Princess Mia: *Gasps* “Yes! Oh Yes! I….I…I…I absolutely accept!!!”
Charlotte: “Prince William, he’s not eligible because he’s in line for his own crown.”
Princess Mia: “Aww.”
Joe: “If he’s not eligible, why is he included in these pictures?”
Charlotte: “I just love to look at him.”
Queen Clarisse: “Me Too.”

Shakira Q & A for E!News
  • Interviewer : Prince Harry or prince Wiliam ?
  • Shakira : I have my own prince so no one of them.
  • Interviewer : The last thing you googled ?
  • Shakira : "Try everything " yeah I know this is my song but music only way to calm down my kids.
  • Interviewer : How is your favourite person to follow on instagram ?
  • Shakira : Gerard Piqué

Exclusive: Royals taking a stroll around Government House