So after seeing gifset after gifset and hearing friend after friend recommend it, I finally sat down and watched Princess Bride last night.

And it was pretty good!

Though, I admit that I watched it with the wrong mindset/approach. I thought that it was going to be a silly, spoof, movie like Holy Grail or Men In Tights.

So, I was pretty thrown off when I realized that it was actually a movie with some pretty serious tones and a pretty complex plot and even some pretty dark scenes that I was genuinely not expecting.

And the humor was different than I had expected. Again, I expected silly humor and a lot of it was more about witty humor. Which was still great and I still smirked at all of the one-liners. And there were still some moments of sillier humor - I cracked up when I saw the “I do not think they exist” scene

The only other thing that threw me off was Robin Hood. When Wesley was wearing the mask, he was this calm, suave, hero. When the mask fell off…he was Robin Hood. I tried to see him as Wesley but all I could see was Robin Hood. When he was talking about how he became a pirate, all I could imagine was, “Because unlike other Dread Pirate Rogers, I can speak with an English accent.”

But I digress, it was still a really great film!

-What the hell ?! Don’t tell me that after all the crap we went through, she’s gonna end up MARRYING that Humper-dick ?
-Dean, stop spoiling ! And keep reading !
-Seriously, that’s such bullshit, Westley can’t be dead, who the hell ends up a story like th…
-Dean !!

Dean x The Princess Bride is now a canon ship, and I can die happy.