As I have said many times before, I am poor and lazy so I haven’t done anything yet for any of my followers milestones :Y

BUT!!! here i am with this very modestly photoshopped banner to honor the people i enjoy following here! 

If you are not here, it’s bc you’re a porn blog. Or Erica. But if you’re none of those and you are not here, my mistake, then. Tell me and I’ll add you :) I can’t believe I’m following so many wonderful people it took me 3 days to do this post. can u believe this


I’m gonna start with my thanks to all of you for being amazing people and special thanks to those who are tagging along! And even tho I don’t even speak to the 10th of the people I follow, I want you to know that I still enjoy seeing you on my dash. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here :)

Also thanks to edibleoedipalcomplex who is my 300th follower, and to ophexis, who was the very 1st!



If you are in italic, it’s because we’re mutuals

If you are bolded, it’s because you’re one of my favs (and i prob check out ur blog every so often ;P)




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says the anti-social blogger


    Wow so it’s somehow been about a whole year since I made this lil blog here. A lot has happened since I first joined this once small fandom and now it’s pretty big I guess. I’ve changed a lot since then and so has my blog. I have no idea why some of you followed me in the beginning lmao. But anyways, I’ve made a lot of cool pals in my time here and follow some of the coolest people on Earth. It’s pretty crazy that over 18,000 of you follow a silly dumb girl who has no idea what’s going on in her life. I’d really like to thank all my pals in the Jayhive for making me into the better person I am today and for just being there and being really great friends and making memories. I’d also like to thank the many other pals I’ve made here. And a special thank you to Yasmin for this perfect edit. Lastly a huge thank you to anyone and everyone that follow me it’s really cool and y’all make me smile daily and sometimes I’m a bit of an ass to everyone but at the end of the day I’m just a silly kid who really loves y’all. That’s a lot but yeah here are some of the coolest people that I’m always going to love:

♚ A, B, C

abcdefgharries - adorecastiel - alfredeyess - alltheseyoutubers - ashtons-laugh - banananaslut - bartiecrouchjunior - biebeur - boythisloveis - briandeneeve - carolneflack - caspylee - cfranta - cheekyjackamo - cheekyjackharries - cheeky-jackharries - cheekyyoutuber - cracksmyshitup

♚ D, E, F 

dan-phil-finn-jack - dansderp - dansturbate - danyuled - darrinrose - davefranso - deanisanactualprincess - dearhowell - dnielhowell - doubleharries - dylanobriun - ehclaire - emrysjames - eyesexwithfinn - featus - finnfinnthetwin - finnharriess - finnharrries - finniggan - finnsflipflops - finnsmaoams - finnsrevenge - finnyslut - finnytwinny - finny-n-jack - fizzyniall - flawless-youtubers - fromhatetohealthy - fuckmetwins - fuckyeaharriestwins - fuckyoutubers - fyeahbeaubrooks

♚ G, H, I 

gracefacing  - happyzoella - harriesaddict - harriesarmy - harriesheiress - harriestbh - harriesthreesome - harriesxtwins - harryharries - hazbitch - hellyeaharries - hitmeupharries - horanwhoreo - hostilelevity - howels - hrrvstyles - hunkyhowell - idharry - irishniallerr - isaaclaney - ithowell - itsjustjensen

J, K, L 

jaackharries - jaccksgap - jackandfinntwins - jackfuckmygap - jackgap - jackgapers - jackgapp - jackgasp - jacksap - jacksfab - jacksfap - jacksgapp - jackxgaps - jackxharries - jadorehommes - jaydenfinn - joeslugg - joesuqg - justinbiebern - kissjack - laheysarmy - lawhley - logielermans - londans - lovelyharriestwins - lovelylester - lovely-youtubers - lustforharries 

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♚ W, X, Y, Z, # 

wrathofthefandoms - x3jack - youtubehomies - youtuberstakeover - zaytanmaliks - zaynv - zizicat - zoelladeyes - 16bitsam

And again thank you so much to everyone who has been my friend this year. It’s pretty cool that I’ve managed to make so many pals in such a short time. I love all of y'all and if you ever need anything I’m here.

