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can you believe we’re blessed with princess allura tho………..we are blessed with a beautiful black princess who is an incredible leader and kicks ass while also being feminine and ethereal and is wonderful and angry and kindhearted and magical…….what a gorgeous complex character we truly don’t deserve her

I don’t look the best in this picture but I have so many feelings for this.

One time I was in Disney World with my family and a friend of mine. My friend had never been to Disney but I had, it was my 20th time going at that point. My friend was interested in characters more than rides, she insisted on meeting every Disney princess before we went home.

Well, we were in Epcot one day, and my family had no interest in tagging along with us to go meet tons of characters, so they went off and did their own thing while my friend and I traveled country to country meeting characters. The final character we met that day was Aurora, and I will never forget that. It was a few weeks before my 16th birthday and I was wearing one of the “Happy Birthday!” pins with my name on it - and she called attention to it immediately. She got excited and she asked my age. When I answered “16”, she clapped her hands and smiled. “I met my prince on my 16th birthday! Have you met your prince yet?”

My heart froze for a second, I was caught off guard. But looking into a happy princess’ face in silence is hard, and I responded, without thinking; “I’m actually into princesses.” Her face didn’t change from the smile, in fact it got brighter.

“Oh! Then have you met your princess then?”

That was the single most relieving thing I had ever heard. I’m a lesbian and I’m out to my friends, not my family. I had tried coming out to my family at that point, only to be met with “You’re too young to know that.” Multiple times. I was forced back into the closet at home where I stayed, and still am.

But getting the chance to openly say that to a princess, and have her happily respond was amazing. I was happier than imaginable. And even though, no, I hadn’t met my princess yet, I found one that loves me.

Aurora gained a special place in my heart after that. She hugged me and I could barely keep myself from crying while the pictures were being taken. I will never forget that.

…So I have a slightly different take on the ‘Toffee is/was Star’s caretaker/guardian’ AU…

In which Toffee didn’t stray from canon in the past until the announcement of the birth of the royal princess Star Butterfly. While Toffee was still putting his plans together and keeping a low profile, other monsters are angry and are unable to just sit still. One of which was an old solider who served under Toffee and still had some contact with him. This monster decides to take a drastic measure with a few other allies; they break into the castle and steal the newborn princess.

Now the monster knows Toffee’s history and figures that he would want to be the one to spill royal blood and show the Mewnians that the monsters aren’t going to stand for this oppression anymore. But Toffee does have his own code of morals, and while he is fine with manipulating and even killing teenagers and older Mewnians, he does have an issue with butchering an infant because it’s barbaric and ‘-only Mewnians and their Royalty would do such a thing. And I refuse to sink to their level’.   But ‘That doesn’t mean I see the need to help them reclaim what they lost.’ And his decision does emotionally destroy the King and, more importantly, the Queen for a long time. Losing their daughter and finding a body or just having some form of closure would be one thing, they could eventually recover after dealing with their grief. But having her stolen and then vanish into thin air is another thing entirely. Because it allows room for hope to creep in and then they collapse into grief over and over again for years.

Meanwhile, Star is growing up under in the care of monsters, Toffee being the main caretaker and central ‘parental’ figure in her life. He is never once dishonest about what she is, who she is, and how she came to be in his care (he does stall a little on being completely straight forward until she’s old enough to start to fully understand, but he’s given her pretty explicit hints in the past. One of which was a story he told her about a Mewnian baby who was taken from her parents by angry monsters who wanted revenge, but found they couldn’t kill her because it would make them even worse than the hateful creatures they had stolen her from. Star figured out it was about her before she was eight). He even is honest when she does ask him hard questions such as ‘Are you just keeping me because you think I’m important?’ ‘That is part of it, yes.’ or ‘Do you care about me at all?’ ‘…It depends.’ But Toffee and the other monsters are not unkind to her (heck, most of them ADORE Star because her core personality is still the same and she has a magnetic affect on almost everyone she meets (including Toffee, by the by, but it’s so complicated for him that he mostly tries to keep her at an arm’s length away as much as he can. For example, for most of her childhood, she was only really allowed to call him by his name. Any other nickname or… say something like ‘dad’ really made him cringe so she stopped that pretty early on)), and Star loves and adores them all the same. Though she is careful to reign it on for those few who aren’t looking to get too close.

That’s not to say there aren’t some major differences between this Star and canon Star. This Star isn’t growing up as a privileged princess in a castle. While she’s never remembered going hungry, she has experienced certain time periods when she noticed Toffee (or another monster she was staying with) going without eating for a while so she could. She never really had a lot of excess; just necessities and maybe a few luxuries but not as much as a royal princess normally would. And she’s seen the deadly effects of unchecked bias and oppression firsthand; she’s watched friends and once even a ‘family member’ killed by the Mewnian guard or angry mob. But she can’t fully hate Mewnians either, since she has met some of the lower class who can’t stand the ruling family and how their society functions, and once they met Star they do start to change their minds about monsters as well. Because ‘what? this darling, sweet, thoughtful little girl is being raised by a cold-blooded lizard and she turned out like this? And she’s offering us what aid she can? Dang son! What else has the royal family been lying about?!’ As a result, she has friends on both sides, and has even unintentionally gotten a fair number of Mewnians on the monster side of the conflict.

She still knows how to fight very well by the time she is a teenager. After all, monsters have to fight for survival, and Toffee was a General. By the time she’s twelve, she even started sneaking out to go on raiding parties with some of her friends to steal food and other supplies for monster families. Granted, she never let’s anyone kill anybody when she goes along, but she could and would if she had to protect one of her friends. She also managed to pick up a few of Toffee’s traits as well. One being when she’s stressed or trying to get a read on someone, she takes on a neutral expression and sarcasm that’s so similar to his that people have sworn she had to actually be his daughter.

