princess and pirates party

*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream

  • You shop for costumes at Goodwill, JoAnn’s, Michaels and Home Depot
  • You’re a girl who buys power tools or a guy who buys makeup and yards of tulle
  • You know more anime, video game, and manga characters than any 20 of your classmates
  • You know what Lolita, Steampunk, and crossplay are
  • You know you’re a princess [pirate, ninja…] and want to dress the part
  • You think Party City is a joke
  • You think everyone should have candy-colored hair
  • All your weapons are made of cardboard or plastic
  • You carry a sword that’s bigger than you are
  • You think hot glue is the solution for everything
  • You wear more body paint than a rabid football fan
  • You have visited every specialty costume and wig website there is
  • You know what Sculpey, Model Magic, Warbla, E-6000, and WonderUnder are
  • You salivate at the sight of large sheets of cardboard
  • You have battle scars from glue guns, heat guns, and box cutters
  • You know what pleats, tucks, darts, gathers nd princess seams are
  • You can turn bedsheets, cardboard, and duct tape into amazing works of art
  • You style wigs with Elmer’s glue
  • You spend the entire con trolling for photo ops and being in the cosplay show
  • You gauge your success by the number of posts you find of yourself the week after the con
  • All your con friends know you only by your character name
  • You’re willing to kill your feet if the shoes fit the cosplay
  • Other people touch your props on pain of death
  • You have fought a friend for the right to cosplay a character
  • Your prize possession is a well-used serger
  • You make your own custom bags to coordinate with your costumes
  • Your favorite materials are spandex, leather, and organza
  • Your friends have to fight your props for space in the backseat on the way to the con
  • Your costume is so bulky you have to use the handicapped stall
  • You need a buddy to lead you around, protect your costume, and hold the door for you
  • You have installed LED’s in props, costumes, or wigs
  • You have made costumes for family and friends just so you can do a group cosplay
  • You get your dog in on the act
  • You have casual, formal, and competition cosplays
  • Your Facebook profile picture is of you in your favorite cosplay
  • You have more shapewear than a society matron
  • You have more wigs than a drag queen
  • You can spend more on one wig than a whole year of haircuts
  • More space in your closet is devoted to costumes than street clothes
  • You would rather go to a convention than vacation in Hawaii
  • You’re willing to wear a fursuit in summer or a bikini in winter
  • You consider ‘insanely difficult’ to mean a fun challenge
  • You can’t eat, drink, sit, or use the bathroom, but you look damn good
  • No one can tell for sure what your gender is under all that stuff
  • You spend 300 hours on a costume you will wear for 3 hours
  • You spend more time working on costumes and props than working at your job
  • Before a con, you lose track of friends and family for weeks at a time
  • No one knows what your real hair and eye color are
  • No one recognizes you out of costume
  • Your greatest wish is to beat YaYa Hahn
  • Your non-cosplay friends have staged an intervention; you now have new friends

Last night my cousin was going to this Princess, Pirates and Superhero’s party at the club her family goes to and my aunt called me up in a tizzy the night before asking if I had any Batman shirts/stuff because she (cousin) decided at the last minute she wanted to be Batgirl. 

Like hells yeah I got some Batman stuff for you. 

I let her wear my Bat shirt with the cape and painted on the mask for her and her mom made the headband thing. Then we struck some super poses before heading to the party (and I got free food scoreeeee)

hissaviourqueen-deactivated2016  asked:

Little sisters best friends for the growing up day? Can't remember which day it is tho😬

Oh, Shauna, I have HAD SO MUCH JOY READING ALL YOUR DRABBLES THIS WEEK!!!!! EEEE, I mean, I love them all the time, but extra this week because I have the time to sit down and actually read them. I hope you enjoy this! There will be another two or three parts, I think, (because I love the growing up trope, but I was like so stuck on what to write so thank you for the prompt!!!). 

Without further ado, or more ramblings from me, a day 15 drabble for y’all. 

When Klaus had been ten-years-old, his family had moved from their large family estate in country England to an even larger estate in country Virginia.

