What They're Like When You Have a Panic Attack (Be My Princess)
  • Wilfred: Silent. He wordlessly scoops you into his arms. His heart pressing against your own. A hand creeps up to your head as he strokes your hair. Each action is meant to reassure you of his presence, as if he's trying to say: "I'm right here."
  • Joshua: Expert. For once he actually knows exactly what to do. He closes the curtains to make the room dark. He presses a cold compress to your head in hopes of alleviating your growing migraine. And finally at your insistence he strings his fingers through yours. "It doesn't say anywhere that holding your hand will help."
  • Roberto: Attentive. He doesn't entirely know what he's doing. But he's not half bad at figuring it out. He holds you close to him until the shivers stop and then he untangles himself from you and leaves the room. When he comes back he's holding all of your favorite things. A catalogue to your favorite store, a childhood favorite dish, your favorite book, and a nice warm blanket. "You should always be surrounded by the things you love, to remind you how lovely you are."
  • Keith: Panics. He's scrambling to find the right words and actions to put your heart at ease. To make the wheezing stop. To make your eyes and soul rest once more. In his panic words spew out erratically and he grabs you and pulls your him. The words continuing to pour out if his mouth like a waterfall. "Just don't think about anything, and don't smell anything, and close your eyes and just feel me."
  • Edward: Effective. He personally makes you some rose tea. After a cup or two, he pulls you out into the garden for a walk. His hand entertained with yours, while his thick coat is around your shoulders as you wander in the garden at night. "I suppose it's true, a rose must always be surrounded by what she is in order to truly remind herself of what she is."
  • Glenn: Knowledge. He knows more about this then he would like to let on. He remembers countless nights where he lay trembling until he could pull himself together and go to sleep. So when it happens to you, he knows exactly what to do and say to make you feel better. "Just try and count back from 240 by 4's."
  • -SKY

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Dancing with the Devil

Chapter Five

The next morning.

Rays of sunlight filtered in through the gaps between the curtains. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere was in the room as she started to stir. With a groan she rubbed her eyes. An aching pain spread through her chest following the movement. Wincing she sat up and took in her surrounding.

She was in a gorgeous canopy bed situated in a lavishly decorated room. Inspecting the area around her, her eyes sparkled. It had a warm feel to it. Full of cream colors and soft lines. There was a historic vibe, but there was modern pieces here and there bringing it all together.

Looking upwards she grinned and scurried from the bed. Ignoring her pain she ran up to the walls. Reaching up, her fingers danced across the bottom of the crown molding. She was captivated by the way it flowed seamlessly. Truly the work of a art.

Lowering her hands she returned her attention to the rest of the room. Almost instantly the fireplace caught her eye. Like a kid in a candy store she bounced over to it. With shining eyes she ran her hands over the hand carved marble mantle. She was so enraptured by the beauty of it that she didn’t hear that someone was knocking at the door.

Outside in the hall Claude stood with a trolley lined with tea and scones. After the third knock failed to get a response he sighed.

“Miss Lynn, please pardon the intrusion.” Having announced his entrance he may his way inside. However instead of finding her asleep in bed like he imagined he was shocked to find her on her hands and knees thoroughly inspecting the inside of the fire place.

“What on earth are you doing?” He asked bewildered.

Hearing the sudden voice startled her, with a shriek she jerked her head up. Completely forgetting that she was currently kneeling inside the fireplace. The result was a rather cringe worthy smacking sound of her banging her head against the marble above. Which was followed by a rather colorful line of Sybilian curses.

Claude paused staring at woman now sitting on the floor clutching her head, unsure of where to even begin. “May I inquire as to why you were inside the fireplace?”

“I was looking at the craftsmanship.” She hissed as she rubbed her head. Noting like hitting your head to ruin a perfectly good morning.

“I did knock. Three times in fact.” He stated flatly as he started preparing a cup of tea. “And why, if I may, do you care about the fireplaces craftsmanship?”

“Because it’s the work of Edward Blore. And I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a fan. I was looking to see if it was all original. Since there’s evidence of restoration here and there I believed it was. One thing lead to another and inside of the fireplace I went.” Rising from the floor she walked over to the bathroom to was the soot from her hands.

“I see.” Seemingly no longer interested in her reasons he elegantly arranged the pastries and set a cup of hot tea upon a table.

