4/29/2017- Pony acquisition post #421: G4 Reboot Royal Family set with Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and Baby Flurry Heart!

Year released: 2017

YES! On my trip to toys r us (in which I lucked out and got two Nintendo Switches), the REAL reason why I went was to find this set! I know the new reboot Cadence has gotten some flack as her head is a little…balloon-y, but she’s not that bad! Her hooves are painted in (which is rare for her), she’s her proper light pink instead of hot pink, and she is quite cute from most angles. What I really bought the set for is the reboot Shining Armor-who looks GREAT! I loved the original Shining Armor brushable, troll hair and all, but he does look lovely here. His hooves have a nice separation from the rest of his body, his hair looks good, and his entire look is quite polished. We also get another Baby Flurry Heart, who is a solid color this time and has a cute little crib :)

Original Condition:Mint!

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: Mint!


Twilight: Queen Cadence rules over the Crystal Hearth to the north. Once, our lands were peaceful and distant neighbors, but at around the advent of the curse, She began to send hunters and assassins to our lands. Lady Luna was very gravely wounded in one such attack. Ever since, Lady Tia has taken it upon herself to assist the royal guard, who patrol the border, whenever she is able.