It was only their second day at their new school that Klaus’ six-year-old sister, Rebekah, excitedly came home clinging to the hand of her new ‘best friend’.

“HI! I’m Caroline! My mommy’s a police officer!” had been the first thing the little blonde girl had said to Klaus.

Klaus had grunted at her in response, saying nothing, but Caroline had not noticed, because at that moment, Kol had charged up to her and introduced himself as the ‘fun’ brother. Caroline had giggled and scampered off with Kol to find Rebekah.

The two girls had giggled and screamed as Kol delightedly chased them around the house in his pirate costume.

Both fifteen-year-old Finn and thirteen-year-old Elijah had smiled good-naturedly; glad his siblings were fitting in easily.

But not Klaus; he had just been annoyed.

Caroline was just as bad as his sister; loud, bossy, boisterous, excitable, talkative, but he didn’t have to tolerate to Caroline the way he did with Rebekah.

The girls would spend hours everyday after school shrieking and playing their little girl games, and all Klaus wanted to do was draw in peace.


When Klaus had been eleven, Caroline had spent the entire summer holidays at the Mikaelson’s house, oscillating between playing princess and dress up games with Rebekah, pirates with Kol, and tea parties with Elijah and Finn – who begrudgingly participated because – no one could say no to the ultimate guilt-trip-combo of Rebekah and Caroline.

No one. Except Klaus. Who just ignored them whenever they tried to get him to play.

He always felt the slightest twinge of guilt as he saw the girls’ heartbroken eyes whenever he banished them from his space, but it didn’t sting enough to make him change his behaviour.


At twelve, Klaus had to endure eight-year-old Caroline and Rebekah as they practiced endlessly for their school’s end of year play, where the two girls were to depict Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

They practised for hours on end, trying to get their characters just perfect and hijacking any and every one of Rebekah’s siblings to speak the parts of the Walrus and the Carpenter.

When the opening night came, all the Mikaelsons attended, and, as the girls came out for their bows at the end, no one was cheered louder.

While Klaus hadn’t enjoyed their endless rehearsals, and he was sure he knew their lines better than they did, he was secretly happy to watch his little sister and her best friend with so much joy on their little faces.


On Klaus’ thirteenth birthday, he was slightly put out when Rebekah came home without Caroline.

Caroline had become so constant in their household that it felt odd to not have her around, even if she was annoying as all hell, and twice as loud as Rebekah and Kol put together.

“Where’s your other half, squirt,” Klaus asked Rebekah, ruffling her hair.

“Caroline went to her house tonight, because it’s your birthday,” Rebekah replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she thought you might like some peace and quiet. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted, even if her mum’s not going to be home for a long time. She knows you don’t like her being around all the time.”

With that, Rebekah scuttled off to her bedroom to get changed out of her school clothes.

Klaus never considered Caroline going home to an empty house, but as he thought about it, he guessed she must.


When Klaus was fourteen, Caroline didn’t come over nearly as much, as she and Rebekah had started doing all sorts of afterschool programs, like junior cheerleading, choir, and soccer, amongst other things. The girls had even become the founding members of the Mystic Falls Beautification Society.

This didn’t bother Klaus in the slightest, as it meant he could bring over friends – namely girls – and not have to worry about the looks of disgust and snide comments he would otherwise have got from them.

It also meant he could focus on his art without the shrill voices of two over excited ten year olds all the time.

But deep, deep, down, Klaus was a tiny bit lonely without them.


At fifteen, Klaus found out that Mikael wasn’t really his father. It was the last piece of the puzzle which explained why Mikael had always been much more harsh on him than his siblings.

It hurt him knowing that Mikael didn’t love him.

A few days after he learnt the news, he heard a soft tap at his door.

“Go away,” he bit out, gruffly, definitely not in a talking mood, as he had a few stray tears running down his face.

He heard the door open anyway after a moment. He roughly brushed at his eyes, and was met with a nervous looking Caroline.

“Hey, Nik,” she said, softly.

Klaus was sure this was the most subdued he’d ever seen the little girl.

“What do you want, Caroline?” he asked, rudely.

“I just wanted to say,” she took a deep breath before saying in a rush. “I’m sorry about your dad. I know it sucks.”

