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MILES HEIZER (aka alex from 13rw, a beautiful boy who deserves the world and should be protected) HAS BEEN CAST AS CAL PRINCE IN THE UPCOMING SIMON VS THE HOMOSAPIENS AGENDA MOVIE AND IM SCREAMING OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME SINCE BIRTH [also the actor who plays Hannah from 13rw is in it as Leah and that’s cool]

Okay so, April was a pretty gay month for me, and not just because I saw my crush again and got to hug her (yay me!)…
I also got into eight new fandoms with canon gay couples, aaaaand today Sormik and Rosali finally happened in the tozx anime. Moreover, I got through the writer’s block (thank God, it’s been a year) and started working on a gay af book cuz why not. I completely neglected school, and my grades can prove it. But look, I still have plenty of time, righ– Shit, there’s just less than a month left.

Some of my favorite #PrideReads! Not all of these focus on sexuality, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important!

You know the feeling when you find a book in the library and you buy it because it looks cool, and you know, a book once in a while never hurts, but then after you’ve finished it you look for something else to read because you just can’t stop and reality starts slipping away?
Because that’s what happened to me this week. I think I’ve read like seven books ignoring everything related to school and I’m not even sorry.

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adrienette, winter

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME but i really hope you like it!!!

“Stare some more and she’s gonna think you’re a creep.”

Adrien yelps, jumping a little bit at the sound of Alya’s voice. She, like him, chose to sit out on the chance to enter the skate rink (what if I fall on my butt and break my phone? How am I going to record when another akuma attacks?), at least for the while.

Adrien is glad to have a free day. It’s been so long since he last had one, and he made plans with Alya, Marinette and Nino as soon as Nathalie informed him of it. They decided to go out and wander for a bit, and in their walking they found the skate rink, in which Marinette and Nino are currently having the time of her life.

Well, Marinette is, Nino’s mostly just trying to do a sick move (possibly to impress Alya) and falling on his butt in the process.

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PilKyo Ssi & The Star

if you will look closely.. someone is not listening..

there there.. he laughed momentarily but got back to his own business.. LMAO

i won’t tell you that PilKyo Ssi is that person..

shhhh.. i did not say anything at all XDDD