’t see any princesses–even demonic ones–topping HIM.

And, ultimately, yea: Marshall Lee is a big bad demon vampire–but doesn’t that make prime, proper, princely Gumball taming and controlling all that evil sexiness all the hotter?

Call me crazy but that’s how I feel about it.

Anyway, before I get triggered again and scare you (or anyone else) away, I’m gonna take the fact that I am, apparently, a weird version of Marshall Lee that can raise the dead with my stories as a win and walk away.

Really sorry if I offended anybody. Just… Had to get that out. Hashtag: triggered. Smh.

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Paladins + allura with an s/o who is skittish (kind of like a horse). They're brave and tough in battle, but in personal matters they're easy to scare off and are always ready to run and get out of the situation and just disappear. Anyway, they get into a really bad fight with their s/o and are in the process of running away when their s/o finds them


  • He usually tried to comfort them or at least tried to avoid topics that would make them uncomfortable
  • But sometimes it bothered him that they would throw themselves into danger 
  • It also bewilders him how they can make a total 180 from meek and shy to tough and brave 
  • He tried to confront them one day after they had gotten badly injured.
  • Long story short, they flipped and tried to leave
  • He felt bad that he had yelled at them and added to an already uncomfortable situation
  • He couldn’t find them and thought that they ran away 
  • Contemplated looking for them for a while (a long while)
  • Eventually, decides to go looking
  • Then, his s/o shows up gathering all of their courage to apologize
  • He is glad that they did not run away 
  • He hugs them (it is very tight and very long)


  • Is mesmerized by their fighting (period)
  • Though having trouble with intimacy is where the relationship hits rough waters
  • Sometimes he questions their relationship with them (like they don’t reciprocate the same feelings for him (pity dating))
  •  They always try to reassure him that they do feel the same way
  •  He also tries to keep them calm when talking about personal matters
  • However, when they got too overwhelmed and yelled something nasty at him (which they didn’t mean it) they got into it.
  • Lance eventually went to go look for them but could not find them
  • Let’s just say his already low self-esteem took a really big hit 
  • Not only did he think that he was unnecessary part of the team but he also caused his s/o to run away
  • He was devastated at that thought
  • He was very quiet the “next day” and suddenly disappeared that “night”
  • His s/o came to him just as he was going to leave
  • they were visibly shaking  and looked as if they were about to cry
  • They legitimately begged him not to go 
  • He is glad that not only that they didn’t run away, but also that they still wanted him around
  • They had a lot of explaining to do, and a lot of apologizing too.


  • Like Shiro is confused that her s/o can make a complete 180 on the battle field.
  • This all started because of their extreme avoidance to their own matters 
  • They blew up because Pidge was adamant about getting to the bottom of things
  • The things that were said were………… (yeah it was uncomfortable) 
  • They avoided each other for a while 
  • Though no one had seen her s/o for a long time
  • She began to worry that they ran away and maybe gotten into some trouble
  • She was prepared to leave when her s/o appeared behind her
  • really, just appeared  she didn’t see them or even hear them
  • They apologized


  • Keith is Keith while he will respect his s/o’s battle prowess and some other boundaries 
  • But if he feels that you are hiding something from him that he should know he will not stop until he gets it (Unless there is something that is more pressing at hand, and still he won’t stop)
  •  So after a bad fight, an already upset Keith will be livid to not be able to find them
  • He will tear through the entire castle (figuratively although if  literally, wtf happened)
  • He will eventually be ready to go out into space to look for them 
  • so when they do appear to him they are terrified of what will happen to them
  • It turns out to not be that horrible. (or scary)
  • First, it’s rough kiss 
  • Then much like Shiro it a long hug with him saying “never do that to me again.”
  • He has that smile and this is how you know everything is gonna be okay