Klaus, who was hurting beyond belief, got up and walked a little threateningly over to the eleven year old.

“What could you possibly know of my pain? You’re just a kid,” he growled.

To her credit, Caroline stood her ground, even if she was more than a foot shorter than him.

“You’re just a kid too,” she said, neutrally, big blue eyes boring into his.

She turned to go, but as her hand was on the door handle she looked back at him and said, “I do get it. My dad left when I was six, Nik. And though he told me he’d come back all the time, he never did.”

With that she was gone, and Klaus was left thinking about how similar they were, even if she was just his kid sister’s best friend.


When Klaus was sixteen, he did not have any time for two rowdy twelve year olds. All he wanted to do was be with his friends, and girlfriend or be left alone with his paints and sketchpad.

But did anyone understand his need to be left to his own devices? No. His mother consistently made him babysit Caroline and Rebekah while she was working, which seriously cramped his style.

While the girls still heavily participated in all the extra curricular activities they had the previous year, they would still spend a fair amount of time needing minding at the mansion.

One evening, Klaus had been sure he locked the door to the living room, but, low and behold, in burst Caroline, right as he was getting passionate on the couch with Tatia.

“Oh!” Caroline said, mouth slightly agape. “I’m sorry, Nik! I…”

The three awkwardly stared around at each other, Caroline looked mortified, Tatia looking a little irked, and Klaus looking furious.

After a few more moments, Tatia shrugged her cardigan back on and disentangled herself from him.

“Look, Klaus,” she said, as she got up from the couch. “I better get going. My parents will be wondering where I am. See you tomorrow.”

As the beautiful brunette left, she left a frustrated Klaus and a terrified Caroline in her wake.  

It was the first day Klaus lost his temper with her.


“I just… I didn’t mean…” Caroline stammered. “I didn’t hear anyone in here… Rebekah and I were playing hide and seek.”

“I don’t care!” he roared. “You charge in and out of the house like you own it. But you don’t! You don’t even live here!”

“I’m sorry,” the little girl mumbled, tears filling her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Caroline turned on her heel and dashed from the room, and all Klaus could hear was continued cries of ‘I’m sorry’.

He had never felt more unkind than he did in that moment.


Caroline hardly spoke to him the entire time he was seventeen.

He tried to engage her in conversation, tried to make her laugh, tried to make up for the tremendous jerk he had been the previous year.

But if there was one thing Caroline was, it was stubborn. And she did not waste her time on people who treated her like she was nothing.

Klaus didn’t know why it upset him so much, that Caroline refused to talk to him. But it did.


When Klaus was eighteen, he thought he could do no wrong. His grades were high, he was on a fast track to get into a top art college the next year, his girlfriend was wonderful, and his friends were too.

But, half way through the year, Tatia dumped him, spectacularly, in front of a large number of people. It left him hurt, broken hearted and alone.

He couldn’t even take solace in the fact that at least his family would be around, as they were all taking a trip to visit Finn for his graduation from college. Klaus had opted out of the trip because he had to study, but now he just wished he’d gone.

His first Friday night as a single man, Klaus was flopped on the couch, so completely lost in his own thoughts that he never heard the door creak open.

“Hey,” a small voice offered.

Klaus whipped around to see the messy blonde head of fourteen-year-old Caroline.

Klaus smiled softly, she was adorable really. She had unruly curls, which she hadn’t quite worked out how to tame yet. She had braces and glasses, and was a little bit spotty. She had arms and legs that were too long for her body, which made her clumsy as all hell.

But it was just… Caroline.

“Wow, she speaks,” he said, sardonically. “I didn’t think you like me anymore.”

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes, in a scarily similar way to Rebekah.

“I don’t know why I came here,” she huffed, as she made her way back to the door.

“Caroline,” Klaus called. “What were you after?”

She turned back towards him slowly, a calculating look on her face.

“I heard about what happened with Tatia,” she said, her voice quiet. “And I knew your family was away. And I thought you might like some company. And my mom’s away too… I don’t like being in my house alone.”

