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headcanon that there was a time that maurice was really into sculpting but it he was so bad at it that he got rid of all proof he ever tried it except that belle without him knowing kept a little malformed bust of her he had tried to make but failed epically at and she hides it in random places to freak her dad out. when she marries adam and maurice moves into the castle as well, she keeps up the tradition much to the dismay of everyone there (except chip and lumiere bc they’re totally all for the idea). so far, that weird little statue has been found at the dinner table in the place of adam’s wine goblet, in mrs potts’ laundry basket, on cadenza’s music stand—literally any place belle can think of where a small misshapen statue should not be. everyone is going mad from paranoia, expecting the thing to be hiding anywhere. after finding it on his pillow one night, having just seen it peeking out from behind another statue in the hallway, adam is convinced it’s possessed and vows to destroy the accursed thing. belle says no, she has Plans in mind for that statue. no one knows what these plans are. they are afraid. help them.

BATB - TV Tropes

Princess Belle: I Can Change My Beloved, Brainy Brunette, Plucky Girl

Prince Adam (The Beast): Defrosting Ice Queen, Drama Queen, Beast Man

Gaston: Jerkass DissonanceMagnificent Bastard, Villain With Good Publicity

LeFou: Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Unrequited Tragic Maiden, Morality Chain

Lumière: The Charmer, Romantic Wingman, The Matchmaker

Cogsworth: Plucky Comic Relief, Only Sane Man, Servile Snarker

Mrs. Potts: Parental Substitute, Never Mess With Granny, I Am Very British

Chip: Momma’s Boy, Children Are Innocent, Constantly Curious

Plumette: Everything Sounds Sexier In French, French Maid, Fanservice

Garderobe: The Cast Showoff, Minor Character, Major Song, Advertised Extra

Cadenza: Demoted To Extra, Out Of Focus, Animate Inanimate Object


Agatha: Beware The Quiet Ones, Wizards And Witches, Rejected Apology

Stanley: Ensemble Darkhorse, Memetic Bystander, Wholesome Crossdresser


All hail Princess McFlurry.

Princess McFlurry Flurry Heart belongs to © Hasbro


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A quick one because i wanted a new avatar and because Cadence is love. <3 And Cadence foalsitting wittle Twi is even more love <3<3



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“You are a princess, you’ll play your part~”

This took a while. especially to find references for the front of this god damn balcony. and i actually never did so i winged it. hah “winged” it hehe ok i’ll stop now.. took about 3+ hours was fun, i should do more things maybe one each week based on an episode, yeah that sounds good.

The Signs as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters

Aries: Pinkie Pie

Taurus: Princess Cadence

Gemini: Prince Shining Armor

Cancer: Princess Luna

Leo: Spike

Virgo: Fluttershy

Libra: Princess Twilight Sparkle 

Scorpio: Rainbow Dash 

Sagittarius: Princess Celestia 

Capricorn: Derpy Hooves

Aquarius: Apple Jack 

Pisces: Rarity

dave-and-associates  asked:

In the Crystal Empire. A strange, tall stallion stood, tapping his chin in thought as he looked around. He seemed to be contemplating something. He had a dark blue coat, and vivid purple mane, as well as ocean blue eyes. Not to mention, he had a horn, and wings. He was an Alicorn, which was indeed, a rare sight.

The alicorn stallion was not alone, however. His possible-contemplation was interrupted by a voice coming from behind him.

“Excuse me,” a pleasantly happy voice said. “Is there something I can help you with? Cause if so, I’d be happy to.” The voice’s owner walked ahead so that she could be seen, revealing herself as none other than Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, ruler of the Crystal Empire they stood in at this moment.

Once Cadance could see this stallion from the front rather than the back, she was taken…well, aback. Her eyes widened some as she noticed that this pony had something she really wasn’t expecting: Wings and a horn, both.

The princess was quiet for a second before smiling again, although this time it was a little forced. “My name’s Cadance. I’m assuming by the lack of crystal fur that you’re new here?”