princess azula

Azula’s Sun Healing

From my Ember Island Tyzula headcanons, but this is more about Azula.

After being released from the asylum, her skin had become almost as pale as the moon and it was easy to tell that she was sleep deprived. The contrasting darkness under her eyes had said so.

As soon as she settled down in her new home after a few days, Ty Lee asked if she wanted to come to the beach. Azula was too tired to say much, but she went along. They went to the private beach that’s located under the cliff and apart of the property.

Azula was in her swimwear, but she was in no mood for swimming. Instead, she lay on her towel and decided to sun bake. The warmth of the sun is what she had longed for and now she had it once again. While Ty Lee went swimming, Azula would lay there. Slowly, she was getting back her strength.

Normally, any other person would’ve gotten sunburn by now, but Azula was not just any other person. After all, she was and still is one of the most powerful firebenders, ever. Being that her power is mostly drawn from the sun, it seemed that her body’s natural healing process was also drawn from its radiance. Relaxed, Azula fell asleep, her dreams much more peaceful. Ty Lee came back from her swim and was going to say something, but she knew that Azula was finally resting. She sat on the beach beside her until she was ready to leave.

A few more sunny days later, her skin was almost the way it was, although she’s always been a bit naturally pale, but not as pale as she was earlier in the week. Also, the dull bronze colour in her eyes had gone back to the more healthy and fiery golden glow that her eyes were known for.

Orientalist Fire Nation 1/?

I don’t know why it took so long, but I just got on board this ship, WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY??

I’m attempting to do a series of Fire Nation paintings inspired by Orientalist art (minus the creepy odalisk objectification aspects). My intent is to show court drama and the private lives of Fire Nation citizens, borrowing decorative elements from Orientalist paintings. 

And I start with Princess Azula because I have too many feelings still want her to be redeemed and show a more human side. Following the tv show, we only ever see glimpses (and very, very minimally) of these through her interactions with Ty Lee. 

I read a lot of post-recovery fics, so this is post-psychosis episode Azula reclining comfortably below Ty Lee’s eye level. Ah, it’s a moment of vulnerability :)