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MILES HEIZER (aka alex from 13rw, a beautiful boy who deserves the world and should be protected) HAS BEEN CAST AS CAL PRINCE IN THE UPCOMING SIMON VS THE HOMOSAPIENS AGENDA MOVIE AND IM SCREAMING OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME SINCE BIRTH [also the actor who plays Hannah from 13rw is in it as Leah and that’s cool]

You know the feeling when you find a book in the library and you buy it because it looks cool, and you know, a book once in a while never hurts, but then after you’ve finished it you look for something else to read because you just can’t stop and reality starts slipping away?
Because that’s what happened to me this week. I think I’ve read like seven books ignoring everything related to school and I’m not even sorry.

Okay so, April was a pretty gay month for me, and not just because I saw my crush again and got to hug her (yay me!)…
I also got into eight new fandoms with canon gay couples, aaaaand today Sormik and Rosali finally happened in the tozx anime. Moreover, I got through the writer’s block (thank God, it’s been a year) and started working on a gay af book cuz why not. I completely neglected school, and my grades can prove it. But look, I still have plenty of time, righ– Shit, there’s just less than a month left.



“David seems to have some fascination with that film and the character Lawrence, and I always attributed it to the fact that Lawrence has got a very clear vision and he’s very pure in his pursuit of it. There’s not much questioning. He’s a very decisive character, and I think David sees elements of that in Shaw as well. That’s why he finds her so fascinating. He’s also an outsider like David; he’s an Englishman, but he’s not accepted really by the English or the Arab nations, so he’s kind of somewhere in the middle”

 - Michael Fassbender

So, David sees some traits of his favorite character in Elizabeth. David definitely fall in love with Elizabeth when she demonstrate her kindness to him putting him back together, but David starts to be obsessed, to be “strangely” interested in Elizabeth more than in other people way before, because of her personality.

Watching Lawrence of Arabia again, I noticed that the scene where Lawrence discovers that yes, Engaland, France, and even Prince Faisal, had “another agenda” regarding the destiny of Arabia, it’s very similar as the scene of Prometheus where Elizabeth finds out that Weyland is still alive and wants to find the Engineers to obtain more life. The both of them, Lawrence and Elizabeth, were used by greater forces. Their ability to pursue their goals, their “pure” goals, were used for other purposes. The both of them want to end the “adventure” here, the both of them are wounded, physically and spiritually. Lawrence was tortured and probably raped by Turkish soldiers, and Elizabeth had to perform a sort of painful cesarean on herself. The both of them have lost faith in what has drove them until that point.

Weyland tries to convince Elizabeth that she has to go on, that they must go on and go talk to the last Engineer, that they can’t surrender now that they are so close to finally talk with one of their creators. Elizabeth says that she was wrong about everything. Weyland reminds Elizabeth that it was her to convince him that finding their creators was possible. Weyland asks Elizabeth what Charlie would have done in the same situation. He reminds her of Holloway to make her find the will to go on. It’s similar to Lawrence’s situation: he is a broken man now and has lost faith in himself, he doesn’t believe anymore to be the “messiah” of the Arabs: he thinks he was wrong about himself and about all the situation.

Lawrence: “The truth is I’m an ordinary man. You might have told me that, Dryden. And I want an ordinary job, sir. That’s my reason for resigning. It’s personal”.


Allenby: “Look Lawrence, I’m making my big push on Damascus the 16th of the next month and you are part of it. Can you understand that? You are an important part of the big push!”

Lawrence: “I don’t wanto to be part of your big push!”

Allenby: “What about your Arab friends?”

Lawrence: “I don’t have Arab friends! I don’t want Arab friends!”

Allenby: “What in hell do you want, Lawrence?”

Lawrence: “I told you, I just want my ration of common humanity!”

After the confrontation, Lawrence with Allenby and Dryden, and Elizabeth with Weyland, the both of them think about all the situation and end up finding their strenght again. Elizabeth regains her faith and hold onto Holloway’s memory, and Lawrence regains his faith in himself as the one the Arabs will follow. The both of them beleieve they can still make things going in the direction THEY want them to go: Elizabeth believes she can asks her questions to the Engineer, not caring about Weyland’s quest for immortality, Lawrence believes he can still give real freedom to Arabia.

The both of them will fail.

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adrienette, winter

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME but i really hope you like it!!!

“Stare some more and she’s gonna think you’re a creep.”

Adrien yelps, jumping a little bit at the sound of Alya’s voice. She, like him, chose to sit out on the chance to enter the skate rink (what if I fall on my butt and break my phone? How am I going to record when another akuma attacks?), at least for the while.

Adrien is glad to have a free day. It’s been so long since he last had one, and he made plans with Alya, Marinette and Nino as soon as Nathalie informed him of it. They decided to go out and wander for a bit, and in their walking they found the skate rink, in which Marinette and Nino are currently having the time of her life.

Well, Marinette is, Nino’s mostly just trying to do a sick move (possibly to impress Alya) and falling on his butt in the process.

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She didn’t even think how this would be their last stop with civilisation, not with her Prince’s agenda deviating away from running his Father’s Empire. 

If there was one thing Ezor rather took enjoyment from, it was these little bits of “shore leave”, even it it’s to a space station. At least supplies can be stocked, and her mind can be put at ease, even if it’s for a short while. 

As she took deliberate strides, the Syl’inian/Galra hybrid’s skin crawled. She would rather be anywhere but onboard this station. 

PilKyo Ssi & The Star

if you will look closely.. someone is not listening..

there there.. he laughed momentarily but got back to his own business.. LMAO

i won’t tell you that PilKyo Ssi is that person..

shhhh.. i did not say anything at all XDDD