princess cheesecake

anonymous asked:

How would Seokjin dirty talk?

“You like the way I cut the vertebrae from this salmon, princess?”

“Your cheesecake is giving me all the essential tastes of the ingredients. Mmm, is that vanilla extract? You know what I like, kitten. ;)”

*is about to cum* “Tell me how handsome I am.” “Jin-ah, what?” “JUst do It”

- Admin Baby


…okay I’ve also been playing a lot of Cookie Run. am I just unlucky or is it super hard to get mystery jewels in level 4?! I keep getting high-level boxes but no jewels arrrgh (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

anyway my three favorite cookies: Mint Choco, Blackberry, and Princess Luna Moonlight. (sorry Cheesecake, you got bumped down once the better coin-farmer came out.)

mspaintguyfromdoorchins  asked:

Which one of your characters did you have the most fun designing

Tiffy Cheesecake for sure. I mean look at her. She’s utterly ridiculous. While she’s not the most interesting or unique of character designs in my roster.. (For that I would probably pick Luna or someone else).. I sure as hell have a lot of fun drawing her! I mean other than being a shortstack/oppai loli Tiffy is kind of generic. I can think of plenty characters who are basically evil, snobby, blonde little girls and Tiffy was a direct inspiration from those character tropes. However she’s always just so great to illustrate and her personality is surprisingly very well developed despite her simplicity. She is also the kind of character that’s easy to induce propaganda with or create ironic cult followings which is always funny. I mean she has a blog ALL to herself among other things xD

All hail Princess Tiffy <3


NEW VIDEO! I made Lumpy Space Princess Mini-Cheesecakes today on Nerdy Nummies :) ♥♥