  • He is initially surprised about their battle prowess, however, he is happy to see them in their element
  • not to say that he’s not worried about the dangers of battle that they get into
  • Not one for arguing usually (he usually defuses the argument before it starts)
  • Don’t know if they struck a nerve or if they really did something wrong
  • They end up in an argument and his s/o ends up running away crying 
  • Hunk calms down and looks for them, how ever they were nowhere to be found
  • He knows that they had a history of running away however he was scared that they will not come back to him
  • His guilt will eventually take over and he will go out looking for them
  • When they come up to him on his way to find them they were very shaky 
  • He hugged them and brought them back to his room
  • Cuddles all night long (I imagine that he has the best hugs and cuddles)


  • She is impressed by their battle prowess 
  • She really is respectful of how brave they are 
  • However, she doesn’t like the fact that they avoid intimacy and other things
  • This causes one of the worst fights in the relationship
  • They disappear and Allura is worried, but knowing them, understands that they needed space
  • However was alarmed when they didn’t want to or even was there to say they did when the next mission came around
  • After she couldn’t find them, in all the off time she had, she was extremely troubled. 
  • she contemplated even leaving to go and find them 
  • Little secret… She didn’t just contemplate it she almost did it
  • The only reason she didn’t do it was because her s/o came to her and apologized.
  • Lets just say she has a closer eye on them since then

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I read both your Prompto and Gladio one-shots where they are paired with a royal S/o that was Noct's sister. And I loved it I love your writing in general I was hoping to see if you could do one for Ignis, PLEASE!

Anonymous said:
Can there be a Noct’s younger sister and Ignis? (I’m the person who requested Gladiolus and royalty s/o)

There were actually two! Requests! For! This!

Thank you so much about the writing though, dear <3 I don’t consider myself too great, I’m glad you enjoy it.

I’ve never actually written for Ignis before tbh, so I hope this isn’t shit. If it is please forgive me :(


Ignis has always been a man of duty, so imagine his confusion when he felt himself growing a crush on one of the people he was bound to serve. He had been taking care of Noctis, and Noctis’ ‘baby’ sister, since the ripe age of- well he couldn’t quite remember at this point. The bespectacled man had been in the twins lives as long as he could remember, so long so that he couldn’t remember a time he hadn’t been. Specs had taught both of them etiquette, and other lifelong skills- that would befit the royalty. He had even taught Noctis’ sister how to cook when she had asked for a crash course to learn how to care for herself, and he spoiled older brother.

It was clear from a young age that she was doing the taking care of while Noctis tried his best to be protective. The two had even moved to an apartment together during high school, and without her presence Ignis had a feeling he would have to visit a lot more often.

Then there were the days she was sick. Noctis would run around the apartment trying to take care of her, but only making a mess of things, Ignis would then have to abandon his other responsibilities in order to be in her care. With how messy the place got when she was sick, it was no wonder she never got better. The environment, as he told Noctis, was a stressor to her. It was actually quite an effective way to get the prince to clean up his mess, as those words would send him around with a garbage bag- not that he was ever efficient. It was still the most cleaning Ignis had ever seen him do in his entire life.

He prided himself in making the best soups, and he never felt as if he had lost the title when he shoveled spoonfuls into the girl’s mouth. After she was done she would pull him down under the covers with him and demand ‘snuggles.’ Of course, since it was unheard of, he refused. Even after she all but ordered him, he instead sent in Noctis with a ‘your sister was asking for you’, words that always sent the prince running.

Time passed all too quickly, with the princess continuing her advances and being shot down every time. Not because he didn’t like her, but he knew it was wrong to. His job was to protect and serve, not to ‘quench the thirst’. Though, by the time they were leaving for the road trip he could tell that she was starting to get fed up, even Noctis had been a little annoyed when he pulled him aside the day before departure. He had been greeted with a scowl, as the prince’s eye twitched before he decided to open his mouth he was already cut off.

“Dude, you’re being ridiculous,” Noctis’ words only confused the man until he continued further, “I know I’m a protective older brother, but I’ve known you my whole life. You’ve always taken care of my sister- stop being so worried and just ask her out already!” It was in that moment Ignis realized he was being albeit foolish. Especially since even Prince Dense™ could tell they were both pinning in their own respects.

He just didn’t know how to explain his past four years of rejection- oh dear what would he do.

