princess elsa of arendelle

Frozen is the first movie to show depressed charact-

Frozen is the first movie to be about an outcast-

Frozen is the first movie with magic-

Frozen is the first movie with a dysfunctional fam-

Frozen is the first to not have love at first sight-

Frozen is the first Disney movie to teach girls they don’t need to be saved by-

Frozen is the first movie where the princess isn’t only focused on marrying a prince-

Frozen is the first-


Here is my Christmas art for the year! I made this back in September, lolol, when you get an idea, you gotta get it down. 

I wanted to incorporate Helsa, Kristanna and Flynzel Eugenzel Rapunzel and Eugene, (I don’t know their ship name ^^;)

I hope you all like! I’m really happy about this! Except Eugenes face that kinda derped…


                              favorite character + hogwarts houses  →  princess anna

Dunno if someone remember me, but I am back to the fandom! Never left it though, just took a break from Tumblr. I wish I could follow all of you back but I can’t remember everyone unfortunately, followed a few I remember, please follow me back, I’m starting all over again and it’s good to be back, I’m really outdated lol


Endless List of Favorite Characters:

Disney Heroines ~ Princess Anna (Frozen)

“Can I say something crazy?”