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This started as a joke but then I kept drawing :’)

The Breath of the Wild/ Aladdin crossover that no one asked for, but that I needed. Sidon is Aladdin, Great Fairy is Genie, Riju is Sultan and Link is Jasmine.

I need a Prince Sidon cover of Prince Ali to exist NOW.


American comedies that people get way too involved with as a facet of their personal brand, listed from common to obscure

Friends                                     if youre up here you like humans of new york on
↓                                                facebook and listen to halsey
The Simpsons
The Office
Parks & Rec
Full House
Fresh Prince
Frasier                     if youre down here youve dug yourself way past  
↓                               internet irony and now are genuinely watching     
Cheers                    Cheers on netflix at 2am eating frosted flakes out the box   

True Otaku Group chat?

I really wanna make a group chat. Just for true anime lovers. So that. No matter where you are, you will always have someone to talk to. This can be the birth of true friendship. Even if it’s online. So. If you want to be involved. Just reblog this. Cause sometimes. Just having someone to talk to about things you love, can be the sole thing that makes your day brighter ❤

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Masato Repeat Love CGs with more bad translations because I could be doing better things with my life

“The girl who shaped me is now my lover. If we’re together, you will bring light into my future.”

“Bits of luck have given me courage. It was you after all.”

“…! Your shoulder is getting wet. I got too caught up to notice. It’s fine if you get a little closer.”

“You always take care of me. I want to return the favor.”

“Time spent like this is amazing. It changes with every heart.” 

“Those wet lips… Don’t worry so much. I’m protecting you now.”

Ok, so I know the fandom’s already setting their sights on Lotor manipulating Lance in s3, but here are my two cents:

My first thought was that maybe Haggar just needs a figure head. I figured that Lotor could easily be written off as a young prince forced into this responsibility, and not really cut out for leadership, so Haggar ends up running the show, just by using Lotor as a Proxy.

But then I thought, let’s give him a bit of fun with this.

I’m hoping thinking that Lotor is gonna be really two-faced. Like, he’ll tell Haggar and his generals that he’ll pretend to be opposed to his father’s empire so that he can get closer to the Paladins and strike at them more effectively. Then he’ll go to the Paladins and tell them the same thing, just switched; that he’s only pretending to carry on in his father’s ways so that no one will suspect him until he helps Voltron take down the Galra Empire once and for all. Only the audience will see him play to both sides, and we won’t know who’s side he’s really on until the very last minute.