princes of darkness

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If Kylo and Rey had nicknames for each other with which they would tease each other, what do you think they would be? Maybe Kylo would call Rey "Sunshine", because her name kinda resembles a "ray of sun" but I'm not sure about that :D

I’m trash for endearments. In my canonverse fic he calls her “starlight” because she is the light to his dark.

As for what Rey would call Kylo, that one is more difficult. I’m going to go with “Dark Prince”

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draw your favorite (canon) side in what you're wearing right now

I don’t have anything to art with rn, so I can’t

But I’m laughing becuase I’m technically wearing half of my dark prince cosplay lol


the many faces of Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones

Lieutenant Jones | Captain Hook | Prince Charles | Deckhand (AU) Hook | Dark Hook | Wish Realm (old) Hook | Hero Killian Jones

Lance/Lotor a scenerio

A continuation from this…

So Lance is confused as fuck cause now he’s dragged everywhere with Lotor. Tributes, meetings, dinners, literally everything Lotor had to attend. Lance tries to pay as much attention as possible (So he can tell the other paladins after if they rescue him) but he still  can’t help making some snarky comments during these events, much to Lotor’s amusement.

Most the Galra higher up do not like this one bit, but Lotor makes it clear that Lance isn’t to be harmed, AT ALL. However one of them gets ballsy enough to attempt to assassinate Lance in his sleep. Lance sleeps in a room right across Lotor (they share an apartment like house on the ship) and manages to wake up before he’s stabbed.

He struggles with the assassin enough for Lotor to appear and straight and murder the assailant. LOTOR IS PISSED after this happens and makes Lance sleep in the same bed with him to stop this from happening again.

It’s awkward as fuck since there is no romance in this relationship yet. Lotor  has never had a companion like Lance before, someone who treats him like an equal, makes him laugh, and is just so different from anyone he’s ever met. He’s precious to lotor, an enigma and a rarity that must be protected and sheltered.

Romance only starts later when Lance starts to show a gentler side. It’s hard not to get acquainted to someone after you’re constantly around them for months, and there’s quite a few quiet, open hearted emotional moments between the two, and Lotor starts to see Lance as a person more than an object of curiosity.

THEN THE REAL FUN BEGINS WHEN LOTOR TRIES TO COURT LANCE. Lance will wake up to exotic space flowers, receives super expensive cloths, is dragged to private dinners, and Lance is like WTF? And then one day it clicks and Lance just slowly turns to Lotor and is like, dude are you trying to woe me? and LOTOR JUST STRAIGHT UP TSUNADE’S AND IS LIKE I DOn’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Before fleeing the room, because sincere Lovey feelings are not Lotor’s thing.

Lance is just left standing there and is conflicted as fuck because dude I’ve been a prisoner here, but it hasn’t been that bad? But like the Galra do bad things, but not all of them are bad? And Lotor straight up murder several people in front of me but it was also to protect me?