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More voltron headcannons whoops
  • Keith fears almost nothing. Almost. He’s the biggest baby when it comes to spiders of any size. 
    • Lance will never know. 
  • Hunk cries when he watches Bambi every. single. time. 
  • Shiro cried the first time he saw Toy Story 3 and nobody will ever find out 
  • Allura was actually a very clumsy kid for a princess, and had to have a mentor come in to help her with her poise 
  • Lance used to take ice skating lessons and still remembers how to do it fairly well, he also played soccer and dabbled in football as well 
  • Pidge is allergic to cats, but loves them a lot; it’s a struggle 
  • Hunk is actually really good at football? Like I could see him being good at defense 
  • Hunk and lance used to play football and soccer together when they were little in their backyards 
  •  If you look at Shiro’s YouTube history you’ll probably see a ton of makeup tutorials for different eyeliner styles; he likes to try new things a lot and tends to recommend different palettes to others; he has a great sense of color and style 
  • Shiro dabs like a white dad and dances like one too 
  • Shiro also wore crocs, knee-high socks, and khaki shorts together and it was a serious outfit he had
    •  Pidge cried for a half of an hour when she found this out
How MC would handle a dangerous situation

Anonymous Request: So I saw the headcannon a while back about what MC is like in each game, and I was just curious if you could possibly do one about how you think the MC in each game would react to a dangerous situation? (it could be funny or serious!)

Ohhh this is an interesting one! I surely can, hope you like them! :) These are just my opinion so everyone keep that in mind lol Also keep in mind that the games I haven’t played (or just aren’t very familiar with) will not be included. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 

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Love Letter from Thief X: 

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My Sweet Bodyguard: 

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Serendipity Next Door: 

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Our Two Bedroom Story: 

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MPD: Close to You: 

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: 

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Be My Princess (1&2): 

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Star-Crossed Myth:

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My Forged Wedding: 

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Enchanted in the Moonlight: 

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Kiss of Revenge: 

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Pirates in Love: 

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10 Days with my Devil: 

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In Your Arms Tonight: 

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A Knights Devotion: 

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Her Love in the Force: 

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Headcannon time!

-Pidge sleeps in socks.
•when Lance found out he was furious.
•"Just how?“
•"Uh, my feet get cold, we are in space!”
•"But still!“
-Hunk and Allura are BFF’s!
•Hunk usually braids her hair from time to time.
•Allura is always the taste tester when Hunk creates something new in the kitchen.
•Allura being tranced by the story’s Hunk would tell of his family back in Samoa.
•Hunk being the one the Princess would go to if she missed her father, but didn’t really want to talk.
•Hunk, being the big adorable cinnamon roll he is, would just hug her make her some of her favorite foods and let her sit in silence with company.
-Coran (besides Hunk)is like the teams therapist.
•He probably knows more secrets than the mice.
-Keith, surprisingly is the best sleeper on the team.
•You can find him going to bed on time and waking up exactly on schedule.
•Lance is secretly jealous.
-*Lance walks into room*
•Shiro: “Oh, hey Lance!”
•"Hi, dad!“
•*Pidge enters.*
•"Oh, hi dad, hi Lance!”
•"Seriously guys, what the hell!?“
-Pidge stealing all the blankets from everyone else’s room one night.
•like Seriously give this child some heat!
-Keith being the one that is always SUPER hyped for Christmas.
•somehow Pidge, Coran and a calendar set to Earth days in the castle so they know exactly when Dec 25 is.
•Keith wanting a Christmas tree so badly.
•The next time they stop on a planet, Shiro and Pidge distracted him, while the rest found one of the planets trees and brought it back to the ship.
•Allura decorated it with sparkling jewelry, and scarves.
•Once Keith saw it he almost died, he squealed with delight!
•Lance thought he was adorable.
-Shiro hanging a picture of mistletoe Hunk drew over Lance and Keith as a joke.
•But Lance grabbed Keith by shoulder and kissed him on the lips right there, without hesitation. Then let go and went back to what he was doing.
•Hunk and Pidge almost died from shock.
-Pidge teaching Coran how to play chess.
•"So, yeah just move your knight and you can get my pawn, easy.”
•Alright,“ Picks up his knight with one hand reached into his boot with the other. "I SLAUGHTER YOUR PAWN!” He yells while pulling a hidden knife from his boot and chopping Pidges pawn piece in two.
•"Coran, why?“

I honestly needed a break from all of the marvel characters and wanted to do a video game character instead.
Hopefully this goes well.