Klaus’ broken heart seemed to warm a little, as he looked upon the awkward, but incredibly kind girl in front of him.

“Would you like to watch a movie?” he asked.


They watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, hardly speaking, but sitting in companionable silence, each just happy that they didn’t have to be alone.

“Thanks for checking up on me,” Klaus said, awkwardly as Caroline got up to leave. He wasn’t really sure what the protocol was for hanging with your kid sister’s best friend. “Do you… ah… need a lift home?”

Caroline laughed, and the sound was beautiful to Klaus’ ears for some reason; Caroline’s laugh always seemed more real than other girls.

“Nik, I’ve been walking to and from here to my house since I was six. I think I can manage. Why do you think I’m here so often?” Caroline chuckled again and pulled open the front door. “Hope you feel better. Catchya later.”

Klaus watched her as she padded softly down the driveway, a strange sadness filling him as she left.


Throughout his nineteenth year, Klaus hardly spared Mystic Falls, or his family, a second thought.

His first year in college was amazing, and he met so many incredible new people and learnt so much.

He went home for barely a week over the year. And he wasn’t sad in the slightest.

There was hardly anything in that town that appealed to him.


Just after Klaus turned twenty, it was the beginning of summer holidays, and Rebekah had enlisted him as her designated summer driver. Rebekah would be going on exchange for a whole year and needed to have the perfect vacation with Caroline before she left.

When he rolled into town, and found both Rebekah and Caroline sunbathing on deck chairs in the backyard, Klaus nearly did a double take.

Klaus could hardly believe that they were sixteen; they’d both certainly grown in his absence.  

“Nik!” both girls chorused.

“To the lake!” Caroline called, scooping up her bag, before clambering into his car.

“What?” he said, bemusedly, still slightly shocked that Caroline Forbes no longer had braces and unruly curls.

“The lake, Nik! That’s our first stop!” Rebekah said, exasperatedly. “Come on! The summer isn’t going to wait for us!”

And it didn’t.

The summer went by in a flash of laughter, adventures and the sweet sorrow that comes with looming separation. They travelled all across Virginia chasing their perfect vacation trying to cram in every activity they could think of; from archery to zumba. Every now and then Kol would tag along, but like Rebekah, he was going on exchange that year and spent most of his time with his friends.

Klaus, on the other hand, had been dragged on every leg of the trip. Although, he did enjoy being around the two girls again. It had been too long since he’d got to experience the shenanigans of Rebekah and Caroline who were as excitable at the age of sixteen as they were at the age of six.

The last stop on their summer holiday adventure was the Richmond International Airport, on Rebekah’s last day in the country.

“I’m going to miss you,” Caroline mumbled, a little emotionally, into Rebekah’s neck.

“I’m going to miss you too.”

“Make sure you call,” Caroline demanded.

“I will.”

“And write!”

“I will.”

“And Skype!”

“I will.”

“And FaceTime.”

“I will!”


“Yes, she gets the picture!” Klaus groaned, abruptly cutting Caroline’s list short. “Rebekah, keep in contact with Caroline.”

“I’m surprised you even remember my name,” Caroline fired at him, raising her eyebrows. “You’ve not used it all summer! I’ve just been sweetheart, or love, like some regular after school special.”

“I couldn’t never forget you, Caroline,” Klaus said, a teasing lilt to his voice, but also a note of utter truth.

“Excuse me for thinking you’d become too cool at college for your baby sister’s best friend.”

Klaus chuckled at her, sardonically, his eyes locking with hers.

“Do you really think that low of me?” he asked, a slight cheeky smirk gracing his lips.

But Caroline was saved the task of answering as Rebekah interrupted brashly.

“If you’re done flirting with my best friend, Nik, I’d like your attention back to me. Seeing as I’m the one who is leaving for a year.”

Klaus’ eye contact with Caroline broke, but not before he could throw her another smirk, and a tiny wink. Although, Klaus wasn’t quite sure why he was flirting with Caroline.

It was Caroline

“I’m sorry, Bekah,” he said, enveloping her with his arms. “It’ll certainly be a quiet year without you two running around. Maybe I’ll actually come home more if I can be guaranteed peace.”

