This gif is transparent. Basically, it’s Ariel’s hair. That means it will take the color of your blog or anywhere you put it at. An example of what you can do with it can bee seen here. Anyways, enjoy!^^


The comic that nobody needed to make but you read anyway.

Actually, that pretty much describes every comic Aaron and I make. If you’re enjoying them, follow along on Facebook, Twitter (me and Aaron), Tapastic or :D


“Our tour begins here in this gallery. Where you gaze upon the sweet innocence of youth…. but things are not always as they seem”

Phantom Manor Stretch Portrait Series



Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

Photography by FB:YorkInABox IG:yorkinabox

Ariel Cosplay and Eric Costume design by FB:ashlynnedae   IG:ashlynnedaecosplay

Melody by FB:Miley-Romero IG:miley_tinythunder

Eric by FB:EberleCosplay IG:Eberlecosplay