Link headcannons:

-A very calm but adventurous relationship.

-Link knows all the best places in hyrule, so you better love traveling because he definitely wants you to experience the places he loves too.

-He’s always been a quiet character, so I hope you enjoy silence, because there’s probably going to be A LOT of it.

-But if there’s been something said, make sure you soak up EVERY word he says, because it’s probably going to be the last for a while.

-You have to understand that it’s his job to protect the princess, so you can’t be jealous of him always visiting her to make sure she’s safe.

-Link has large walls that he’s never broken down. So you’ll be the first of the first to do so.

-He’s a romantic, but kinda awkward when it comes to being romantically involved with someone.

-You need to understand that link will 70% of the time not be home. He’s the hero of hyrule. It’s his job to protect.

-Nothing will ever come between the two of you, he’s SO protective it’s scary.

-It may not seem like it, but he truly does love you. He just doesn’t really know how to express it.

-Will let you wear his hat, it makes him feel fuzzy inside to see you in something of his.

-Loves eating your home cooked meals, it makes him feel like he has something to live for.

-100% sure he’d be down to start a family with you.

-If you guys do have a family together, you’d probably move to a new location or a new home, because walking up and down a ladder every morning/night while pregnant is rather exhausting and annoying.

-Will want Zeldas blessings.

-She’s like a sister he’s never had, so having her blessings are really comforting to him.

-When you guys actually do have children, he’ll be so anxious to teach the little squirt every thing he knows about using a sword and fighting so they can protect themselves when he’s not able to.

-Low key the fun dad, probably does things you told him not to do and does them anyways.

-Your child probably tells you.

-Hope Link likes sleeping on a couch for a while, because guess where he’ll be sleeping for the next week.

anonymous asked:

I read both your Prompto and Gladio one-shots where they are paired with a royal S/o that was Noct's sister. And I loved it I love your writing in general I was hoping to see if you could do one for Ignis, PLEASE!

Anonymous said:
Can there be a Noct’s younger sister and Ignis? (I’m the person who requested Gladiolus and royalty s/o)

There were actually two! Requests! For! This!

Thank you so much about the writing though, dear <3 I don’t consider myself too great, I’m glad you enjoy it.

I’ve never actually written for Ignis before tbh, so I hope this isn’t shit. If it is please forgive me :(


Ignis has always been a man of duty, so imagine his confusion when he felt himself growing a crush on one of the people he was bound to serve. He had been taking care of Noctis, and Noctis’ ‘baby’ sister, since the ripe age of- well he couldn’t quite remember at this point. The bespectacled man had been in the twins lives as long as he could remember, so long so that he couldn’t remember a time he hadn’t been. Specs had taught both of them etiquette, and other lifelong skills- that would befit the royalty. He had even taught Noctis’ sister how to cook when she had asked for a crash course to learn how to care for herself, and he spoiled older brother.

It was clear from a young age that she was doing the taking care of while Noctis tried his best to be protective. The two had even moved to an apartment together during high school, and without her presence Ignis had a feeling he would have to visit a lot more often.

Then there were the days she was sick. Noctis would run around the apartment trying to take care of her, but only making a mess of things, Ignis would then have to abandon his other responsibilities in order to be in her care. With how messy the place got when she was sick, it was no wonder she never got better. The environment, as he told Noctis, was a stressor to her. It was actually quite an effective way to get the prince to clean up his mess, as those words would send him around with a garbage bag- not that he was ever efficient. It was still the most cleaning Ignis had ever seen him do in his entire life.

He prided himself in making the best soups, and he never felt as if he had lost the title when he shoveled spoonfuls into the girl’s mouth. After she was done she would pull him down under the covers with him and demand ‘snuggles.’ Of course, since it was unheard of, he refused. Even after she all but ordered him, he instead sent in Noctis with a ‘your sister was asking for you’, words that always sent the prince running.

Time passed all too quickly, with the princess continuing her advances and being shot down every time. Not because he didn’t like her, but he knew it was wrong to. His job was to protect and serve, not to ‘quench the thirst’. Though, by the time they were leaving for the road trip he could tell that she was starting to get fed up, even Noctis had been a little annoyed when he pulled him aside the day before departure. He had been greeted with a scowl, as the prince’s eye twitched before he decided to open his mouth he was already cut off.

