princess day



well that’s what my calendar says anyways heh. bc today’s the day what was missing aired! and that’s when speculation started! so there’s also another bubbline day when they were considered canon (was that after Olivia Olson said it? idkkk)

anywayyyyys, I decided to make a post on it today. that was six years ago I think! and being a senior, I’ve decided to be a little reflective today

bubbline really helped me learn to accept myself as a lesbian. like really. and it helped me improve lots with digital art. I owe a lot to this ship heh. it all started while I was going out on a trip back to the Philippines over summer of 2013 I think? (wow I’ve considered myself a gay for only 3 yrs?) and I just suddenly thought to myself “hey I think pb and marceline would make a rly cute couple. I’m gonna write/draw a comic based on them”. and I did. well I tried to. it sucked but I just really loved the couple

and then I got absorbed in the bubbline community on deviantart first, then tumblr. drew so much bubbline and got much better over time imo. and I went from being scared of my sexuality and in denial to later finding lots of pride in myself thanks to seeing this spectrum of love and angst and happiness–just all the various ups and downs of a wlw relationship. I guess it just helped me realize that yeah I’ll have some bad times being a lesbian, but there’ll be lots of good times too. so a thanks goes out to these two gay nerds and the parts of the AT team and of course the fandom that made them happen!

and I just wanna thank all of you guys too. all you amazing followers. I know you guys probs don’t think much when you reblogged and liked and left comments in the tags. but I cared lots. every single one of those comments would warm my heart. thank you guys! really!

Fakiru Week Day 4: Burning

Fakiru Week 2016
Warnings: Uhh.  Shipping.  And some inaccuracies.  But mostly shipping.  Like.  Yeah.

Despite the sweltering summer day filtering into the night, it was proving to be a pleasant evening.  And the gathering was a good one—a celebration, in honor of the new schoolhouse finally opening.

Even Fakir, the serious, no-nonsense sheriff of Kinkan Town, tapped the toe of his boot against the ground, the sweet sounds of harmonicas, guitars, and fiddles filling the warm, dry air.  Pretty lanterns sat on the fences and sills all about the town square, alighting the night with a warmth more pleasant than the summer heat.

Mayor Siegfried and his wife led the crowd into a dance, bouncing in circles and stepping in time with the upbeat rhythm, all dressed in their fanciest.  Siegfried was all smiles, as always, and the missus looked utterly pleased.  They were newlyweds, after all, and the glow in their eyes showed it.

Newlyweds.  Now, there was something to look forward to.

Still, Fakir wasn’t tempted to join them.  Not in the least.  He lifted his hat by the brim to give his damp forehead some air.  The music failed to distract him from the day’s hot spell, and dancing in his stiff vest, shirt, and jacket would do little for his mood.

“Hi there, Sheriff!”

He only grew warmer at the sound of her voice.

… Miss Ahiru looked awfully pretty tonight.

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Shout out to all the ladies out there

Nothing else to add to these powerful words said by the apostle

Sending out love and good wishes to all the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, stepmoms, grandmothers … ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE

You ARE princesses and you have so much in store if you but follow Him.


White Wolf Tarot’s Tarot of the Day, September 26th, King of Cups: Are there some challenges you’re having a bit of trouble with? The King of Cups is here to remind you that you need to create a balance with your emotions. It may make things easier for you. He’s also here to remind you to show compassion–it really is a great human quality. An older male may enter your life soon. He’s a very kind man into business, law or divinity. He may bring that loving energy you need in your life. It’s time to be generous, gracious, loving and caring. Remember to remain emotionally mature in any crisis that may fall upon you. 

Today’s draw used Seibido Shuppan’s Moon Princess Himiko Tarot. Artwork by Ayumi Kasai.

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Happy International Women’s Day from the Wolf Girl Movie team!

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