“His highness wishes to speak with you and has requested for your attendance this morning at breakfast. As such a maid will be by in a moment with a set of outfits which you may choose from. Once you are ready she’ll lead you to the dinning room. Now if you’ll excuse me.” Having finished his duty he straightened himself and turned towards the door not bothering to wait for a reply.

“Wait, what?” Poking her head out from the bathroom she looked blankly towards the already closed door. Didn’t even give me a chance to decline. With a sigh she returned to the bathroom and decided to take a quick shower. Bearing through the pain of moving her arms she enjoyed the warm water as she washed away all the leftover grime from the day before.

By the time she got out the maid Claude had mentioned had already arrived. Wrapped in a robe she excited the bathroom and walked over to the table Claude had placed the tea. Though it was now lukewarm she still proceeded to drink it was glancing over her clothes choices.

After pondering for a while and eventually asking for the maid for her thoughts, they decided on a pastel purple sundress. After putting it on she couldn’t resist the urge to spin around causing the helm of the dress to rise like a ballerina tutu. Looking towards the maid, who she learned was named Windy, she giggled.

“Haha, I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress like this.” Taking one more spin she wobbled a bit before finally taking a seat.

“I believe this one was a great choice, Miss Lynn.” Windy said as she walked over and started combing through Lynn’s hair. “It compliments your pale blonde hair very well. You look like a fairy from the old stories. I actually don’t think I’ve ever met someone with hair even lighter than his highness before.”

“You flatter me, Windy.” She said and she Picked up a pastry and nibbled on it. “Would you believe me if I told you it gets even lighter in the summer? It makes it look almost white.”


After sharing some more small talk her hair was quickly finished and all set to go meet prince Wilfred. Following Windy from the room she made her way along the halls. Excitement bloomed in her heart as she took in the exquisite architecture all around her.

While her eyes darted around the hall the soon arrived before a set of sturdy mahogany doors.

“Here we are miss Lynn.” Before opening the doors and motioning for her to enter. With a nod she entered the room her gaze falling on the table before her. At the head of which sat a delicate looking young man in a wheelchair.

“Good morning, Miss Lynn.” He said with a small smile though his eyes flashed with a complicated light.

“Good morning to you as well, your highness.”

“Please, join me for breakfast.” At his words Claude, who’d previously been faded into the background stepped forward and pulled out the chair across from Prince Wilfred.

Looking towards Claude she nodded in thanks before she took a seat and turned her attention back to prince Wilfred.

“Did you sleep well? The guest room was prepared rather suddenly so I hope everything was alright.” Prince Wilfred asked while another servant arrived pushing a cart covered with plates of food.

“I slept well, the bed was comfortable and the room was stunning. I have no complaints.” She said as she glanced at the food being placed before her.

“I’m glad to hear that.” He said with a relived sigh before pointing towards the food. “Well then, shall we?”

Following the prince’s lead she began to eat as well. The food was delicious, and it wasn’t till she started eating that she discovered just how famished she was. With a surprising high level of etiquette she swiftly ate her fill.

It wasn’t till prince Wilfred had eaten his fill as well that the silence was broken by and older butler who’d just arrived.

“Pardon my intrusion, I’ve been instructed to inform you that his majesty the king wishes to speak with Prince Wilfred after Miss Lynn, as soon as you had finished your meal.”

“His majesty?” Lynn asked confused as she looked to Prince Wilfred for clarification. Yet she was met with a simple resigned look instead.


Following the older butler, they were lead to an audience chamber where a regale looking man was waiting. He had golden blond hair which was streaked with gray, and piercing blue eyes. In a well tailored suit he sat in motionlessly as he watched the group enter before him.

“Your majesty, I’ve brought Prince Wilfred and Miss Lynn.” With a bow the older butler then excused himself and stood off to the side followed by Claude who took his spot beside him. Both Lynn and Prince Wilfred greeted the king before falling in to silence waiting for him to speak.

With a nod the king looked at the young woman before him and was secretly shocked. He’d expected her to be nervous standing in his presence, yet she stood there completely calm, seemingly unaffected in the slightest.

“First of all of like to personally thank you for saving my son. For that I can’t thank you enough. I wish to reward you for your efforts, however that will have to be done at a later time.” The king said with a sigh a hint of exhaustion in his tone.

