Got tagged by ephaestus, it’s been a while since the last tag, i love these tbh

Name: Nikola. nick for the really cool people

Gender: 60kg of pure man meat 

Height: 178cm 

Where I live: croatia, will be ireland IN LIKE TWO WEEKS WWOO

Time/date: 21:46, 20th of August

Average amount of sleep: ten these days i think. six is my average number tho

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: i watched inside out a few days ago, it was good, i enjoyed it

My favorite band: twenty one pilots and florence and the machine

One thing that ticks me off: fffffffffffffucking people 

Favorite drink: i discovered a blackberry bush in a forest near my house and i use those to make smoothies. so yeah. blackberry-banana smoothies.

Meaning of my URL: i used to eat lemons as a kid. 

Favourite movie soundtrack: idk about movies but i really like the steven universe songs. they’re really uplifting

i tag glittaaaaah, princeofbuckets, hauntedstring. have fun guys

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