princess and the pc

Crack theory: The events of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle are actually a really wild D&D campaign.


- “Gay ninja, flamboyant wizard, archaeologist boy, princess, weird bunny thing” sounds EXACTLY like a party of PCs in a tabletop RPG

- The arc-based, episodic formula of “go to a place to find thing, get into fights, solve problems there, go to the next one to find thing” sounds like the average plot pattern of a D&D campaign, quests and all.

- The ridiculous plot twists in the series are EXACTLY the sort of curveballs a DM would throw in a really good campaign.

Conclusion: We need a D&D AU ASAP.


I can’t remember seeing an abortion arc in any other show handled this way. It’s probably been done, but all I can remember is the usual pregnancy debacle from every sitcom and drama where the ~other option~ is mentioned. Most often pregnancies in television and film are carried to term, unless a miscarriage situation is written in (and don’t even get me started on how grossly overused that twist is.) Writers love to toy with the audience in a game of Will She or Won’t She? But seeing a character actually choose and follow through with an abortion is rare.

The Bojack crew decided to give us a different story in which a healthy, wealthy and married female character finds out she’s pregnant and soon after terminates her pregnancy. There’s no social or economic reasoning given for Diane to decide this, there’s just one simple fact: She doesn’t want a baby. She chooses right from the beginning to get rid of it, and even more, her husband immediately agrees and decides to help her through the process. While Brrap Brrap Pew Pew might be one of the series funniest episodes, Diane’s arc here is really some of the best and most simple writing we’ve seen from them yet. The episode never lingers on Diane’s choice, she doesn’t have any long monologue or soul-searching sequence, and her having had an abortion is only mentioned once more after this episode. The writers clearly wanted to send a message about how poorly abortion is portrayed in media, and they did it in very few words. 

It’s particularly highlighted in this scene with Princess Carolyn after Diane does indeed have her abortion. We know PC wants kids and a family, and we know she was bitter that Diane was giving up something she’s been searching for. However, Princess Carolyn recognizes that it’s not about her, and she respects that. She puts her personal feelings aside and steps in to care for Diane not only as a friend, but also as a woman. She doesn’t expect Diane to explain her feelings or how she came to this decision. Diane just wasn’t ready to be a parent, and that’s enough.


My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love. He never lost sight o’ what was really important. And neither will I.

For my friend PC (@p1nk-d0m0), Happy Birthday!!! I love ya(´∀`)♡