“This morning I was informed that a news article has already been released stating that prince Wilfred dragged out of the forest with a unknown woman, both of whom were covered in mud and rushed to the hospital. There were even photos of both of you in the article.”

“That being said, until we can get this event under control and do a formal press release I have to ask you to stay with in the château. Please be aware that we will see to all your needs while you are here. We’ve also already contacted your University and gotten that taken care of.”

Hearing the king’s words her stomach dropped but she wasn’t that surprised. Remembering the way the paparazzi were at the hospital she sigh to herself. Looking up at the king she nodded.

“I understand. As long as it isn’t a burden, I will be more that willing to remain here until this all blows over.”

Hearing her response the king nodded. He was glad that she was being so cooperative given the circumstances.

“I’m glad to hear that. If you need anything during your stay simply speak to Claude and he will promptly see to it. Despite everything you are my sons savior so it’s only natural that we do our best to ensure you a comfortable and pleasant stay. Now if you’ll excuse me I have pressing maters to attend.”

With those final words the king stood and motioned to the older butler and Claude. After which the older butler followed after the king as he excited the room. Claude them walked back over and began to push prince Wilfred’s wheelchair from the room followed closely by Lynn.

To be continued.

Stress Relief

Author’s Note: Inspired by a random dream I had - which quickly morphed into working at Starbucks for some reason. Eh.

Flicking through documents, he raked his fingers through his hair and sighed. There was no end to them and he could feel his face still fixed into a deep frown.

Claude had left him with this work to do, and - although not urgent - it was difficult. He had tried working in his office, but found himself relocating to his chambers simply to be near his wife, finding her presence soothing. Well, usually.


There was no mistaking that voice. His princess, sounding none-too-pleased behind him. He could just picture her face, brows knitted and lips pouting. Her arms folded across her chest.


A smile came to his lips automatically, and he fought to wipe it clear as he turned to her. She was exactly as he’d pictured.

“My darling princess, what’s the matter?” He queried, rising from his armchair and smoothly making his way to her, his hands grasping her shoulders. Green eyes met blue, and she sighed at him.

“Has his Highness forgotten how to tidy up after himself?” she chided, huffing a little. Wilfred frowned, his head tilting to one side.

“I don’t quite follow, have I left a mess somewhere?” He was pretty sure he hadn’t, but she seemed genuinely annoyed…and it was making him doubt himself.

“Bathroom, Wilfred. Now.”

He knew better than to argue with that tone in her voice. Quickly, he marched into the bathroom and stood stock-still in the middle of the tiled floor. His sharp blue eyes scanning the room for whatever could have offended his lady. A stray sock? Some hair on the floor? The Royal Underpants?

But he found nothing.

“My love, is this perhaps a jo-” he began, but as he turned to look behind him, he was hit directly in the face with something. Something white filled his vision, and he heard a shutter click followed by raucous laughter. Baffled, and a little angry now, he wiped his eyes and saw the love of his life there, a basket at her feet full of little balloons - a camera in her hands.

“Oh Wilfred!” She cried, gasping for air. “Your expression is priceless! It’s just whipped cream, dear.” Licking his lips, he knew she hadn’t lied. In one quick motion he had grabbed a balloon from her basket and popped it over the top of her head, using his hands to smear the cream around.

“Payback…” he murmured, dashing back into the bathroom with a few more balloons and hiding behind the bathtub.

A war quickly ensued in the Royal bathroom, and although Wilfred was low on ammo - he gave as good as he got.

Balloons and energy spent, the royal couple sank to the tiled floor, covered head-to-toe with whipped cream. She stared at him, he stared back - and both burst into fits of laughter. He wasn’t sure why his wife had decided to go against her normal no-mess policy to do this, but he was pleased she had, no longer tense and over-focused on his work.

And she looked a real treat, he admitted to himself. Crawling toward her, he leaned in and licked her cheek, and was positive he saw a blush spread where his tongue had passed.

“Delicious…the cream wasn’t bad either.” He whispered.

“W-Wilfred, what are y-” He kissed her, deeply and passionately before giving her a suggestive look. “Shall we get cleaned up, then?” he queried, sliding his shirt off in front of her. She giggled.

