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Okay, but like, clearly when Prince Adam turned back into his human form, some parts of the Beast still remained (hence the growl). So can we also conclude that other certain *ahem* animalistic instincts stuck around as well? Like... hot damn. 🔥🔥🔥

I am 100% here for this headcanon. and like, aside from the instincts I know you’re implying, imagine like the super cute and fluffy ones? HEADCANONS IN GENERAL LEGGO.

  • Probably doesn’t want to admit it but he absolutely loves his hair being played with. Fingers diving in and out, twisting his hair, brushing it out. Prince Adam loves it and silently dubs it his, ‘Secret guilty pleasure’.
    • Not really a secret because you’ve figured it out.
    • No doubt has a sweet spot right behind his ear(s) where if you rub/kiss gently, he feels like he’s on cloud nine.
      • I’m not saying he’s hairy all over but the dude is probably more hairy than average guys during that time. Interestingly enough, he likes to keep facial hair, but not absurdly long facial hair. Needless to say, the style grew on him.
  • Still has the keen sense of danger/the need to be protective. Sort of like a sixth sense, Prince Adam can still probably tell when/if a situation is dangerous but will still act on the instinct and need to be protective or territorial over things that mean a great deal to himself.
    • Would probably threaten someone if he felt like they were being menacing in any sort of way.
    • Threats would be sent in the form of growls. Prince Adam will attempt words, but anger takes over and words do tend to come out as animalistic sounds
  • Does eat with silverware on special occasions, but if given the choice and when there’s no one of importance around, he does eat with his hands, and or shoves his face onto the plate and eats that way.
  • Spends a lot more time in the sun than he did before. Reads outside, mindlessly sits outside with no intention of doing anything in particular, keeps the curtains open.
    • Probably likes to garden now that he’s not stuck in an eternal winter. Roses are his favorite. Different colors of roses. Red, White, Yellow, etc. He also likes sunflowers, the name more than the flower. They’re just happy.
    • You can find him just standing in the middle of the hallway in the afternoon, taking in the sun leaking in through the tall windows.
      •  The feeling of sunshine on his skin is a sensation he never thought he’d feel again. How he had taken such a naturally beautiful feeling and never appreciated it was a foolish move indeed. Prince Adam would cherish everyday in the sun from now on.
  • After the transformation, he probably didn’t spend that much time in the west wing as it brought back terrible memories. But, there is nothing bringing them back to life, he would convince himself. He knows that this is his choice and he can’t just forget that it never happened.
    • Eventually makes his way back to the west wing, tense and a bit cold as a sudden shiver or remembrance runs down his spine. He looks around, his sharp blue eyes setting on objects he’d never thought he’d see in perfect condition ever again. Everything is as it was before the curse was set. Everything looked just as pristine and as new as before. Prince Adam shuts his eyes and breathes in. Everything is as it should be. 

**These are just some tester headcanons! Lemme know what you think, and depending on that, I might write more! Thanks!** -Em.

Being in a Relationship with Prince Adam

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•Spending most of the days after his transformation helping him get more used to his human body again.

•He complains a lot about how freezing the castle is despite the fact it’s no longer trapped in a frozen winter because he doesn’t have all that fur so it takes him awhile to get used to his nornal body temperature.

•100% using this as an excuse for you to stay close and hold him so he can stay warm despite literally every room in the castle having a fireplace.

•It takes him a bit to get used to normal signs of affection and realizing he doesn’t have to be so cautious around you all the time anymore.

•But once he does, good luck getting him off of you because from then on out he’s constantly hugging you and showing you lots of affection.

•Then again, you can’t really blame since he was locked up in his tower for years in his own isolation.

•He spends more nights in your room than his own because he never sleeps as well without you close by, or so he insists.

•Really it’s because he always nightmares of you disappearing without a trace because you didn’t want to be with him anymore and all of a sudden he’s back in his beast form.

•And because of it sometimes you’ll catch him just staring at you during trivial times like when your reading a letter or walking in the garden.

