princess delany

For the Sake of the Kingdom || closed rp

The princess Delanie sat alone in her quarters, staring outside the large window that over looked the kingdom that was rested right above the ocean waves. The kingdom was small, but peaceful. She sighed contently, loving the view as always, but a knock at the door got her attention. As she turned, she saw her maid, Rosa. “My dear, your mother and father need to talk to you. Will you come with me please?” She asked and the princess stood “of course..” She replied, walking with her.

As she walked into the courtroom, she smiled at her mom and dad, but noticed a stranger on behind them “what’s happening?” She asked curiously, wondering what the need of the stranger was.


My Knight in Shining Armor?

Delanie Waters, Princess of the Netherlands, wondered around late at night. She always loved exploring and she always did it when her parents were asleep, it was always her little secret. She walked through the woods behind her castle, the ends of her dress getting messy from the dirt and a cloak around her, the hood above her head. She also had a small lantern in her hand to let the light show her the path. She was usually quiet and shy so thats why she walked around the woods, to be by herself. 

She came across a lake and smiled, seeing it shimmer in the moon light. As she watched, she heard a rustle behind her and she panicked, turning around and pulling a small blade from under her cloak. Her hand lifting the lantern to get a better view of the bush.

“Who’s there?” She called, her heart beginning to race.