The next day, he was rather anxious. More-so than usual. Especially with the princess beside him the entire day leading up to their departure. He had no words for her, and she had yet to make a pass at him. It wasn’t until they were leaving that she slid a hand in his, though she never interlaced her fingers with his awaiting imminent rejection. It wasn’t until his fingers slid through hers that she relaxed.

Things were going to be okay. They had never been better.


So I was looking for references for the up coming Fakiru week, and I’m just wondering if I’m on to something. There is this Russian fairytale illustrator and he has this very distinct style. There are some obvious style differences between the cover and his work like the stain glass or the detailed main artwork, but could some of it like the animals and the way the image is laid out on the Princess Tutu covers echo some of Ivan Bilibin’s work? What do you guys think?

Team Voltron VS Team Galra Battle Royale Line-Up

Alright, so here is what I think the line-up would be like in the finale battle between Team Galra and Team Voltron. I also included little descriptions of how I think the battles would go.

As they storm the typical “insanely tall tower for no reason than to worsen your fear of heights” tower, the team first run into Narti and her Galra cat Kova. Pidge, having the most mental power, decides to take her on with her newly designed Rover Marc 2 battling Kova. They both engage in a literal battle of brains, while their familiars fight physically. Eventually Rover Marc 2 manages to take down Kova, thus weakening the psychic Galra considerably. Then Narti tries to hypnotize Pidge with a touch…only to be shocked when nothing happens. Then Pidge punches her square in the face, knocking Narti out, and says “Hypnosis or not, sweetie, no one can tell me what to do”. 

The team progresses further up the tower and run into Zethrid. Hunk is the only one near strong enough to take her on. But he is reluctant to punch a lady, even if she could easily break his whole body in half. At first he only uses defensive tactics during the fight. Then Zethrid laughs mockingly at him and says; “You couldn’t beat me even if you tried, tubby!”. This triggers an immediate angry response in Hunk, who does NOT like being called tubby. The two have the most physical battle before Hunk manages to tire Zethrid out. And after he dodges a weak punch from the Galra tough girl Hunk merely blows in her face and knocks her down.

Next the team get halfway to the middle and are met by Acxa, who will most likely be confirmed as Keith’s mother at this point. The former tries a last ditch effort to get her son to join the winning side and looks hatefully at Allura, saying she treats Keith more like a slave animal than a person. Allura says this isn’t true and tells Lance and Keith to go ahead. Keith looks at her in a silent plead not to hurt his mother too much, to which she gives an assuring smile and nod. Allura and Acxa have a more emotionally driven fight, with Allura trying to convince Acxa to stop for Keith’s sake and that she knows she doesn’t want to do this. Acxa of course states that Allura doesn’t know anything about her and lashes wildly at the princess. It’s only through a lucky shot that Allura manages to knock serious lady Galra out, and looks down at Acxa sadly.

We have made it to the middle floor of the tower, and Ezor is the next opponent. She does all sorts of sneak attacks and uses her agility to her advantage, so Lance decides to take her on while Keith races to the very top to fight Prince Lotor. The battle consists of Lance trying to get a bead on the hyper Galra, but between her fast talking and invisibility power it’s difficult to keep focused. It’s at this point Lance realizes something; he is talkative too. More so in fact. So he starts talking to throw her off and taunts Ezor, which works as she gets so agitated that she drops her invisibility to give an angry reply when he smack talks about how her skin looks all dried out. This allows Lance to nail her with a tranquilizer and she passes out almost instantly into slumber.

Finally, after fighting through many Galra soldiers, Keith makes it to the top of the tower where Prince Lotor is waiting. It starts out with both of the young leaders having a conversation. Being half Galra and struggling to be good leaders in the shadows of two other lofty legacies, Lotor and Keith understand where each male is coming from. The prince gives the paladin one final chance to leave but Keith refuses. And thus the battle starts as swords begin to clash in an epic fencing match. How this ends depends on how Lotor’s character develops through the series. Either he will commit suicide to be with his dead parents, after Hagar/Honerva and Zarkon finally die, or redeem himself at the last minute and accepts Keith’s offer of piece. Either way the tower starts to crumble and Keith falls to his death before Team Voltron rescues him, in the suicide route. If the redemption route happens then Lotor and Keith both fall and are rescued by Team Voltron and Lotor is reunited with the elite generals he considers family.

