princeonrepeat asked:

Hi! Your The Wire posts are so good, so thanks so much for that. That show gets me insanely emotional and it's absolutely one of the best, if not THE best, TV shows to ever air. also your writing is amazing <3

yay thank you!! (i don’t make them though!!! i wish i had the patience/talent/discipline/etc to make gifs and things) 

(also thank you re: writing xoxoo)

the wire is easily the best thing i’ve ever watched, and i watch /everything/ jfc. i’m so so happy i have followers who watch it!!! more people need to, it’s so criminally underwatched :(

Just imagine the little blushing emoji and that’s me right now. 

Here we go:

1. I’m only 1 more semester away from finishing grad school! I’ll have my masters in elementary education in May.

2. When I was six, I got lost in the woods of North Carolina at a campground for a few hours. There were a lot of people looking for me, but my parents told me to never talk to strangers so I ran away from everyone looking for me. 

3. I believe you have multiple soul mates throughout your life. I think that certain people are placed in your life to teach you things about yourself, others, and life. Some stay for a short time and others stay forever. I don’t like thinking of soul mates as just one romantic partner. 

4. I have different iTunes playlists for different types of weather, different places, different moods, and set-lists from concerts I’ve been to. 

5. Two summers ago, I went to a One Direction concert with my sister and best friends and a 5 year old in line in front of me turned around and puked all over my leg right before the gates opened. 

princeonrepeat replied to your postREALLY tempted to put up my Christmas decorations…

It’s not even Thanksgiving get!! Give T Day some respect GEEZ

I have logic behind this though! I’m going back to my parent’s house for about a week for Thanksgiving and want to come back to a nice Christmasy apartment! And I won’t have any other time to do it this week! 

And I LOVE Thanksgiving! I’ve had a fall-y decorated apartment since September lol