princes hours

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Person: “Sure I like Captain Kirk!”


Person: “He’s like Han Solo! That devil-may-care hero trope is my favorite!”


Person: “Plus, talk about a ladies’ man!”




Will was busy cutting his toast into thin strips and forming rude pictographs out of them.

“What is that supposed to be?” Jem asked curiously. “It looks almost like a -” He glanced up, saw Tessa, and broke off with a grin. “Good morning.

—  Clockwork Prince, the chapter where Jem was about to say dick.
Daedric Princes, Loosely Interpreted
  • Molag Bal: Prince of bosses who call their employees "family" when they're in a good mood but exploit and underpay them consistently
  • Nocturnal: Prince of greasy goth dudes who only come out of their house at night to go to underground speakeasy bars
  • Peryite: Prince of peak hour train passengers who smell bad and not being able to sleep because there's a mosquito hovering around somewhere (or maybe it's just tinnitus??)
  • Mephala: Prince of kinks you didn't know existed and Deep Web drug dealing
  • Sheogorath: Prince of neurotypicals who think mental illness is quirky and at some point in their life had a "random" phase
  • Jyggalag: Prince of DM's who insist on players following the narrative they decided on in advance that get mad when players attempt to circumvent their rules creatively
  • Namira: Prince of making people profoundly uncomfortable by telling them things about you they really don't want to know
  • Hermaeus Mora: Prince of Sapiosexuality, Lovecraft's better known works and Deviantart
  • Azura: Prince of being so out of touch you don't see what's wrong with constantly spending money on clothes, wearing them once, then throwing them out
  • Mehrunes Dagon: Prince of temper tantrums in public because the manager won't refund the item you bought at a different store over a year and a half ago
  • Sanguine: Prince of Goon Sacks pegged on the washing line and a long cycle of snacking while you wait for other snacks to cook
  • Meridia: Prince of university political groups that have similar ideals to you but thrive on creating petty drama and are really only involved for what it can do for their resume
  • Hircine: Prince of having pay tv but only the sport channels and believing that killing animals is a good, character building exercise for boys
  • Vaermina: Prince of using drugs in the hopes of having a life changing epiphany only for it to reduce you to a twitching heap of regret
  • Clavicus Vile: Prince of taking advantage of new players in MMO's by befriending them and convincing them to give you all their good loot and ripping them off when trading
  • Boethiah: Prince of smirking and sneering alternatively as you scroll through social media of people who Wronged you in high school
  • Malacath: Prince of overcompensating for loneliness by being outwardly cynical, standoffish and aggressive