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Baby Boy | Theo Raeken Imagine


request ; Here is my request: cuddly Theo. He’s sick, or you’re sick, (I don’t care I’m not picky) and the two of you just cuddle and talk and stuff, and it’s very fluffy and cute :) please and thank you.

word count ;  1046

warnings ; none.

a/n ; i made theo the sick one, bc i had many ideas. also, this isn’t exactly that fluffy, but tbh i loved it. the imagine title & the cody gif makes me go all asfngsnfljgk if u get what i’m sayin’ 

Theo Raeken was, without a doubt, the biggest baby when it came to being sick. You pardoned him only because werewolves weren’t supposed to get sick, so when they did, it was a hell of a lot worse than a human getting a minor cold. He was your boyfriend, so you took care of him as he always took care of you, but he was really goddamn annoying when he was sick. 

You were busy in the bathroom, searching his cabinets for an Ibuprofen or an Advil to ease your pounding headache, all credit to your wonderful boyfriend’s incessant moaning and groaning. You heard him let out another loud cough, then a sneeze, then he groaned really loudly. You rubbed your temples, sensing what was coming next. 

“Babygirl,” he called, voice raspy. He only used that nickname when he wanted something, or during sex. Obviously you weren’t having sex. “Can you get me some water?” 

“Sure thing, babe,” you called back, your tone betraying your slightly pissed off mood. “You want a blanket, or a damn foot massage, while we’re at it?” You grumbled the last part under your breath, though Theo heard it anyway. Damn that boy and his werewolf hearing. 

“That’d be nice, baby, but I can tell you were being sarcastic so I won’t suggest it,” he said teasingly as you entered the room, throwing him a bottle of water and rolling your eyes. You plopped down into one of his armchairs, arms folded with a scowl on your face. “Aw, lighten up sweetie, I was joking. Don’t be mad, I appreciate everything you do for me. I swear.” 

“Mhm,” you mumbled, examining the top of his desk for some sort of book or magazine. 

“Y/N, baaaabyyy,” Theo whined, realizing you weren’t paying enough attention to him. Kicking his sheets back to make room for you, he whined, “Baby, baby, babygirl, baby, babe, love of my life, sunshine, princess, beautiful, angel, lovely, darling, sweetheart, Y/N!!!”  

“What now?!” You exclaimed angrily, dropping one of his snapbacks that you had been examining on the floor and turning your head toward him. He could almost see the fire blazing in your eyes, the way your jaw was clenched and your eyes narrowed. He couldn’t help but tease you a little bit, poking fun at his girlfriend was one of his favorite pastimes, even when he was sick.  You were cute when you were angry. 

“Cuddle me?” He smiled broadly, holding his arms out for you. Despite your previous annoyance, you laughed, walking over to his bed and settling in beside him. His arms went around your waist as he snuggled further down, his head resting on your stomach. Your fingers ran through his hair, something only you were allowed to do. He became beyond irritated when someone other than you messed his hair up playfully, or even tried to touch it. You were the obvious exception, a content smile gracing his face as his shut, your touch soothing him. 

“You’re so pretty,” he murmured, hands running up and down your waist. You had smooth skin, he noticed. 

“You can’t even see me,” you giggled, tracing his jaw with your finger. He was letting his beard grow out, stubble decorating the lower part of his face. You loved the stubble and the beard sort of thing, which was the reason he was growing it out. 

“But I just know, I’m picturing you right now,” he smirked, eyes still closed. You laughed again, shaking your head. You knew what he was picturing, and it certainly wasn’t your face. 

“Do not try to dirty talk me while you’re sneezing and coughing all over me, Raeken,” you said, hitting his shoulder lightly as he grinned slyly up at you. 

“I’m…I’m…I’m…” He didn’t get a chance to finish because he sneezed, directly onto your shirt. You gasped, staring down at your top. “Well that wasn’t very sexy of me,” he snickered, watching as your expression went from calm and relaxed to seriously furious. He bit back the loud laughter that threatened to spill from his lips. 

“You sneezed on my freaking boobs, you weirdo!” You shrieked with disgust, pushing him away from you as he laughed and laughed and literally would not stop. When he finally recovered, he went right back to his usual flirty self.

“Want my help cleaning up?” He quirked his lips, eyes darting quickly to your admittedly tight shirt and then back up to your face. 

“No, you’re sick and sweaty and sneezy and gross. But, I do need another shirt,” you said while Theo gave you a fake-offended look. You stood up, walking over to Theo’s dresser and stripping your soiled shirt, replacing it with Theo’s old, but still his favorite, basketball jersey. “How do I look?” You asked, giving him a spin and smiling. You were definitely keeping the shirt, you thought. Payback for sneezing on your own favorite shirt. 

“Beautiful as always, even more so with my name on your back,” he declared, pulling you back into bed and not even caring that you were going to steal his shirt after you left. You cuddled into his side, Theo planting a kiss on your lips, the stubble that you adored purposely tickling your cheek. His hands ran up and down your bare arms, tracing patterns in your skin as your eyes drifted shut. 

“Sorry I got mad because you were sick and being annoying,” you sighed dreamily, half asleep and loving the feeling of Theo’s strong arms wrapped you protectively. 

“Sorry I’m such a baby,” he replied softly, knowing that you were going to be asleep soon and not wanting to wake you when you looked so relaxed and peaceful. “I’m your baby, though, so it doesn’t matter all that much.” 

“Mm hm, my annoying baby who won’t shut up when his girlfriend wants to take a nap,” you murmured, opening your eyes briefly to give him a small kiss on the lips. “I love you, though.” 

“I love you too, now go to sleep. I’ll watch you like you always watch me, alright? Sweet dreams, babygirl,” he gave you another gentle kiss on the forehead. That nickname had always been your absolute weakness, and evidently, so was Theo Raeken. 

Signs as cute nicknames

Aries: dashing, gorgeous, hot stuff, mamacita, honeysuckle

Taurus: bambi, boo-bear, cuddlebug, dork, foxy 

Gemini: cupcake, gum drop, smiley, twinkle toes, lily

Cancer: dimples, love bug, sugar pie, iris

Leo: beautiful, cutie, heart-throb, daisy duke, sunflower

Virgo: doll, flower child, precious, blossom, buttercup

Libra: baby girl, bunny, darling, love, rose

Scorpio: angel, kitten, prince/princess, diamond

Sagittarius: honey bunch, sunshine, pumpkin, blazing star

Capricorn: hot lips, beloved, peaches, snowdrop

Aquarius: everything, my all, sexy, chuckles, smoochums

Pisces: ducky, mcdreamy, sweetheart, carebear, cosmo