princes of badassery

Daaaang, Red Fox is pissed! You’re gone for good, man.

Yaaay, an overworked doodle. I need to learn how stop sometimes. Anyways, it looks cool so the hell with it. *thumbs up*


I hereby declare that if the oh-so-promised viking!AU fanfics are not done soon *eyes the fic-writers with suspicion*, i will no longer draw more sassy-hairy-manly-bloody-beaten-badass-viking-Hans. *hits table with a gavel*

Can you all imagine a viking!AU-comic drawn like this? Goooooosh, it would look so cool! Unfortunatly, even the fancomic won’t have colors ( ; _ ; ) Well, it will be duotone, but still aaaaargh it would look so nice!

Stay Basted!


What do you mean you don’t like Prince Charles? 
↳ During a visit to Australia in 1994, a man fired two blank shots of a starting pistol at Charles who, in return, literally did not have any more fucks to give and remained cool as a cucumber.