princess ally



Am I the only one who wants to see this happen?

Since I learned about Blakk’s secret preferences, I was wondering if he was maybe a little envious of Muhren’s collar…

Yes.  Yes, he is, hahaha, omg.  Dammit, Muh. :P

Blakk’s mental tirade:  “The hell?  Why is he wearing a collar???  Where did he GET a collar???  That’s hardly appropriate public attire.  At least he’s not wearing it in uniform.  He looks pretty hot in that collar.  Who the hell gave it to him?  How can he just sit there, wearing it all casual-like.  What the hell.  I bet it’d be kind of hot to wear one.  Why is he looking at me, don’t look at me while you’re wearing a collar like that, Muh ….”

Blakk censors his own thoughts, hahaha.

Ummm, spoilers here depending on how far you’ve gotten in BotW




Y'all I just finished the last of Kass’ song shrine quests and he just sang me the song about ‘the princess’ love for her fallen knight’ and I’d already heard the song because I had been around when my husband got the song during his play through but OH MY GOSH it still hits me in the heart??!?!

Like??? It straight up says that Zelda’s love for Link is what stopped Calamity Ganon and saved everyone??? I can’t with this game my heart is so happy right now.