Be My Princess [Second Royal Anniversary] Jap GREE

「I’m always pounding like the feeling of first love when I’m with you…」- Wilfred

「The kiss of oath to be together with you from now on.」- Keith

「The sequel of the dance of two people?」- Roberto

「……I’m sorry. I became impatient.」- Glenn

「I thought I could see your smiling face…but that was definitely surprising.」- Joshua

「I won’t be able to stop anymore if it happens… Are you ready?」- Edward

((I must say, this CG of Edward is by far the most………revealing among the Voltage games I’ve played :p))

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A BMP Kissing Analysis -

*This is a writing exercise I wrote many months ago on my old blog (lilyprose) that I simply felt like sharing again. Note that the below is strictly the author’s own opinions. Enjoy!*


Wilfred: The Seducer/Tempter – quietly draws you in to make you want him without you really realizing it…or do you?

“Lily,” Prince Wilfred says my name in a low, quiet voice. A dark mischievous glint in his eyes. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss me?”

A slow smile spreads over my lips as a guilty blush creeps into my cheeks. “I don’t know,” I reply coyly.

He picks up my hand and brings a finger close to his lips. A devilish smirk quirks his mouth. “I bet I could make you beg me for a kiss,” he challenges quietly, then gently presses his lips to my finger tip.

He takes his time, kissing each finger in turn. Each touch is soft and alluring. He keeps his dreamy blue eyes locked on mine the whole time to watch my reaction, even as he pulls me a little closer to touch his lips to my wrist.

Closing the space between us, he traps me between his hands against the wall. Prince Wilfred starts to lean in slowly and I think he’s going to kiss me, but he bypasses my lips. His cheek brushes against mine and I can feel the heat in his skin matching mine even as his breath tickles my ear. “Have I changed your mind yet?”

“P…Perhaps,” I offer, still not admitting my secret.

I can sense the smug, knowing smile that forms over his features as he softly presses his lips to my jaw just below my ear, working a trail of feather-light kisses closer and closer to my own. My heart is pounding with anticipation, but so is his. He stops to look me, his lips hovering just above mine as his blue eyes sparkle with confidence.

“How about now?”

“I—.” I part my lips to respond just as his fall to connect with mine.

His kiss is seductive in its varying pace—slow and soft at first, gradually increasing in heat and fervor before slowing to relish the taste and feel of me again. He teases me. His tongue dips into my mouth slightly before retreating, beckoning mine to follow, bringing me into his mouth so that he can suck gently.

When he pulls back, I am lost. Still feeling the effects of his kissing, drawing me into his appeal. My lips still slightly parted, still perfectly kissable, my eyes still heavily lidded with desire. He sucks lightly on my bottom lip and chuckles. He knows the only thing that’s on my mind right now and I don’t even have to say it. Every fiber of my being is crying out for him to continue.

“See?” he whispers triumphantly. “I told you I could make you beg.”


Keith: The AggressorOverly confident in his own qualities as a lover…and unfortunately, correct in his own assumptions.

He leads me away from the party, the crowd completely oblivious to our absence as we steal away to a darkened corner down the hall. Prince Keith wastes no time with pretenses or charades—he knows that I am aware of what he wants from me, and that I willfully followed him here. He knows full well what I want from him, too.

I hardly have time to observe our new surroundings, shrouded in shadows as they may be, before he grasps my wrist firmly, hauling me close against his body. He doesn’t need to hold me there…he knows I won’t pull away, but he continues to hold my wrist because he likes the feeling of control.

Prince Keith’s mouth quickly claims mine in a heated kiss. His lips are firm and strong, kneading mine with enthusiasm. Even his breathing is excited as he hungrily consumes my mouth. Yes…not just my lips, but my whole mouth as he demands entrance with his tongue, probing inside to claim as much of me as he can without being completely indecent.

His kiss is rough and forceful, without consideration for me as I subtly try to back off every now and then. He only continues to devour me. But it doesn’t matter, I still want him. Since he is only holding onto my wrist with one hand, his other roams over me freely, wherever he pleases. He won’t stop until he’s satisfied, or until perhaps we hear someone approach. There’s nothing I can do about it, but I neither try to stop him nor care if he never does.


Roberto: The Lover – Savors every moment of every kiss, focusing on how you respond.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do,” he says casually enough.

“Oh really?” I turn to ask and find he’s much closer to me than I had expected. His eyes shimmer with anticipation and I can feel his heat on my skin.

“Close your eyes.”

Roberto leans in closer, a soft lock of his hair brushes against my forehead and I find myself already obeying even as I wonder aloud, “What for?”

His cool breath fans my face gently as he chuckles quietly. “I’m going to kiss you,” he replies simply just before I feel his lips fall upon my own.

He starts out slow, just one single kiss brushing tenderly over my lips as if he’s just tasting me, testing me for a reaction. I hold steady, keeping my face tilted upward and my eyes closed, waiting for the next as he descends once more, lingering a bit longer this time.

A satisfied sigh sounds deep in his throat as he comes back to kiss me again and again. Each time his lips fall soft and sweet, sucking gently just before pulling away as though he’s savoring the connection. In between kisses, Roberto gently nuzzles against my cheek, under my chin and jaw, and every now and then I can feel his lashes flutter against my skin.

As I respond by kissing him back, he deepens the kisses that follow, wrapping his arms securely around my waist and holding me to him as he continues to nibble at my lower lip. I can feel him begin to lose himself in me as I lock my arms around his neck. His grip on me tightens and his lips become hot and unyielding as they press against mine. It is as though suddenly he can’t seem to get enough.


