princess angela of liechtenstein

Born Angela Gisela Brown, Princess Angela is the wife of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.

A successful fashion designer and businesswoman, she met her future husband at a party in New York City. For the record, Princess Angela is 11 years older than her husband. They married in January 2000 in New York City; she was 42 and the Prince was 31.

They have one son, Prince Alfons Constantin Maria.

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Don’t you just love it when fan fiction becomes reality? In a non-Twilight kind of way, of course.

Casual Reminder that Princess Angela of Liechtenstein exists:

Born Angela Gisele Brown, she’s of Afro-Panamanian descent. She’s married to Prince Maximillian of Liechtenstein, the second eldest prince. 

She is a non-celebrity who married into royalty with full support of the throne. This was back in 2000. This helped pave the way for later royal-nonroyal marriages in the european monastic sphere. 

Show this picture to anyone who says black girls can’t be princesses then ask them why they don’t have a palace. 

The two went on to have an adorable son (Alfons, born in 2001)

Lookit those cheekies

This is her when she turned 57 by the way:

Some people can only hope to look this good. 

That’s all really I just wanted to let yall know that black princesses exist in every form and fashion, even in Europe. So go on and flaunt those tiaras. Add extra sparkles too, since Liechtenstein is the 3rd richest country in the world. You wouldn’t want to be inaccurate.

7-Year-Old Writes Book To Show Black Girls They Are Princesses

7-Year-Old Writes Book To Show Black Girls They Are Princesses

‘I didn’t know I could be a princess’: Seven-year-old writes inspiring book to show that women of all skin colors can be royals

“When she spoke to her father Todd, who often uses 'Princess’ as a nickname for her, about it he started researching black women who have been princesses so that he could tell Morgan about them.

When he presented his findings to her, she announced that they needed to make a book to spread the message to others that being a princess is open to everybody.Together, the father and daughter co-wrote Daddy’s Little Princess, a book about black princesses from around the world - including Princess Elizabeth of Toro and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein.

Morgan said: 'Once when I was five I didn’t believe I could be a princess. I told my father and he told me about African princesses and I said I didn’t know I could be a princess so how about I write a book telling people they can be princesses too.'“