“That’d be right,” Rebekah groaned.  

Klaus smiled softly at his sister, before turning to Caroline to ask, “Could you give us a minute?”

“Sure,” she said, scuttling out of earshot.

As Caroline watched the two siblings together, her eyes filled with a few stubborn tears.

She had very little family. And the Mikaelsons, however dysfunctional they were, were pretty much her family.

And now that family was going to be taken from her too, for a whole year. She would be back to only having a workaholic mother, who sometimes stayed at the station for days at a time, and an absentee father who lived in another state.  

Klaus and Rebekah exchanged a few more words before they broke their hug and Caroline tried to get a hold of herself.

“Oh come on, Caroline,” Rebekah complained, noticing the wetness of Caroline’s eyes. “It’s not like I’m never going to see you again.”

“I know,” Caroline said, trying to keep her voice steady. “But I will miss you. And laughing with you. ”

“I know.”

“And I’ll miss hanging with you. Especially when I have to go home to an empty house everyday after school.”

“It won’t be that bad,” Rebekah proposed, kindly. “You can have Elena all to yourself.” Caroline grimaced at Rebekah’s joke. “And you can keep Nik company whenever he’s home.”

“She will not!” Klaus said, teasingly. “I meant what I said about finally having a peaceful year at home!”

Caroline smiled at her friend, but before she could offer any rebuttal to Klaus’ statement or anymore mushy goodbyes, Rebekah’s flight was called, and the Mikaelson girl squealed excitedly, scooped up her bag, and scampered to the gate.

She waved to Caroline and Klaus as she passed through the barrier, but then was out of sight. Caroline fought the tears a little longer, before giving in and letting them fall.

She attempted to stifle her sniffles, not wanting Klaus to notice how emotional she’d become.

As Klaus turned to go, he caught sight of the tears silently falling down Caroline’s face.

“Hey,” he said, softly. “She’ll be okay.”

“I know.”

“You’ll be okay too,” he whispered, putting an arm gently around her and giving her a little squeeze. He rested the top of his chin on her head, and they just stood there for a few moments.

Caroline had never been that close to him before, but she would be lying if she said it wasn’t nice. Especially seeing as he usually reserved his tender side only for Rebekah.

And that, more than anything, was what made her feel better.

“Thank you,” she breathed, into his neck.

The ghost of Caroline’s words brushed his soft skin, and he almost shuddered, trying to decipher what he was feeling.

“No problem, sweetheart,” he whispered, as he began walking back to his car, arm still around her shoulders. “Let’s get you home.”  

I’m not 100% sure if it’s that great, and I’m sorry if not… but I had fun writing it I guess. :) HAVE HAPPY DAYS MY PRETTIES!!


Important Updates: Voltage Party Games & Social Japanese Voltage Games (Joshige, Mobage, and Gree)

Please kindly follow the guidelines that Voltage has expressed in their apps. This update in My Forged Wedding Party is being reflected in social Japanese games. I have decided to take down Voltage Inc. illustrations I have shared over the past two years. Thank you visiting, following and enjoying my blog. 

There are social apps that reflected this message in voltage Japanese social apps: 

My Forged Wedding Party

Be My Princess (JP)

Be My Princess II (JP)

Be My Princess Love Tiara (JP)

My Sweet Bodyguard (JP)

My Sweet Bodyguard Love Mission (JP)

Kiss Me on Clover Hill Love Days (JP)

Sleepless Cinderella (JP)

Princess in the Mirror (JP)

Samurai Love Ballad (JP)

These are the social apps does not have the official update, but I assume that they would be implemented this in the near future.

Be My Princess Party

Sleepless Cinderella Party

Samura Love Ballad Party

Love and Job (JP)

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Trap (JP)

Pirates in Love (JP)

Love Letter from Thief X (JP)

10 Days with My Devil Heaven’s Kiss (JP)

*please note these are the app listed above are apps I am currently playing or have played in the past & images are taken from my forged wedding party & my sweet bodyguard mobage. the second image is the same message on voltage social apps that I have listed above.

