princess cass

Rapunzel’s enthusiasm:
↳ ❝Nice!❞

  • Jason: Three teams, okay?
  • Jason: Team one. Resurrected kids.
  • Damian: Me and you, yes.
  • Jason: Team Two. Faked-their-death kids.
  • Steph and Dick: Riiiight.
  • Jason: And Team Three. Boring kids.
  • Tim: Boring?
  • Cass: ?
  • Jason: Team Boring. Yes.
  • Cass: ...
  • Tim: Okay, yes, maybe Team Boring is the team for me. But Cass?
  • Jason: Hm. Point taken. Team Half-Awesome, then.
  • Tim: *sighs*
  • Cass: *touches Tim's shoulder* We will win.
  • Tim: Any team with you on it, sis.
  • Jason: *cocks Nerf gun* Game on, Princess.
  • Cass: ?
  • Tim: He's... talking to me.
A Brief Guide To Ship Names

Maxerica: Maxon + America
Asperica: Aspen + America
Laspen: Lucy + Aspen
Keadlyn: Kile + Eadlyn
Krisson: Kriss + Maxon
Elison: Elise + Maxon
Erilyn: Erik + Eadlyn
Headlyn: Henri + Eadlyn
Ianlyn: Ian + Eadlyn
Naxom: Natalie + Maxon
Maxeste: Maxon + Celeste

Add more if you can, and please tell me if I got any of these wrong.

Eadlyn Schreave

Princess Eadlyn Schreave, the heir to the throne and future reigning queen of Illéa. A classically dressed brunette with a collection of tiaras, the princess has been preparing for her crown her entire life.
“I only have one heart and I’m saving it.” 
-Eadlyn Schreave

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