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Celaena/ Aelin

(”Throne of Glass” by Sarah J.Maas  @ )

When my brain refuses to work properly I resort to drawing flowing hair
(MUCH flowing hair!!) …and fancy outfits…and sort of ornaments…


Princess Ovelia Atkascha from FFT. I’m not very happy with how it turned out considering she is my favourite character from the game (alongside Delita)… So I will probably do another piece centered on her.

I consider her to be one of the most tragic characters in FF and I love what she brings to the FFT storyline.

Oh and as a side note, the flowers in the backgrounds are the characters’ birth flowers according to the month :)


I doodled these AU Zeldas some months ago and finally got to color them //experimentally whopps//-YIPEE

In order of appereance:

I’m getting used to this bear w me… I just love these babies too much


When you have only old poor stick as your rod but stil have to fight.

Happy Birthday, Dagger! I like this day very much and Garnet’s birthday is more important for me then my own birthday. This character is everything for me and…and I think you know what I’m talking about like wait a minute its PRINCESS MOTHERLOOSER GARNET 

This is my cosplay thought :) I instantly warking on it and will do many-many FFIX staff in 2017 I wiiiiiiiiiiiish

You can watch cosplay inprogress on my instagram


The legend of these two princesses comes in many variations. In the pagan version, the princesses were close friends who were sent from Heaven to bring peace to two feuding villages. They both took a village each as a guardian. The princesses were unmatched in their own skills: Princess Santubong can weave fine clothes and Princess Sejinjang can pound rice so delicious mortals would be full for days. Their talents brought prosperity to the villages and the people were content. The peace did not last long as contempt started to brew between the princesses. 

Some versions claimed that they were envious of each other’s beauty, some say it was over love for an indecisive prince and some say it was because of neglect over their land. Their fights increased in frequency and intensity until they both had abandon their responsibility to their people, causing chaos and natural disasters in their wake. After a grueling seven-day war, a final battle ensued. 

Princess Sejinjang had struck a blow to Princess Santubong’s cheek, breaking it. In response Princess Santubong used a daggered pole and threw it to her, shattering Sejinjang’s head to pieces. Despite her victory, both of them had neglected their duty to their people so the heaven cursed Santubong into a mountain (where the gash at her cheek was said to be the peak) and Princess Sejinjang’s shattered corpse became an isle of islands. Their story was immortalized in a popular Sarawakian folk song.

Cloud: I wasn’t able to keep my “in a pinch” promise to Tifa.
Aerith: Eh? Eh? What? That enviable promise.
Cloud: Sorry Tifa… Even though I’m on the edge I can’t keep the promise
Aerith: Hm? Hmm? What is this promise you talk of?

クラウド「ティファ… ピンチなのに 約束 まもれない」
エアリス「ん? んん? なに? そのうらやましい約束」

Cloud: Tifa is wonderful. I, too, want to become strong.
Aerith: Cloud has been yearning/longing for Tifa…
Cloud: Tifa is amazing… I wanna be stronger… as well
Aerith: You look up to Tifa a lot, don’t you Cloud 

エアリス「クラウド ティファのこと あこがれてたんだ ね」

Aerith: Tifa will make a good wife~
Cloud: Tifa… Who does she like?
Aerith: Tifa will make a good wife
Cloud: I wonder who… Tifa likes?

エアリス「ティファ きっと いい奥さんに なれる ね」
クラウド「ティファは… 誰が好きなんだ?」

Thank you princess-dagger for translating these!

Thank you to our-final-heaven and her friend! She brought these to a native japanese speaker so we can get more! Find what is done so far here! Updating the post with the native speakers translations too!

I particularly like this one

Aerith: Come on Cloud… you have to say something to her
Cloud: …I’m not good at it

It’s hard being childhood friends, huh Cloud? I mean. Timing is everything. Right? ;)

Aerith ships Cloti like crazy in Itadaki street. She was probably hounding him to propose to Tifa during the opening, geez.

Okay so Princess Garnet, right? Dagger? She is sooo important and i’m gonna tell you why. She shows how important it is to have people help you out through stress, not to let it weigh on you all by yourself. Throughout all her adventures and all the heartache, Dagger blamed herself for people getting involved and tried to do things by herself. This mentality was so draining and destructive that she eventually lost her voice due to the overwhelming situation she was in.

Later she figures out she doesn’t HAVE to do these things on her own and she has such amazing wonderful friends who support her and take care of her and AAAAHHH Dagger is so important okay

Don’t feel like you’re alone and that you have to handle all these things by yourself because I know for a fact there are people who care about you who are willing to help you