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!! Important points from Lances Live Stream for S3 !!
  • Lance becomes a greater sharp shooter
  • Jeremy described that Shiro “left a void.” For the paladins which will make them all mature and take on some leadership
  • Lotor and Lance will not get along at all
  • Kaltenaker the Cow will have some really good moments


Also: Jeremy talks about Lance hitting on everyone and he says “Lance flirts with anyone on two legs.” So Bi Lance kinda confirmed ;)
Take care of my Babies or you’ll die - Wonder Woman x Reader

Summary : Diana has a deep distrust of Men’s World’s doctors, and have trouble letting them handle her pregnant girlfriend. 

I lost the original message but this story is for @freethecagedeggs. Also, Imma indulge @loverandomness2 because she’s been asking for this for a long time and I’m finally writing it :-). 


You couldn’t wait for all of this to be over. 

For the baby to finally arrive. 

Not because pregnancy was displeasing, in fact, you were one of those lucky women that had a smooth one. 

You only had a few morning sickness, you weren’t too tired, it didn’t hurt much (yet)…The only thing you had was your weird cravings but, then again, pickles and ice cream was a thing you ate together even before being pregnant. 

Nope. You don’t want all of this to be over because it’s difficult and tiring…But because your damn girlfriend cannot give you or anyone approaching you of a few feet a single break ! 

“(Y/N), don’t do this it could hurt the baby !”, “(Y/N) eat this it’s good for the baby”, “(Y/N), please babe, do this exercice it’s good for our little one”…The worst was how annoying she became whenever you had a doctor appointment. 

Oh. My. God.


When you and Diana decided to become parents, you settled for a sperm donor instead of adoption, because it was just easier, it would take less time and trouble…You also decided that you should be the one bearing the child, kind of unsure how things would work with Diana (after all, she had been made out of clay and given life by Zeus…). 

At first, everything went smoothly. 

You were both just too damn excited. And all your friends were extremely supportive. Of course they were. 

Your older brother, Bruce, helped you through so many hard times in your life, he definitely wasn’t about to give up on you (no matter what some stuck up rich people thought about him for doing so…damn you guys lived in the XXIst century, what was the problem of a same sex couple adopting ?!), and he would never admit it because he wasn’t the cheesy type of man but…He already loved his future nephew/niece deeply. 

The day he brought you a teddy bear that looked astonishingly like the one you had when you were a kid, that exact teddy bear your dad gave you to “help you through any difficult times” (and it really did…whenever you were sad, for example missing your parents dearly, you’d hug the hell out of that bear and it would make you feel so much better), and when Bruce told you it was difficult to find the same one you had as a kid and it took him a lot of time and effort to do so, but you and your future child were definitely worth it…You teared up. You lied by saying your hormones were messing around with your emotions, and acted like it was not a big deal but…It meant the world that your beloved older brother would go through all that trouble just for a teddy bear for your baby.  

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Hello, Vol-fans! JusKla here! As THIS POST mentioned 2 weeks ago, I am making a little Voltron audio crack skit to see how smoothly tumblr-ran voice auditions will go, and get a fun little project made out of it! (the line counts changed because i added a little more to the script, also Pidge now makes a cameo at the end!)


LANCE (5 lines)
KEITH (7 lines)
LOTOR (9 lines) *lead*
ALLURA (5 lines)
HUNK (4 lines)
PIDGE (3 lines)
NARRATOR (2 lines)

The story itself is crack and not to be taken seriously, but there are shippy themes driving the skit. So if you aren’t one for “shipping”, then maybe this one isn’t for you, but if it is for you, here’s what you gotta do!


  • You must be 16 or older
  • You must be following me
  • Like this post and reblog it with who you are trying out for
  • Fill out THIS FORM
  • Once you have filled out the form, wait to receive a message from me where I will link you to the script and give you my email! (note: if you are on mobile you will have to copy the script link i give you and paste it in your internet browser, it will not open in the app because it’s private!)
  • You will email your audition to me at that email
  • Make the email subject as follows [tumblrusername] - CTP AUDITION - CHARACTER1, CHARACTER2 etc…
  • For example, if I were auditioning for Lance and Keith, my subject would be: [justklance] - CTP AUDITION - LANCE, KEITH
  • The actual audition will be an audio recording of you doing THREE readings of each of your lines, each said with a different inflection.
  • AKA, do the 1st line 3 times, then the 2nd line 3 times, and so on
  • Every line for each character should be said with a 2 second pause in between each of them to avoid cut offs
  • There should only be one audio file per character you audition for and it should be named after that character in all caps
  • For example, if i wanted to audition for Allura, i would wait 2 seconds, say the 1st line, wait 2 seconds, say the 1st line again, wait 2 seconds, say the 1st line again, and repeat this method for every line she has, then wait 2 seconds at the end before ending the recording. I would save the file as ALLURA, and that would be ONE character audition, please include all of your character auditions in the same email
  • The audio should be a .wav file! (if it isn’t already, there are easy online websites where you can convert your file before you send me your audition)
  • There should be no background noise
  • Recording on a microphone is good, but recording on a smartphone is fine as well, as long as the quality is okay and you still convert the file to a .wav before you send it to me!
  • You can either try to sound as much like the canon character as possible, or you can put your own spin on it if you think it’ll work better
  • Any gender can try out for any character!

…And that’s everything! Have any questions? IM me or send me an ask! I look forward to getting all of your audition forms, and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s auditions! Thank you so much!


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♔ Royal July 2017 Photo Challenge ♕

[26/31] - Favourite Royal Family Moments.

A rare informal photo of the last Imperial couple with their Russian and Hessian relatives.

From far left: Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (holding a camera), Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Grand Duke Ernest Louis of Hesse, Grand Duchess Victoria Melita of Hesse (later Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna of Russia), Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia (standing on a chair), Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich (standing on a rock and looking down), and Prince Nicholas of Greece kneeling (petting the pigeons?)