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Could you do an hc where Allura react when she finds another altean?

okay so i didn’t know if you wanted this romantically or not, so i just made it non romantically at all and just her generalized reactions. feel free to request again (before the 5 fill up) with them romantically if you’d like!

  • her initial reaction would definitely be disbelief
  • it had to be another lie, her brain must have done something, she did fall pretty hard when she was getting here
  • when she determines that her brain did not scatter and this is not a dream, i can see her tearing up
  • she has so many questions! who are they? where did they come from? how did they get here? are there more of them? how did they survive?
  • then, she would definitely coax them onto getting on the ship
  • she’d be so excited to show them coran and the whole ship
  • imagine the other altean just kinda tearing up and being like ’i remember my grandma going here for a party once, she loved the castle’
  • and then you guys have a real quick crying sesh because WOW YOU AREN’T ALL WIPED OUT
  • and then she shows you everyone, explains the whole dynamic of voltron and all that
  • it takes her all of her willpower, but she does not want to overwhelm you
  • and she just kind of keeps a little quiet till the morning
  • and then the rush of questions because wOW???? HOW ARE YOU EXISTING????? was there another pod????
  • you have to sit her down and tell her anything
  • okay but what if everyone is really skeptical because rEMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE ALT UNIVERSE
  • and she’s like ‘that was a whole different time’
  • she herself was skeptical at first but there has to be a logical explanation
  • so she’d literally guard you with her life
  • like she’d stay with you at all times
  • she can’t have anything happen to you
  • not like the rest of her people.
  • she was ready to be a good princess again.

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How would each paladin (+Allura) cuddle with their s/o?

A/N: hmm… let see… When I re-read this, I think I have gone overboard with it


  • This guy? Cuddling? He’s like a leech, he will whine if you try to refuse his cuddle. To put it in a way, he is like lost puppy. Giving his s/o the puppy dog eyes. He will wrap both arms around their waist and snuggle them. 
  • He acts like he is the small spoon in the relationship. Which he is. His s/o is the big spoon.  


  • This one is the best. Have you seen his hugs? His s/o enjoys them very much. Cuddling is like, hug 2.0. But Hunk’s version. He will initiate the cuddling sequence. 
  • The way he hug his s/o is heartwarming and adorable. Even though he act like a nervous wreck, his s/o can calm him down. Some people think he is crushing his s/o. Actually, thats how he is cuddling them.


  • She likes cuddles. Her cuddles are sweet. If her s/o are tall, they will pull her onto their lap as she works on her laptop or whatever she is doing. Typing away or upgrading her Lion. 
  • The best part; when she falls asleep, she sleep like an adorable kitten. Her s/o will treat her with care. WITH LOTS OF CARE AND LOVE. 


  • This guy is like a tough egg. He don’t show his affections in front of everybody but when he and his s/o are alone, having a private moment. Like, in his bedroom. He will let them to rest on top of his chest. His way of cuddling is different than Lance. 
  • Cute moments is when his s/o caught him off guard by giving him surprise kisses. His reaction will be flustered or hide his face behind their back.


  • He needs hugs. He needs cuddles. Give him all the love he need. If he saw his s/o, he will drag them to a seclude area and cuddle them. He will make sure that his s/o are looking at him. He will rest his head on top of their shoulder, cuddling away. 
  • His s/o will give his back some gentle rub when he is cuddling them. He will feel peace and love from them.


  • I think her s/o will do it. When Coran is not around or popping out of nowhere. Her s/o will surprise her with a hug from behind. Allura will giggled if they do it. Some are side hugs. She will be comfortable with their cuddles. 
  • Its like those two are long-lost couple. Allura’s face will brighten up when her s/o cuddled her. You could feel the universe are saved, just by her smile. You could tell that the Galra Empire has been defeated