Be My Princess [Second Royal Anniversary] Jap GREE

「I’m always pounding like the feeling of first love when I’m with you…」- Wilfred

「The kiss of oath to be together with you from now on.」- Keith

「The sequel of the dance of two people?」- Roberto

「……I’m sorry. I became impatient.」- Glenn

「I thought I could see your smiling face…but that was definitely surprising.」- Joshua

「I won’t be able to stop anymore if it happens… Are you ready?」- Edward

((I must say, this CG of Edward is by far the most………revealing among the Voltage games I’ve played :p))

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When You Have A Bad Dream (Be My Princess)
  • Wilfred: Calm. Your hand's claw at the wall, desperately trying to escape. Eyes are clenched shut. He grabs one hand, and then the other, before placing soft kisses on the back of both. He continues, until you still, finally understanding it was but a nightmare. His voice is soft as he whispers: "It's alright love, I'm here how."
  • Roberto: Nuturing. He holds you close, despite the sweat that clings to your skin. Kissing your forehead over and over again, until your whimpering subsides into a murmur. "There, there darling, you're fine now."
  • Joshua: Soothing. His breath fans across your ear as he whispers soothing words into your ear. He strokes your back softly, attempting to have you calm down, your sobs drenching his shirt. "Shhh, it's alright, I'm not going anywhere."
  • Keith: Gentle. His aggressive toutch, suddenly loses all edge and force. He's gentle as he wipes away any sweat that may have accumulated on your forehead, pushing your hair away from your moist neck. He's a bit amazed, that even a strong woman like you, can become afraid. His fingers string through yours. "I guess even you can become afraid huh? Only more reason to keep you by my side, I mean if I don't protect a commoner like you who will?"
  • Edward: Sweet. He holds you close as you recite the details, his hand holds yours against his heart, almost as if he's trying to assure you that he's still here. The other, combs your hair away from your face. A small smile illuminates his face. "You know, we have a saying in Charles. A man is protected from any harm the universe may throw at him, so long as he never strays away from his soul mate."
  • Glenn: Tender. His words are all tender, and his touch demands attention. Both hands clasp around one of yours as he whispers every soothing word he can find. He doesn't even know, that just by seeing him, your fears begin to side. "Don't worry, we made a promise, and I won't ever leave you. Not again. Not after I waited so long to meet you once more."
  • -SKY

BMP Halloween Event: MC + Princes Costumes 

Some of MC’s costumes sounded so cute that I had to do this =p

Prince Wilfred: Pilot & lady in masquerade dress
Prince Keith: Vampire & lady in deep red dress
Prince Roberto: Gentleman Thief & Sexy Policewoman
Prince Glenn: Matching Cat Costumes
Prince Joshua: Pirate King & Mermaid Princess
Prince Edward: Gypsy (?) & Fairy


Be My Princess [Non-GREE]

Honey Kiss Christmas Spin Off

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Joshua, I can’t stop looking at your lips

Edward, I love your aggressive CGs and this one’s no different

Wilfred, you will always be a suave, smooth prince that makes all the girls swoon.

Side Note: I love how the art just gets better and better