Pirates and Princesses (an Icing on the Cake one-shot)

A/N: I promised to revisit this Universe and I finally had time. I may have gotten bit carried away, as this one veers into “M” rated territory. If you are new to this little story, you can start from the beginning on Tumblr and This can also be probably be read as a stand-alone, just imagine Emma owning a bakery, living in blissful love with one Killian Jones. Total fluff alert.

He tucked his hand into the plastic, wrapping his fingers around the handle to keep the hook in place. The vinyl of his long jacket was warm, but completed the outfit too perfectly not to wear. The one piece he refused to don, however, was still in the bag and would never see the light of day. Giving himself one last glance in the mirror he smirked at his ownreflection, memories of long ago Halloweens and daydreaming of sailing the high seas coming to the forefront of his mind.

As he made his way down the back stairs he braced himself for the onslaught that would ensue once he joined the madness. The sounds of laughter and music enveloped him as he peeked his head around the door, giving himself a moment to take in the scene in front of him before joining the fray.

She was lovely. His beautiful Swan, her floor length red gown billowing out from underneath her apron, was beaming like the sun as she leaned over to help one of her tiny guests with her rose. He watched the little girl wearing a long blonde wig look up at her in awe, her tiny hands reaching up to twine her fingers into one of Emma’s curls. The smile bestowed on the girl in response by his love took his breath away, his mind reeling to a future when it would be their child looking at her like that, begging for her attention.

Keep reading

FanFic: Girl Meets Fairy Tale- Rucas

A/N: This is in response to the challenge issued by Jenn0bi. There are a few things that I factored into my response to the challenge. Today is the anniversary of First Date so that helped influence the fluff factor as did everything these two have gone through in Season 2. I decided that we all need some solid fluff. They are 22/23 years old and in college. Lucas goes to Texas A&M and Riley goes to Columbia in NY. The separation has been tough but their relationship has survived. They don’t go more than 8-10 weeks without seeing each other in person. They do “see” each other every day through their lengthy Skype conversations.

Wednesday afternoon- Skype conversation

“Sorry Princess. I wish I could go to Disney with you and your family but there was just no wiggle room at all in my schedule.” Lucas replies to a disappointed Riley. “Just promise me you are not going to meet Woody and fall in love. I know you have a thing for cowboys.”  He watches her reaction closely. He can see the flash of disappointment before she steels herself and gives him a small smile.

“I understand Lucas, hopefully we can go there together one day and I promise Woody is safe. I don’t have a thing for cowboys… I have a thing for you.” Riley explains with her trademark megawatt grin.

“That’s good to know- since I have a thing for you too Riles. I promise babe, the worst is almost over. Only a few months left to go and then we will be together so much, you will be begging me to go away.”

“I know. I’m counting down the days. We’ve made it this far and I know it was the right thing for us to do… and Mad Dog- if I didn’t beg you to stay during all of your visits- I promise you- I will not be begging you to go.”

They both get lost in the moment. It has been a long stretch since they have seen each other in person. They are both feeling the strain and are anxious to just “be” with each other again.

An alarm sounds,indicating that it is time to disconnect and for Lucas to head to class.

“That’s the alarm telling me it’s time to get to my next class. I promise sweetheart, we will go to Disney together one day. I love you, Riley.”

“I love you too, Lucas. I’ll talk to you tonight.”

They both blow kisses to each other and log out.


It has been a rough few months but Riley and our future is worth it. She doesn’t know that in addition to my classes, I have been working, with a local veterinarian, to save up enough money to surprise her. I coordinated with Auggie, Farkle, Maya, Zay, Isadora and of course our parents for, what I hope will be, the best surprise of her time with me yet. Riley thinks that the trip to Disney is “spur of the moment”. It’s actually been planned for about 6 months. It was during one of my last trips to NY that I came up with the idea of surprising Riley this way. We have talked about our future for years. Once the dust settled on the “triangle that wasn’t” and when Riley finally understood that for me, it’s always been her, we started to imagine where our relationship would take us. It was clear that we were both in it for the “Long Game”. After this last stretch, I knew I had to “skip a few turns” and hurry the game along. During a late night group chat with Auggie and the Core 4, it was decided that I was going to surprise Riley, in Disney, with every fairy tale cliché her Princess heart ever wanted or could ever want. She was heading to Disney with her parents, Josh and Auggie. The rest will be arriving together and staying out of sight at another Disney resort.