•Watching him pick up some inanimate object and talk to it as if it’s going to answer back because sometimes he forgets the curse was actually broken.

•You and him will spend hours walking around the castle grounds and talking about whatever topic comes to mind and when it rains you’ll stroll through the corridors together.

•Adam daydreams a lot, sometimes you’ll have to snap back into reality when it seems he’s drifting a little to far.

•Though most of his more animalistic traits have vanished as the time goes by, he still has acute hearing and his senses always go into overdrive when he thinks something seems off.

•Because of this he’s incredibly protective and doesn’t like you stray too far away whenever you go out somewhere together.

•Being totally miserable whenever you go away on a trip, wether it’s to see family or vist a friend, he hates not having you around.

•The first thing he does when you step through door after a long journey is hug you and hold you close for awhile.

•He’ll get this dazey smile on his face when you go out of you way to see him and pay him attention or make him feel wanted.

•Anytime the two of you are caught up in an argument the others never know who’s side to be on because they are immensely found of the both of you.

•Mrs. Potts loving your relationship the most and will sometimes have to be the one to step in and set the both of you straight if an argument goes on for to the long since the two of you are more than capable of beint that stubborn.

•Adam is lowkey always the one to apologize because he can only stand you being cross with him for so long until he just wants to hear your voice again.

•Whenever you find out his fondness for flowers you’ll always arrange bouquets for him out of the garden or you’ll stop by a florist shop in town and get him one as a surprise.

•Really though, the both of you have more plants than you know what to do with.

•After his transformation, his hair really is a mess so you’re the one that has to help him fix it every morning.

•Always having to tie the ribbon at first because his hands aren’t capable of doing something so intricate after being huge claws for years.

•Even after he’s capable of doing it he still prefers for you to it because he likes whenever your play with his hair.

•Is super tickling but will never admit defeat.

•Whenever he sees you he has to take your hand in his and kiss the back of it.

•Anytime he forgets he’ll instantly run back to you and do it once on both hands to ‘make up for lost time’ in his own words.

•Adam can’t stand seeing you hurt.

•Will always assume the worst and is ready to attack whoever he needs to.

•Calming down whenever you tell him you simply burned your hand on the stove and it was already starting to feel better.

•The man just loves you too much.

•Without exaggeration you are the most precious thing to him and he would rather suffer the torment of isolation again than see you anything less than happy and healthy.

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Ok but on the topic of sunflowers- Adam growing a sunflower house/hut/hideaway thing in the garden and reading out there, or playing with Chip (or one day your own kids) out there

I raise to you:

Imagine Adam with his first born child, sitting in the sunflower house. It’s mid-summer, but surprisingly not too hot outside to enjoy the season. The sunflowers are in bloom. Bright and yellow in front of the two of them. He cradles the baby in his arms, his blue eyes staring down at them but their attention is on the vividly colored flowers surrounding them.

Adam sighs shakily and takes a seat on a stone bench. He opens his mouth and begins singing to the baby, a tune that his mother used to sing to him before she passed away. Adam is completely unaware that you were only a few feet away from the sunflower house and could hear him. You hide behind a bush and listen to him singing.

It warms your heart.

like i don’t even know how it could happen and what’s gonna happen if ever and IF it could even be as good as the first one

but i’m just desperately feeling the need for a beauty and the beast sequel you know

  • first things first i need it to have a new title because he is not a beast!!!
  • i literally want to see more belle and prince adam being together damn it, it was literally too short in the film
  • lefou and stanley together
  • i wan’t backstory about cogsworth and the woman in the film (or did i miss it?)
  • basically i just want to see the human castle people + belle and prince adam, and belle’s dad living in the castle
  • I JUST REALLY WANT TO SEE BELLE AND ADAM TOGETHER OK i would pay to watch the next movie just to see them be together and fight about books and be cute and couple-y and in love pls i need good things in life
  • dan stevens was supposed to be naked in the transformation scene i want justice