That’s all folks *fades out*


So I passed 10k the other day and just wow thank you so much to everyone who follows me. When I made this blog a little over 6 months ago, I didn’t expect to get so many followers or friends or anything for that matter, I just really liked youtubers and I hoped to use this blog to show that. However, I’ve made some of my best friends through this and I’ve changed my blog a lot since I first started, and I’m just really happy and grateful that y'all follow me. This is simply to thank some of the spectacular people I follow: 

A, B, C : acksgap, adoringalfie, alltheseyoutubers, asparlee, bishbashboshsorted, briandeneeve, bristuhl, britishfap, calvincaylen, carolneflack, cfranta, cheekyjackamo, cheeky-jackharries, cheekyjackharries, cheekyyoutuber, classyharries, cottncandy

D, E, F : danharries, dansderp, dansturbate, dan-phil-finn-jack, destroyme, dickasp, deyelyoutube, doubleharries, efrahns, eyesexwithfinn, fabulousfoursome, faspars, finncity, finneganharries, finniggan, finnharrries, finnrainbows, finnsboner, finnsflipflops, finnshire, finnsmaoams, finnstribe, finnthebettertwiin, finnysfap, finny-n-jack, finnyslut, flamingdignity, flawlessdeyes, flawlessharriestwins, flawless-youtubers, forthefox, fromhatetohealthy, fyeahbeaubrooks

G, H, I : harriesaddict, harriesbrothers, harriesheiress, harriestbh, harriesthreesome, harriestwinsarenotonfire, harryharries, hazbitch, hellyeaharries, hitmeupharries, horanwhoreo, hostilelevity, ilysampepper, irishniallerr, ithowell 

J, K, L : jaccksgap, jackandfinntwins, jacksap, jacksfab, jacksfap, jacksgapinmylap, jackstwinfinn, jacksyoutube, jaydenfinn, justanotheryoutubenerd, lavgnes, lauren1d13, loveharriette, lovelylester, lovelyyoutubers, lovindrew, lustforharries

M, N, O : maaxgeorge, marcalfie, morecaspar, msdeyes, nathansthighs, naughtyharriestwins, navy-brat, nickiminajisunbearable

P, Q, R : padillahecox, papitostyles, perf-abeth, perfharries, phanfuckingtastic, phansexuals, pleasuremeharries, ponypopstar, princehomo, queenmalik, quesadiiia, recklessharries, rokus-dragon 

S, T, U : sabronaw, sampepperfans, sampepperoncini, sassyharries, sillyfinny, sirposey, smilelikeharries, snowydeyes, snuggyalfie, son-of-the-seagod, sourwolfssterek, southafrican-slut, stereksgasm, suckingonstyles, supharries, sweetra, takelou, theaugustrainnpreferences, thosenaughtytwins, tjbellpepper, twinswithgoodchinss, twocheekyboys 

V, W, X: vachinas, weirdharries, x3jack, xharries 

Y, Z, #: yeahitsjackandfinn, youtuberstakeover, zerryezoelladeyes, 16bitsam 


Special thank you to Lolla who made this for me

Hello! Since 2015 just started i decided to make a follow forever. Lol at the edit but just look at how cute Zayn is ok. All of these blogs make my dashboard awesome, so thank you ily! Bolds are favorite blogs, italics are current crushes.




asheathesautumnavenue - butttomcalumthms - cigarettezaynclosertozayncora-hale - coutureness - crownprincezayn - dadkinksdarkangelzayn - deadtoortlesdeefizzle - dornfall - dylanaf - dylanoblrien - dylanobriensdildo - dylans-obrien - esaaclahey - finnnelson - frantaclaus - fuckyeaharriestwins - gay4liam - gay4neonjunglegay4zayn - godlymalik


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