princess azula

Azula-isms: What are the ones you love from her, the most?

Okay, fellow Azulists/Blue Lotus… Here’s an example and I’ll start:


Nothing says that she shits on the lives of peasants, more than her infamous and adorable smirk!

I also love her Fire/Lightingbending form…

She doesn’t even need to form a fist, just to shoot a regular blast of her fire.

The gracefulness of Azula…

Orientalist Fire Nation 1/?

I don’t know why it took so long, but I just got on board this ship, WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY??

I’m attempting to do a series of Fire Nation paintings inspired by Orientalist art (minus the creepy odalisk objectification aspects). My intent is to show court drama and the private lives of Fire Nation citizens, borrowing decorative elements from Orientalist paintings. 

And I start with Princess Azula because I have too many feelings still want her to be redeemed and show a more human side. Following the tv show, we only ever see glimpses (and very, very minimally) of these through her interactions with Ty Lee. 

I read a lot of post-recovery fics, so this is post-psychosis episode Azula reclining comfortably below Ty Lee’s eye level. Ah, it’s a moment of vulnerability :)