It has been difficult to pull this all together and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off on my own. I’m a very lucky guy. I have the best friends and the best future in-laws a guy could ever ask for. Once I brought them all up to speed, they all jumped in with both feet to help me.


“Riley! Put down your phone and let’s go! We have appointments at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique* to get our Princess makeovers for tonight’s Pirates and Princess party!” Topanga yells as she looks for her keys.

“I’m trying to get a hold of Lucas. He hasn’t answered my calls since we’ve been down here!” Riley hangs up yet again on Lucas’ voicemail. She’s starting to get worried. Previously she would have been worried that he just didn’t want to talk to her for some reason but those days are in the past. Now she fears that there is something really wrong. Granted it’s only been 2 days and they are the busiest days of his week… it’s just that since they became a couple, they have never gone even a day without speaking.

“Honey, you told me that he couldn’t join us because his schedule was brutal and he had no free time. He’s probably swamped. If you don’t hear from him by dinner time on Sunday, we will call the school and ask them to do a well visit, OK?” Topanga is hoping that this appeases Riley enough for them to get out the door. She knows why Lucas isn’t answering his phone and in a few short hours, Riley will know why too.

Once they arrive at the boutique, Riley and Topanga are quickly whisked away for their princess makeovers. Since the boutique usually only caters to kids, a lot of things had to be completed “behind the scenes” to make it seem like giving an adult the full princess experience was the norm.

Time passed quickly and Riley snapped selfies throughout the experience to send to Lucas and Maya. Before too long, Riley and Topanga were met right outside the entrance by Cory, Josh and Auggie. The 3 of them had “pirate” makeovers and each was trying to outdo the other with lame pirate jokes. They walked to Cinderella’s castle where the Princess and Pirate Party was being held.

It was very crowded inside the ballroom and unbeknownst to Riley, the rest of the Core 4 and her family all took up their spots throughout the room, doing everything they could to stay hidden from her eyes.

The band started to play and Cory asked his daughter to dance.

“You OK honey?” Cory asks quietly

“Yes Daddy, I’m OK. Just missing Lucas tonight.”

“It’s OK to miss him, Princess. I’m sure he would rather be here with you instead of being stuck at school.”

“I know he would. It just seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen him.” Riley answers as Cory spins her around.

“We will take lots of pictures tonight and send them off to him. You know the worst is almost over. In no time at all, he will be back in NY and I’ll be back to stealing his shoes.” Cory chuckles as the song draws to a close.

Riley leans in and kisses her dad on the cheek “Thanks Daddy. I’ve had a great time this weekend and I know that he will be back in NY with me soon. Nights like this are rough. You know how I’ve always dreamed of being a princess…. I would’ve loved for my Prince Charming to have been here with me. I guess it isn’t so bad, I did get Captain Cory and his Peg-Leg pirates as my “dates” for the party.” Riley walks back to the table and grabs her bag so she can check her phone to see if Lucas has called. Her smile dims a bit when she sees that there are no missed calls or text messages waiting for her.

She strolls outside to the balcony and dials his number again. She sighs deeply when she hears the band start to play “A Dream is a wish your heart makes” at the same time as his voicemail picks up.

“Hey Lucas. It’s me again. I hope you are OK. I’m a little worried that I haven’t heard from you in a few days. I hope you are taking care of yourself. You know that I would be devastated if anything were to happen to you… I love you Lucas.” She hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath. As she prepares to turn around she hears “I love you too Princess.”

Standing in front of her, wearing a tuxedo is Lucas. He reaches out to grab her hands. “Surprise babe.” Riley’s grin is bright enough to rival the sun. “Lucas, what? How? Why are you here?! I thought your schedule was crazy.”

“My schedule IS crazy but I had to be here. I couldn’t let Princess Dancing Sunshine dance with someone other than her Prince Charming.” He answers as he wraps his arms around her. They begin swaying to the music.

