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Custom Orca Madness!

The past couple weeks I have been blessed with a fantastic wave of custom orca orders. I had a lot of fun putting these together and thoroughly enjoyed nerding out while looking for reference photos!

  • Top left: CA140/Emma, California transient (heck yeah transients!!!)
  • Top Right: J17/Princess Angeline, SRKW (ordered by one of my naturalist classmates who adopted her which is super cool!!!)
  • Bottom Left: X163/Stumpy (which I’ve shared in a post of its own but for the sake of this little photo compilation I’ve shared it here again).
  • Bottom right: A6/Strider, NRKW (is that a thing? or do we just call them northern residents?)

Custom orders- orca or whatever you like- are currently open in my Etsy shop. If you’re interested, hit that “Request Custom Order” button! :D

Long Live - Chapter 2

I’m so happy so many people liked Chapter 1! Thank you all so much for your kind words and messages!! I’ve decided that updates will hopefully be Sundays and Thursdays or as close to that schedule as i can get them.

Summary: Virgil was everything a future prince shouldn’t be. The quiet, antisocial kid at school who was the last person anyone ever expected to be the future leader of a faraway country. Luckily, that’s what Roman was there for.

Pairing: Prinxiety 

Words: 2303

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Inktober2017 nr. 5: “Long”. J17 Princess Angeline and her youngest daughter, J53 Kiki, both Southern Resident orca’s. Long in the case of orca’s can describe many things; such as their overall size, 6 to 9 meters, or the size of a male’s dorsal fin, up to 1,8 meters. Orca’s are the largest member of the dolphin family after all.

The SRKW’s are starving, mainly because their diet consists almost exclusively of Chinook salmon which itself is an endangered species. One of the best things we can do to help both species is urging the US government to remove the four lower Snake River dams so the salmon breeding ground is restored. Sign petitions, contact your local legislators, support the people fighting for and studying these whales and most of all; tell others about this!

For more information, please visit these websites;

March is Women’s History Month! Kikisoblu, sometimes known as Princess Angeline, was Chief Seattle’s eldest daughter.  During her long life, she saw the coming of white settlers, the exile of her Duwamish and Suquamish people from their traditional lands, and the growth of the new city named for her father. She stayed in Seattle throughout her life, even after the Point Elliot treaty. In this 1890 photo, she poses with painting of Snoqualmie Falls outside of Seattle.

So while I was looking through the Southern Resident Killer Whale family tree, I realized you can see very clear gaps where calves should have been born in the 60′s. Obviously these gaps were caused by the captures but for some reason being able to clearly see which mothers most likely had calves taken from them hit me really hard, so I compiled a list of the female orcas that had gaps in their family tree and a little bit about their family 

J pod 

  • J2 Granny (No 100% known calves, likely had them though)
  • J5 Saratoga (Mother of J17 Princess Angeline, aunt of J22 Oreo)
  • J7 Sucia (Original matriarch of the J16s) 
  • J8 Spieden (No recorded calves, likely taken in the captures)
  • J12 Sissy (Potentially lost 2 calves, one being J24. Mother of J14 Samish)

K pod

  • K4 Morgan (Mother of K12 Sequim, her only recorded calf) 
  • K8 Tumwater (Original matriarch of the K14s)
  • K11 Georgia (Mother of K13 Skagit, her only recorded calf)
  • K18 Kiska (Mother of K21 Cappuccino, the only member left of her pod) 

 L pod

  • L3 Oreana (Grandmother of L84 Nyssa, the only member left of her pod)
  • L4 Sonar (Had 12 grandkids from her 4 recorded calves)
  • L9 Hopi (Mother of L3 Oreana)
  • L12 Alexis (Grandmother of L41 Mega)
  • L21 Ankh (Original matriarch of the L47s) 
  • L25 Ocean Sun (Potentially lost 2 calves, one being Lolita. Only member left)
  • L28 Misky (Mother of L85 Mystery, the only member left of her pod)
  • L35 Victoria (Mother of L54 Ino, very likely lost 1 or more calves to captivity)
  • L37 Kimo (Grandmother of L72 Racer, likely lost a calf in the Penn Cove captures)

We know for sure that 26 young members of the SRKW population were taken as well as others that it is unsure whether they were SRKWs. Around 13 known SRKWs died in the captures including mothers trying to get to their calves. It is very evident in K pod that mothers died during the captures as there were very few breeding females at the time that the study of the SRKWs started, yet there were quite a few members of K pod taken into captivity. 

