princess angoisse


Princeless Royalty

This is the Royal Family Ashe (plus their ally Kira the end of image 2)

Starting with top Image:  King Ashe, Queen Ashe, Princess Alize Ashe, Princess Angelica Ashe, Princess Angoisse Ashe

Bottom Image:  Princess Adrienne Ashe, Prince Devin Ashe, Princesses Antonia and Andrea Ashe, Princess Appalonia Ashe (and Kira)

I’ve been trying to hold onto this pinup, as it will appear in all it’s glory in the June “Tales of the Family Ashe” one-shot, but with all of the Princess Angelica love going around…well, I have to share the amazing work of Cullen Gardepe.  This is a woman whose art career you’ll want to be following!

And if you’re wondering, left to right:  Princess Angelica Ashe, Princess Adrienne Ashe, Princess Angoisse Ashe, and Princess Appalonia Ashe. The four youngest Ashe sisters.