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So when are the other two lovely ladies going to get to enjoy Isle Delfino?

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I'm not sure if you're really pay attention to this one, but could you do Luigi/Daisy for the ship thing?


1. Made the first move: Daisy. WOMEN ARE EMPOWERED THESE DAYS! And Luigi is a wimp around the ladies so lol
2. The big spoon: Luigi with his big hands. 
3. The little spoon: I feel like Daisy should be cause she’s a heavy sleeper and could be easily taken by bad guys. </3
4. The cuddler: Hold Luigi close he gets cold! 
5. Cries during movies: It’s Daisy’s weak point. 
6. More affectionate: Luigi cause he loves his tough girlfriend. <3
7. Their favorite non-sexual activity: Wrestling! Watch our for his nose it’s sensitive! 
8. More nervous to meet the parents: Luigi. Once again a Plumber meeting a princess’s parents, PRESSURE
9. More protective/jealous: Daisy! She’ll drop kick you.
10. Sneaks into the shower with the other in the mornings: Daisy. Luigi takes too damn long in there. 
11. Initiates sexy times the most: Luigi cause Daisy loves strip shows ho ho ho ho! She brought lots of dollar bills
12. Fuck or make love: Mario characters are too innocent for this kind of language omg, HOWEVER I feel like both with them. Luigi learning some shit..
13. Behind the wheel more often during road trips: Oh god both are pretty violent on the rode aren’t they!??? With no green shells involved I’ll say Luigi.
14. Gives the silent treatment when they’re mad at each other: Daisy I’m sure. DON’T MAKE A GIRL ANGRY THAT IS THE FIRST RULE WEEGEE!
15. Reaches for the other’s hand first: Aww Luigi. <3
16. Whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear at inappropriate times: Daisy for sure she just wants to make him like die of embarrassment. 
17. Comes up with cheesy pick-up lines: I feel like both are to blame, but both love it anyway. 


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Argh, I kind of hate how they got rid of Daisy's tan just to make her as pale as Peach. It seems redundant and boring to me. For god's sake Nintendo, why does a ruler of a place that has influences from Bermuda, Egypt, Easter Island, and ancient China have a pale orange haired blue eyed Princess? Sorry for sounding butthurt, but they could of done more with her to make her look different. At least kept her skin dark and changed her dress. Even her circuits in Mario Kart looks more European

Here, you might like this design I (Matty) made for her about a year ago. I’m not a fantastic artist so the actual execution isn’t great, but hopefully based on what you’re telling me, you like the design.

Some dumb motherfucker actually called me ‘sexist’ for this design. I still don’t get why to this day.

And yes, agreed.

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Could you make a picture of waluigi trying to impress a girl but messing up majorly? Thanks! I love your art.

I can’t do that anon.

Because Waluigi doesn’t mess up with the ladies!

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about to go to bed but just putting this in here: eggsy coming home to a blanket fort immaculately and perfectly constructed by Harry, commissioned by HRH Princess Daisy and HRH Princess Daisy stands on the sofa with a Glinda the Good Witch wand with light-up star, knighting her daddy and Harry. daisy hasnt got a proper word for harry yet, so she calls him her harry and eggsy is so gone. so pathetically gone.

OMG. You perfect human, you. I MADE YOU A THING. 

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