Princess Angeline ~ Duwamish

Princess Angeline (circa 1820 – May 31, 1896), also known in Lushootseed as Kikisoblu, Kick-is-om-lo, or Wewick, was the eldest daughter of Chief Seattle.
Biography She was born around 1820 to Chief Seattle in what is now Rainier Beach in Seattle, Washington. She was named Angeline by Catherine Broshears Maynard, the second wife of Doc Maynard. The 1855 Treaty of Point Elliott required that all Duwamish Indians leave their land for reservations,

wordmage-girl  asked:

For the ficlet prompts: Cartinelli, “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the girl who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it oops we made out"

(So, um. I veered wildly off this prompt, and also have four thousand words of complete ridiculousness? I apologize for the paragraph spacing, mostly I go through and fix it when I paste but I was not going to do that for a fic this long.)

Angie auditions for a lot of Hallmark TV movies. Mostly she plays murder victims or suspects on cable crime shows, and a couple times she’s been on sci fi shows, either in alien makeup or without it, but at the end of the day, Angie is a girl-next-door type, and she’s been working her way up from playing the cheerful salesgirl to the best friend and now, at this audition, actually going for the lead.

She’s got a decent chance—they were specific about looks, and she fits the type, plus she knows this kind of story. There was some kind of mixup with a princess when she was a baby and she got shuffled into the American foster care system. Somehow, somebody figures out who she is when she’s an adult trying to get her life together and she goes to take her rightful place on the throne and falls in love with some nobleman who was charmed by her American manners. And it’s Christmastime. It’s textbook.

The big difference is that this one is based off reality, at least a little bit. A wishful thinking version of reality. Because Princess Angeline of Vengia, a European country nobody pays much attention to, disappeared when she was a year old, some kind of political plot involving an election, and she hasn’t appeared again.

Anyway, that’s all to say that when Angie comes into the audition room, there’s a really gorgeous woman with an accent sitting on the audition panel who introduces herself as a political aide here from Vengia to assure that the movie puts things in the best possible light.

“Charmed, I’m sure,” says Angie, and turns to the rest of the panel. “Want me to start?”

“Please, Ms. Martinelli.”

Angie actually likes the audition scene, the one where some faithful butler tells her she’s royalty. She braces herself and waits for them to feed her the line.

“You’re the princess of Vengia,” the director says, monotone. She’s probably the fiftieth girl he’s seen today.

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Meet the newest faces of the southern resident killer whales! The Whale Museum’s baby naming contest has ended, congratulations to those who came up with the names and those who voted for them! So, without further ado, here are the selected titles:

•L-122 Magic:
This little calf was a male born in 2015 to L-91 Muncher. He was named this since every wild orca encounter can only be described as magical!
•J-53 Kiki:
Kiki is a female born sometime during 2015 to J-17 Princess Angeline. She was given this name after Chief Seattle’s daughter’s original name: Kikisoblu.
•L-123 Lazuli:
L-123 was born late December 2015 to mother L-103 Lapis. Lapis Lazuli is a dark blue stone valued for its beauty, so it was only natural that we completed the rock’s name in the form of this mother and calf pair!
•J-54 Dipper:
This male calf was first seen in December of 2015 with mom J-28 Polaris. J-54’s name is connected to his mother’s, much like how L-123’s is! In the constellation the Little Dipper, the end star on the handle is the North Star, aka Polaris.

As we transition from summer to fall, and fall to winter, we wish that each one of these precious calves will make it through the coming months. It is our hope that we will see them breaching one day as full grown adults, with children and grandchildren at their sides! Welcome to the world little ones, it’s great to have you here!

All photos were taken by Jeanne Hyde.