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I Feel it Coming
Robbie Daymond (Prompto's VA)

I’ve been listening to Robbie Daymond’s cover from one of the old L.A.V.A streams on repeat and I wanted to draw Prompto with an acoustic guitar. 

If Shiro and Allura ever had a kid...

Keith: SHIRO. Do not, under any circumstances, make me the godparent to your spawn.
Shiro:  Is this some kind of reverse psychology? Because it makes no sense.
Keith: NO! DO NOT DESIGNATE ME AS ANY KIND OF SURROGATE GUARDIAN FIGURE TO YOUR OFFSPRING. Because I’ve seen this movie and the minute the beloved elder brother figure does that, he dies tragically leaving his grieving barely-prepared-for-adulthood younger brother TO RAISE HIS CHILD. I AM NOT PREPARED TO RAISE YOUR CHILD, SHIRO. I’M NOT 100% SURE I’M CAPABLE OF BEING AN ADULT UNDER MY OWN POWER, DO NOT MAKE ME RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER LIFE.
Lance: Okay, can someone please switch Keith to decaf?

Pidge: Someone is clearly not over that time Shiro left him in charge…

Keith: Those were dark times, Pidge.