Eventually, by Star’s fourteenth birthday, Toffee has taken her aside and explained enough about what he’s planning and that under ordinary circumstances she would have been given the one major threat to monsters that she, of course, gets a totally reckless and dangerous idea. After gathering as much information as she can, and has the patience to collect, she breaks into the castle and steals the wand. It, of course, magically changes into the first form we see in the show (again, reflecting Star’s core personality which isn’t too changed), and she unfortunately alerts the guards to her presence. She does manage to escape, but has the entire royal guard right on her heels. Toffee by this time has realized what Star has run off to do, and is coming after her when they meet back up. They don’t get a chance to recover however, as pretty much the entire army is on them immediately. The conflict does not go well, and Toffee is actually ‘seriously’ hurt fairly quickly. Star sees this and when she does, she shows her talent for magic by actually blasting most of the guard off of them, and giving them a moment to escape. She quickly steals a pair of dimensional scissors one of the guards had on him, cuts open a random portal to who knows where, and grabs Toffee. She yanks him through it, and snaps it shut behind her before anyone fully realized what happened.

Star and Toffee ended up on Earth, in front of a convenience store at night. It’s pretty deserted, so Toffee at least isn’t that worried yet. But Star is just about hysterical; crying and apologizing over and over that he got hurt because of what she did and how she was just trying to help and oh no he just looked so bad. Star’s so upset, that she slips up and is referring to Toffee as ‘Dad’ the entire time. Toffee meanwhile, is mostly just trying to get Star to calm down because honestly her being in hysterics isn’t helping them at all. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by a man, woman, and their son. The two adults are slightly confused but very concerned at the sight of a girl the same age as their son crying and apologizing to what seems to be her ‘father’ who looks very badly injured, and asking if they need help. Their son just looks horrified because ‘WHY IS THERE A WARRIOR PRINCESS AND A LIZARD MAN HERE?!’ Star is still high stung and jumps up, pointing the wand at them, but Toffee stops her. He reminds her ‘it’s rude to attack someone offering you aid’, and does admit they need help. Especially since he does have quite a few injuries and regeneration is taking a bit longer than usual, and they have no idea where they are.

So the humans- whose names they learn are Diaz- take the pair back to their place. Toffee manages to explain things to them in a diplomatic way as not to alarm them, and that he and Star need some time to regroup and figure out what to do. Mr. and Mrs. Diaz (of course) insist that they stay with them, at least for the night. Their son isn’t as thrilled as the idea as they are, but when Star comes downstairs a little while later after making sure Toffee is okay getting to the guest room and finally dozes off and apologizes for targeting them earlier since she was scared and didn’t know what was going on and for causing them so much trouble, he does start to loosen up some. It’s eventually decided that Toffee and Star are staying right there (whether or not Toffee got any input into that decision is never discovered) for as long as necessary. (The house obviously doesn’t have the tower sticking out of it, since Star wasn’t raised as a princess and having a plain bedroom suits her just fine.)

From there the AU follows the first half of season one pretty closely, with Star going to school and learning about Earth and her new friend Marco. She is kinda interested in learning magic and about the wand as well, since while she knows what Toffee’s plan is, she thinks that it should be used to go against the royal family and making change that way before destroying magic completely.

Anything after that I still have to think about, but yeah.

(P.S. I am naming this AU ‘The True Rebel Princess’ because I could see Star totally leading a rebellion against the Mewni royalty and upper classes down the line.)

Like seriously… Allura’s the one on the team who’s been familiar with Voltron her entire life. It’s strongly implied her dad was a past paladin. Certainly she knew all of the original paladins. She was there when Voltron was created. She understands Voltron in a way that none of the current paladins ever will.

She clearly was trained in some form of piloting since she pilots the castle so effortlessly. (In fact, her pilot training would probably make her better suited to Voltron piloting than the training Shiro/Keith/Lance had at the Garrison, since she was trained to fly Altean ships and they were trained for regular human piloting. Even if Voltron turns out not to be Altean tech, it’s definitely a lot closer than Earth technology which is supposed to be incredibly behind both Altean and Galra tech.)

And when it comes to personal qualifications, she’s obviously one of the most mature members of the team. She’s dealing with the loss of her entire family, all her friends, the entire world she knew, and she’s managed to keep going in spite of everything. She barely even lets herself have the luxury of breaking down over it. She’s shown that she’s willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good over and over. She’s highly intelligent and has huge emotional strength and heroism.

And she has “a lot of learning still to do” before she can be a paladin like… are you effing kidding me? What learning does she need that the others didn’t? (And again, Hunk and Pidge were not trained as pilots at all, so it’s clearly not about that.) What criteria can the Lions possibly be basing this on if the others were considered qualified right away and she isn’t?

This is some grade-A racist and sexist nonsense, right here.

Calls with Daddy: Bedtime

*When it starts getting closer to bed time*

Me: *is coloring* *yawns*

Daddy: Kitten, it’s getting pretty late, you should lay down in bed

Me: *yawns* I’m just coloring daddy!

Daddy: I know, but you can finish in the morning

Me: But I’m almost doneeee

Daddy: Princess, put the coloring book down and lay down in bed

Me: *closes coloring book, puts away colored pencils, and lays in bed*

Daddy: That’s my good girl

Me: Only for you!

Daddy: I love you

Me: *yawns* I love youuuu

Daddy: Now try to sleep, I’ll be right here if you need me

Me: *is already falling asleep* you’re the bestest

Daddy: Sleep well kitten