@princeofpotions continuation of this

“I have!” Barty defended. Eyes darting back to the potion. This was why he preferred charms… or transfiguration, or really anything that required spellwork. “I don’t even know what went wrong, it was working before.” he muttered to himself. “And at least it’s still purple.” he offered weakly. “Not like orange, or something like that.”

for anyone who missed the crack last night, this is a summary:

  • james ( @prongsboy ) discovered that harry likes guys
  • sirius ( @snufflesmajor ) took it upon himself to make sure that harry didn’t end up a twink like his dad & decided to give him lessons in manliness
  • these lessons involve wearing horrendous matching t-shirts
  • remus ( @mestoselenophobia ) intervened on harry’s behalf to no avail, & now james & sirius are both intent on forcing harry to wear the “cool” shirt 
  • harry tried to pawn the shirt off on snape ( @princeofpotions ), who basically finger-gunned out of the situation
  • lily ( @thatmudblood ) tried to come to the rescue, but james & sirius just aren’t having it
  • harry’s young social life is in jeopardy, his boyfriend ( @ofdraconis ) hates the shirt, & frankly, his only option is to leave the country if he’s forced to wear this shirt in public
  • help him

EDIT: oh, & in a slightly different timeline, older!harry was playing wed, bed, behead & due to circumstances beyond his control, was forced to behead draco.

so, his love life is on the brinks.

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What other HP blogs would you recommend and why?

Oh. Okay, this is gonna be a long list I think.

  1. @she–knows-it-all : This girl is the reason I started RPing, so anytime anyone asks me this, this will be my answer. I rather Like her Hermione and I adore her too.
  2. @pxtionmaster : Another person I will always suggest because YOU CAN HEAR SNAPE! Like she’s just really good at writing Snape okay. And she’s awesome.
  3. @the-defected-one : Amazing person. Wants to RP with people and always has drafts and always seems open and welcoming.
  4. @tolcveistodestrcy : Pretty awesome writer. They do a lot of in depth stuff and it’s cool.
  5. @badfaiiith : They have a cool take on Draco and the mun is super friendly! adore them all
  6. @princeofpotions and @herethereismagic : The Mun is the most amazing thing ever. She’s a great writer. Her OCs are AMAZING AND YOU SHOULD ALL ATTACK THEM WITH MEMES
  7. @ura-wizardharry and @draco-theslytherinprince : Though low activity, they write their characters pretty well. I love my threads with them.
  8. @evelyn-snape-nee-potter : Might as well throw myself into the mix. Evelyn has recently become a multi-fandom muse, her main verse will always be HP.
  9. and pretty much anyone that you see me interacting with. As a general rule of thumb, they’re pretty good.

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Send me a ❣️ on anonymous and I’ll talk about one of my favourite blogs!

1) @the-defected-one because they are such a lovely mun and write with everyone. It’s just… can they NOT be on anyone’s list of favorites

2) @tolcveistodestrcy because like, also awesome person giving all sorts of people chances and it’s awesome. And they’re a great writer.

3) @herethereismagic and @princeofpotions Amazing mun. Super sweet. Loving. Awesome writer. And they’re a pretty great person. they’re OCs are great.