“Dude, you’re being ridiculous,” Noctis’ words only confused the man until he continued further, “I know I’m a protective older brother, but I’ve known you my whole life. You’ve always taken care of my sister- stop being so worried and just ask her out already!” It was in that moment Ignis realized he was being albeit foolish. Especially since even Prince Dense™ could tell they were both pinning in their own respects.

He just didn’t know how to explain his past four years of rejection- oh dear what would he do.

The next day, he was rather anxious. More-so than usual. Especially with the princess beside him the entire day leading up to their departure. He had no words for her, and she had yet to make a pass at him. It wasn’t until they were leaving that she slid a hand in his, though she never interlaced her fingers with his awaiting imminent rejection. It wasn’t until his fingers slid through hers that she relaxed.

Things were going to be okay. They had never been better.

Voltron headcannons 

  •  Lance is actually in L O V E with K pop and J pop! (it’s a secret kept to the grave) He loves the more upbeat stuff (his favorite band is SHINee and his second fave is 2NE1)
  •  pidge loves 80′s music a lot because her dad used to play it a lot when he was home, and once her dad and her brother left for the Kerberos mission she played it a lot before bed and doing chores around the house so she wasn’t as lonely without them there (her mom is fond of the music too)
  •  hunk is an amazing artist, he doodles a lot when he’s bored or needs something to do with his hands (he took a few art classes on the side before joining the garrison too just for fun)
  •  shiro went through a really bad anime obsession in middle school and he can’t hear the words anime or manga without cringing 
  •  keith (somehow) knows how to play the saxophone and he can play all of careless whisper (it’s the only thing he knows how to play) 
  •  lance used to be the shortest kid of his class until he hit a growth spurt a few years back (he’s still a bit sensitive about his height)
  •  pidge is used to being a human armrest for lance so often she doesn’t even care anymore
  •  hunk has an angelic singing voice, but just wait until you hear lance, the boy has a voice like a siren
  •  on the opposite side, never let pidge sing she c a n n o t
  • lance used to watch my little pony with his little sisters and he’s a low-key brony 
    • who is anyone kidding one time him and hunk binge-watched the entire show 
      • they know the entire theme song by heart
  • allura knows all of these secrets through her mice

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How would each paladin (+Allura) cuddle with their s/o?

A/N: hmm… let see… When I re-read this, I think I have gone overboard with it


  • This guy? Cuddling? He’s like a leech, he will whine if you try to refuse his cuddle. To put it in a way, he is like lost puppy. Giving his s/o the puppy dog eyes. He will wrap both arms around their waist and snuggle them. 
  • He acts like he is the small spoon in the relationship. Which he is. His s/o is the big spoon.  


  • This one is the best. Have you seen his hugs? His s/o enjoys them very much. Cuddling is like, hug 2.0. But Hunk’s version. He will initiate the cuddling sequence. 
  • The way he hug his s/o is heartwarming and adorable. Even though he act like a nervous wreck, his s/o can calm him down. Some people think he is crushing his s/o. Actually, thats how he is cuddling them.


  • She likes cuddles. Her cuddles are sweet. If her s/o are tall, they will pull her onto their lap as she works on her laptop or whatever she is doing. Typing away or upgrading her Lion. 
  • The best part; when she falls asleep, she sleep like an adorable kitten. Her s/o will treat her with care. WITH LOTS OF CARE AND LOVE. 


  • This guy is like a tough egg. He don’t show his affections in front of everybody but when he and his s/o are alone, having a private moment. Like, in his bedroom. He will let them to rest on top of his chest. His way of cuddling is different than Lance. 
  • Cute moments is when his s/o caught him off guard by giving him surprise kisses. His reaction will be flustered or hide his face behind their back.


  • He needs hugs. He needs cuddles. Give him all the love he need. If he saw his s/o, he will drag them to a seclude area and cuddle them. He will make sure that his s/o are looking at him. He will rest his head on top of their shoulder, cuddling away. 
  • His s/o will give his back some gentle rub when he is cuddling them. He will feel peace and love from them.


