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I like to think they unconsciously follow Shiro around like a mother hen

Meet ‘Princess’ BB: A Pampered Bird Who Loves Her Humans

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Hello, world! It’s time for today’s #WeeklyFluff. BB (@birdbee0705) is a Japanese white-eye bird who was rescued off the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, when she was just a baby. True to her nickname “Princess,” BB loves getting pampered — especially when she’s massaged or brushed. “We don’t cage her, so she can fly around in our house all day,” explains BB’s human. “No matter which room we go to in our house, she always follows us like a tiny flying puppy.”

mama leia and bb-ben -  Be careful, Young one #SCARGATE

Ben has been through a series of face scrapes in his life. We can tell in the trailer for The Last Jedi that the cut he got at the end of The Force Awakens must have ~healed fully~. And the new scar must be from falling in the shower– like his grandfather before him  #ForgiveRianJohnson #scargate

//part V of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹 i love you to alderaan and back. we treasure your memory and miss you so deeply! force clap if you believe <3 the stars twinkle in your name.

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Seven birds

If seven little birds were sitting on a branch and one got shot, how many birds would be left?

“Lotor, you don’t want to do this,” Shiro tried to calm the hysterical Galran, “Let him go, we’ll work this out.”

“You killed her!” Lotor screeched and nudged the gun in his hand against the temple of Lances head.

“Lotor,” Lance cried and struggled, trying to get free from his grip, “she would have killed us, you included.”

“No,” Lotor sobbed and his will wavered his gun dropping just an inch before he tensed and put the gun to Lances head once again. “You’re trying to get into my head, mess me up.”

“Lotor, you can trust me,” Lance said, tears pouring from his eyes in a frightful mess. “Remember?”

“My fleet is all dead!” Lotor screamed and his finger tightened around the trigger slightly.

“They were planning to kill you!” Lance whispered, and that was the last straw.

Lotors eyes hardened dangerously before he took one last look at the other paladins who were looking frightfully at Lance.

“Blood can be justified,” Lotor whispered into Lances ears before he pulled the trigger.

Screams, Lance heard them, just a blinding white noise before it was just…. all gone. Lance was gone.

The remaining paladins screamed a loud war cry, tears pouring as they rushed forward to grasp at their friend. But he slipped through their fingers and thudded to the floor.

They all snapped their head to Lotor with a rage of a million men. Pidge lifted her bayard, a twisted expression resting upon her face. No one tried to stop her.

“Goodnight,” Pidge growled, her hook extending and piercing through Lotor’s neck with a sickening snap. Blood squirted and the paladins were soaked.

Shiro tenderly picked up Lances body, silent tears making their way out of his eyes as he placed his hand over his eyes, closing them. His tears leaked onto Lance chest as he looked up with a hardened expression.

Keith came up next to Shiro and desperately tried to grab Lance,”T-the pods! The pods,” He said in a hysteric, frantic to try and get his friend back again. ”Alien tech will fix it, r-right Pidge?”

Pidge looked away from his intense stare bitterly and shook her head, wanting to spit out at him, or anyone really. Hunk avoided looking at Lance’s wound and placed his hand a top of Keith’s, gently pulling him away and hugged him. He cried, he bawled. All their tears mixed as one.

Lance, their friend, their teammate, was dead.

No one had taken it well. Team work failed, everyone argued and they all neglected themselves so much, they worked themselves into a dust. They were growing distant, not taking care of themselves.

Allure had decided to call in a meeting, it had been three weeks since Lance had died and they had a pile up of missions that were urgent. So they needed Voltron, now.

“I know we are in a time of despair with our blue paladin…. but just because we have defeated the army does not mean our jobs are done, we must give aid to the planets affected by the war.”

Pidge scoffed and everyone looked at her in shock, “What? Let’s get to it huh? Save the universe.” She said bitterly and stood up, making her way to her shoot.

“Well, we have missions we need to get ready for,” She spat out and left. Hunk was on her tail, he cast one sorrowed look over his shoulder before leaving.

Keith stormed out too, leaving Shiro to discuss with the princess.

It’s a simple answer, really, no birds would be left on the branch, they all would have been scared by the shot.