“Do my parents know you were coming?”

“Of course they did. I had to make sure that I had someone to watch you for me… couldn’t run the risk of you deciding that Gaston was more your type.”

She giggles and Lucas swears it’s the best sound he has ever heard. He knows that it’s a sound he wants to hear for the rest of his life.

“Nah… Gaston has nothing on you Maddog…. Goofy would have been another story.” She smirks as they walk back into the room arm in arm.

They walk back to their table and put her bag down by her mom, who jumps up and tries to feign surprise at his appearance. Since no one was falling for her act, she hugged them both and told them to go out there and dance the night away.

As Lucas and Riley reached the dance floor, the band started to play “Beauty and the Beast.”  Lucas smiles widely knowing that this is her favorite song and that this is her favorite fairytale. They begin to waltz to the song, just like Belle and Beast did in the movie. (Major kudos to Zay for teaching Lucas how to waltz. As Zay was fond of telling Lucas, Tombstone had more grace)

“Princess, When I met you I had more in common with the Beast than I could ever hope to have in common with Prince Charming. Knowing you, loving you has changed that. I know that there are still aspects of the Beast in me…but now they only surface when I think someone I love is in trouble. That is because of you. You make me want to be Prince Charming… You make me want to be YOUR Prince Charming. We have been through so much together and I want to go through everything life can throw at us for the next 100 years, together.” He dips her and as he pulls her back to a standing position, he sinks to one knee. “I love you Riley Matthews. I have and always will love you Riley Matthews. Will you marry me?”

Riley begins to cry as she yells “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lucas stands and slips a ring onto her left hand and the crowd around them starts to applaud. Riley looks up to see her family and friends surrounding them and she can’t contain her joy.  

“It’s OK Riles, let it out.” Maya says with her usual smirk.
And in a move that would make 7th grade Riley proud, she lets out a long and loud “Yay!”

Once Riley found out that everyone was involved she was overcome be her emotions. That her family and friends would go through so much to help Lucas make her Princess dreams come true was beyond her comprehension.  Lucas grabs Riley by the hand and walks her outside so she can get a breath of fresh air,

“I take it you were surprised?” Lucas asks Riley

“Surprised is an understatement. This was beyond all of my wildest dreams.” She answers quietly with a gentle shake of her head.

“I have one more possible surprise but you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to.”

“What is it?” Riley asks

“Just know that I will do whatever you want. I want you to be happy, I need you to be happy, that is the only way I can be happy.”

“What is it?!” Riley demands

“Riley, we can get married right here, right now. All of our important family and friends are here with us. We could have a Disney ceremony, spend the night in Cinderella’s castle and have a huge reception when I get to NY.”

Riley is quiet for a moment and Lucas is afraid that he has pushed the Fairytale Cliché a little too far.

“Lucas, do you mean that? I would love nothing more than to become Mrs. Lucas Friar, right here… right now but our wedding should be something for both of us.”

“Riley, I love you with everything I am. I know you have always wanted to be a princess and since I fell in love with you, I have wanted to be a prince…your prince.  Our families are here, our closest friends are here, we are standing in front of Cinderella’s Castle in what is considered “the happiest place on earth” …  for me…that’s anywhere you are. You say the words and we will make it happen.”

“Well then the only thing left for me to say is let’s do this.” She leans in and kisses him with all of her heart.

The ceremony was short and sweet. The night in the honeymoon suite in Cinderella’s castle was anything but short and sweet.

Oh and our prince and princess?

Well, they lived Happily Ever After.  C’mon…It’s Rucas…. Did you really expect anything else?   ;)

My Storybrooke UK Experience!

So this is my personal account of the Storybrooke UK con. I’m going to tell you all I can remember about the panels and lounges, as well as what I generally got up to! I’ll use subheadings to help organise things!

First off, thanks to the girls who made this weekend, like, 10x more amazing than it already was. Aimee @villains-happy-ending, Laurie @disastergirl, Mandy  @on-the-nightshift and Jenny @direboss ! Love you guys, you rock!

Under the cut cos this is nearly 4k…

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