  • I think her s/o will do it. When Coran is not around or popping out of nowhere. Her s/o will surprise her with a hug from behind. Allura will giggled if they do it. Some are side hugs. She will be comfortable with their cuddles. 
  • Its like those two are long-lost couple. Allura’s face will brighten up when her s/o cuddled her. You could feel the universe are saved, just by her smile. You could tell that the Galra Empire has been defeated
In celebration of the Precure Dream Stars Movie

I decided to post a few of my headcannons for the Kirakira girls and their interactions with all the Pre-Go! Princess Precure Girls

Feel free to add your own headcannons!!!

-Cure Princess would probably mistake Cure Gelato for a princess (with her crown/ crown earrings)

-Cure Princess would definitely have a crush on Cure Chocolat

- Cure Rhythm would definitely love baking with all the Kirakira girls

-Cure Custard would probably be best friends with Cure Blossom

-Cure Chocolat and Cure Sunshine would bond over the fact that both their siblings are sickly

-Cure Marine would definitely want Cure Macaron to model for her

-Cure Gelato having a jam session with Cure Beat

-Cure Peach (and the rest of the fresh girls) asking Cure Whip and the rest of the Kirakira girls if they could make donuts

-Cure Whip admiring Cure Egret’s artistic skills

-Cure Lemonade being Cure Gelato’s cheerleader (they’re both performers after all)

-Cure Happy sharing her favorite fairytale stories with Cure Whip

-Cure Macaron is definitely joining Cure Ace and Cure Moonlight for the “You’re a 100 years too early to challenge us” club.

Allura relationship headcannons:

  • Sometimes when she seems more sad than usual you’ll both go into the main control room and look at all the different planets.
  • Allura will tell you stories about her childhood on Altea when you can’t sleep
  • You and Coran team up for her birthday and arrange a whole ceremony for her. Allura almost cries when the entire group jumps out to surprise her.
  • Allura doesn’t usually take part in PDA(it can make her uncomfortable)
  • When you both have time you lounge around in Allura’s huge bed just talking about stuff(seriously that bed was huge)
  • If you’re taller than her sometimes she’ll move to be your height and if you’re shorter than her she’ll shift to be your height so you don’t feel self conscious.  

okay but what about lance rapping nick minaj songs around the ship and in the middle of a battle

Coran and Allura are confused, keith has been completely done™ since the day he met lance, and pidge and hunk are so used to it they just tune him out. Shiro has lost it™

Ideas for Voltron Season 2
  • Okay. So imagine Shiro going off on some serious solo mission and getting himself captured or something and Zarkon makes the rest of the team believe that he’s dead
  • Its really devastating and terrible and they have a funeral and lots of tears and hugging. You know the drill.
  • Keith won’t mourn with anyone cuz he’s stubborn and he was the closest with Shiro and nobody could ever possibly understand what he’s going through. Blah blah blah…
  • Then Lance is the one that has to drag him out of it because he’s the only one that really has the nerve to try
  • Lance telling Keith that Shiro was like his hero and he was like a brother to Pidge and he was just really important to everyone
  • Lance telling Keith that he doesn’t actually hate him and actually admires and respects him a lot 
  • Keith finally having the courage to try and lead the team 
  • Keith trying to pilot the black lion and Allura the red 
  • Both of them fail miserably
  • While this is happening, Hunk and Pidge have some really cute bonding/character building going on
  • Eventually Allura ends up taking over the black lion and they’re finally able to form voltron again and its all triumphant and glorious
  • Meanwhile, Shiro’s in like a super intense prison camp type thing where he’s being brainwashed and reconditioned to work for the Galra (Peeta Mellark style)
  • Then out of nowhere once the team has finally started figuring things out Shiro pops back up and they’re all like wtf? HI. And he shows up with none other than, wait for it…
  • MATT fucking HOLT
  • They all have a sweet reunion and things kinda go back to normal but Keith and Lance are hella suspicious after they catch Shiro doing some shady things but they don’t tell the others cuz Pidge is so happy 
  • And then in the finale or something they’re all fighting and Shiro and Matt turn on everybody mid battle as per Zarkon’s instructions and they barely manage to escape. 
  • The only reason they don’t lose the black lion is because Allura apparently formed a really strong bond with it in her brief stint 
  • We leave off with everyone devastated and not really knowing what to do and Pidge is all like, “I don’t care what y’all do. I’m gonna save my brother.” and everyone else is like, “What if they don’t want to be saved?”
  • End of season. Dun dun dun.