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High Court Meeting

Princess Celestia: Good afternoon, everyone. As you know we have much to discuss. There are many upcoming festivals and other events, but first I’d like to bring up Discord. As you remember from last meeting, a unicorn by the name of Keira Starlight has asked for Discord’s release. I have received more than 3 requests from her. Each of them expressing why she thinks he should be released, reasons she can reform him, and various other points. I know this sounds menial, but I wouldn’t have summoned you today if I could make the decision on my own. Opinions on Discord’s release?

Council pony 1: This mare has gone batty! There’s no way we can let such a dangerous creature go again!
Council pony 2: I agree! If Discord is out of his statue, who knows if he will cause chaos again as he did last time!
Council pony 3: He is simply too dangerous to be released! We simply cannot predict what he’ll do once we release him! Who’s to say he won’t destroy Equestria once again?

Council pony 4: Perhaps this Keira has a point. If we can figure out why he’s doing this, then maybe proper actions can be taken to reform him.
Council pony 5: Worse case scenario, we’ll have Twilight Sparkle and friends case him up once again in stone. If they overcame him once, I have the confidence they can do it once again!
Council pony 6: Maybe we’ll be surprised and maybe he will be able to be reformed. After all, you did mention how she was not able to be discorded. Regardless of what happens, we stand beside your decision, Princess.

Princess Celestia: While I thank you for the help, I still have to make a final decision. You all have brought up many good points, which I need time to look over once more. Now for the next task at hoof…


Twilight: “On one hoof, they’re both ADORABLE and want to cuddle. On the other, one is my lifelong idol and mentor from fillyhood and the other is my GIRLFRIEND. I need to find a way to get them back to normal before I lose it and before their absence from the affairs of state become too obvious.”

Celestia: “After ice cream!”

Twilight: “…After ice cream.”