“Awoke the beast, have I? I suppose it can’t be helped…” she sighed, removing her blouse also.

He wrapped his arms around her with a mock growl, and they toppled onto the floor from their seated position, Wilfred nipping and licking at her neck and earlobe as she squirmed beneath him, giggling and gasping.

One thing was certain: they were going to get a lot messier before they ever got clean…

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Princes cheat on MC (part 1)(Request)

Hey guys, so this was requested by voltagestalker​…the original request was to do this, them breaking up and how they meet three years later and stuff happens. But I decided to do this in three headcanons instead. So this will be the first part, when he cheats, I’ll probably write a second today or tomorrow where they break up…and then I’ll write another one at some point which is them meeting again and get back together…I hope that makes sense (^ ^”)



Prompt: Can you do a headcanon of the BMP princes cheats on the MC and the MC leaves and is reunited after a few years and find out they have a child. Please


Wilfred: You knocked on the door with the finished suit in hand, and, after hearing a loud…and rather sensual “Yes!” you let yourself in. There, before you, was Wilfred lying naked on his bed, face twisted in pleasure with a woman bouncing up and down on top of him, her head thrown back as she moaned out in delight. The suit dropped to the floor, it’s hanger making a loud clattering noise as you stood there, eyes wide open, mouth hanging, and daggers piercing at your heart. “_________!” You saw him mouth words towards you but you couldn’t hear his voice. The sound of your blood crying out in pain deafened you as tears began to run down your cheeks. Before he could push the woman away and run to you, you were already flying out of the room, mind racing at what you had just seen.

Keith: “Ohhh…” you stared in shock as Keith moaned out suddenly. “K-Keith? Is everything alright?” When you saw his face scrunch up in pleasure, you marched round his desk to see a stranger. Her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked on his pulsing length. “_______! ________, I can explain!” You watched as your vision began to blur, thankful that you were now unable to see him as tears clouded your vision. Saying nothing, you ran out of the room, unsure where to seek comfort.

Roberto: “…” you watched in silence as a woman you didn’t know moaned out in pleasure. And, with his lips attached firmly to her neck, a hand massaging her breast, was Roberto. It seemed that he hadn’t yet noticed you as he reached behind the woman to unzip her dress. “R-Roberto?” you whispered. Shocked to hear your voice, he spun around in shock “_________!” Unable to look at his face, you turned away in disgust and pain, watching as your tears began to fall to the carpet. Flashing him look of disbelief and heartbreak, you ran from the room, not sure whether you heard him call out to you or if it was just the blood roaring in your ears.

Joshua: His actions were like a blow to the stomach. You stood, shocked still as you saw him pin a woman against his office’s window, kissing her passionately. Tears began to well up in your eyes as he deepened the kiss. When he finally pulled away, you watched as he did a double take, finally noticing you standing in the garden, heartbroken. Pressing his hands against the window, you saw his expression of bliss and happiness turn into one of realization, horror and dread. You saw him seemingly yelling your name through the glass but you didn’t want to see any of it. Didn’t want to see her turn around because you were certain that…whoever she was..she’d be more suitable for Joshua than you ever were. So, turning you back on the betrayal from the one you love, you tore your eyes from his flustered face in the window and ran.

Glenn: “Ahhhh Glenn!” The sudden scream made you burst into the room and there, lying on the bed, was a naked woman, Glenn working quite vigorously between her legs. “Oh, Your Highness!” “G-Glenn?!” “_________!” He turned in shock, mouth opening as if trying to find words to say. “I…” but as you stood there, shocked to the spot, his face became blurrier and blurrier until all you could see was the overwhelming flow of your tears. Within seconds, you were out of the door, desperately wiping your eyes in a hope that your vision would return,

Edward: It was like a scene from a fairy tale. A prince with his love, standing under an arch of roses, wrapped in each other’s embrace, kissing passionately…the only difference was you. Standing to the side watching with tears streaming down your face. It was a perfect scene to split your heart perfectly in two. There was an aching pain attacking you that just didn’t seem like it would cease. After he pulled away from the kiss, he looked behind the girl and stared in shock. “_______…” he muttered, seeming in a daze. You willed yourself to tear your eyes from the scene and ran with all your might, the once fragrant flowers beginning to suffocate you as you did so.



I hate life.

Stay Beautiful~