princess anelle

A Tale to Tell || Billy/Teddy

Kitten and I were talking about characters that keep up awake at night and one of them was Teddy and we talked about how he’s like all alone in the world and has no one because his parents are dead and he only has Billy now and suddenly my big mouth started talking about what if Captain Mar-Vell and Princess Anelle actually got to raise him together and nobody was dead.

And suddenly she was begging for me to write the thing and I really didn’t wanted to because I’m a bad writer and honestly I have no idea how I got to a 3.5k fic.

This could be a one shot, this could be a multi-chapter fic. If Kitten won’t make me write another chapter or if you beautiful people won’t like the fic, so I’ll drop it but either way it depends.

So I just wanted to warn you guys that my English ain’t my first language and all mistakes are mine and mine alone and if you find any, feel free to tell me!

I shall probably post this fic on AO3 tomorrow but either way, rating is T. Summary in the read more.


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