Glenn: Secret Sadist – They look sweet on the outside, but really… Not exactly sure how to summarize this one. Just…

It hurts, but only just a little. And I can’t say it doesn’t feel good. Prince Glenn has me pressed against the wall, his lips hungrily seeking mine in a frenzied kiss. He’s hitched my leg up against his hip and digs his fingers into my thigh as he forces his weight on me, trying to push me impossibly further into the wall.

“Ah!” I gasp at the slight pain from all the pressure, but it does nothing to deter him. In fact, it spurs him on.

His kisses rain down harder and faster until he relents only enough to suck my bottom lip between his teeth. He bites down until it’s only just not painful, but tugs on it as he pulls back to look into my eyes. Something dark and foreboding is lit behind their depths as I gaze back at him, but I’m not afraid.

Tearing me away from the wall, Prince Glenn switches our positions and holds me to him as his hand reached up to wind in my hair, giving my locks a compelling yank. My head jerks back automatically as I give an objecting moan. “Ungh!”

Ignoring my protest, or perhaps feeding off of it, his lips descend upon my neck, sucking and biting. His teeth skim over my tender skin and I respond by sinking my nails into his back. He arches into them slightly and returns to claim my mouth with his, roughly and insistently, and I am weak to comply.


Joshua: Quietly Passionate – the one who always seems so neat, proper, and put together that you never expect the burst of passion they exude behind closed doors.

It was wrong, so wrong. But maybe that is what makes it feel so wild and hot. I’m sure we’re breaking at least ten different Dres Van rules with the official documents and royal scripts being creased and wrinkled underneath my back as Prince Joshua starts to follow, climbing up on his desk as his lips desperately seek mine again.

The connection is intense and deep, his lips meshing perfectly with mine in a heated kiss. I neither remember nor care how we got to this point. All I can focus on is the feel of his soft, pliable lips working seamlessly in time with mine.

His lips are soft, yet demanding at the same time, coaxing my lips to part so that his tongue can delve into my mouth. He caresses my tongue with his own as his lips continue to move over mine with need.

He tries to pull back, tries to regain control, but cannot. Our shallow breathing merges into unified panting in the small space between us before our lips fuse together again automatically. Exerting just the right amount of pressure against my lips, I drown in him and submit to his passion.


Edward: The Romantic – When the kiss is just so perfect that every moment and detail of it seems planned…but isn’t.

We are strolling along hand in hand through the rose garden under the pallid light of the moon. A cool breeze hurries past us and I shiver slightly. Prince Edward feels my shudder and stops where we are on the small garden bridge that arches gracefully over the narrow stream. He pulls me close, his arms instinctively wrap around me as he looks at me with concern.

“Are you cold, Lily? Shall we go in now?” he wants to know. His noble brow creases softly.

“No, I’m fine,” I say. “I want to stay like this a little longer.”

I rest my cheek against his broad chest as he holds me close in a warm embrace. The steady beating of his heart is comforting to me. We remain there quietly in each other’s arms with only the orchestrations of the night making any sound at all.

After a while, Prince Edward finally says, as he loosens his hold around me without letting me go completely, “Do you know where we are standing?”

I look up at him, confused. “On a bridge?”

He smiles tenderly as he shakes his head. “We are standing precisely on the thirteenth plank.”

I look down. Indeed, our feet are planted on the thirteenth plank of wood making up the construction of the small bridge. My feet begin to shuffle beneath me. “Isn’t that unlucky?”

“On the contrary, it is said that those who share a kiss on the thirteenth plank of this bridge will be granted eternal happiness as they pledge their devotion to one another.”

Looking back up at him to question the source of this legend, my words are stolen by the surprise of his large hands reaching up to gently cup the sides of my face. His expression is both soft and serious at the same time as his eyes shine brightly in the moonlight.

“Whether it is true or not,” he whispers ardently, “it couldn’t hurt to test the theory…”

His lips are smooth and warm, at first brushing lightly as fallen petals from a flower. Slowly, he increases the pressure, deepening the kiss, but not overdoing it. His kiss is affectionate and reverent as his lips sweetly lock with mine, and my breath and my heart are at once both his.

Lifting his lips, he pauses to bestow a few more delicate kisses before pulling away completely. A loving smile graces his face as he gazes down at me, still tilting my face up toward him. As though he cannot resist, he nips a kiss on the tip of my nose and this time he smiles happily.

“That blush on your cheeks is by far the prettiest hue in this garden.”


Be My Princess - Wilfred A. Spencer [Wedding Sequel] Jpn GREE

「Exchange rings…? My Princess」

「Your wish, your smile, I’ll protect all of it」

「Thank you for teaching me, the greatness of love……」

「To continue to love you…as a couple」

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When You Have A Bad Dream (Be My Princess)
  • Wilfred:Calm. Your hand's claw at the wall, desperately trying to escape. Eyes are clenched shut. He grabs one hand, and then the other, before placing soft kisses on the back of both. He continues, until you still, finally understanding it was but a nightmare. His voice is soft as he whispers: "It's alright love, I'm here how."
  • Roberto:Nuturing. He holds you close, despite the sweat that clings to your skin. Kissing your forehead over and over again, until your whimpering subsides into a murmur. "There, there darling, you're fine now."
  • Joshua:Soothing. His breath fans across your ear as he whispers soothing words into your ear. He strokes your back softly, attempting to have you calm down, your sobs drenching his shirt. "Shhh, it's alright, I'm not going anywhere."
  • Keith:Gentle. His aggressive toutch, suddenly loses all edge and force. He's gentle as he wipes away any sweat that may have accumulated on your forehead, pushing your hair away from your moist neck. He's a bit amazed, that even a strong woman like you, can become afraid. His fingers string through yours. "I guess even you can become afraid huh? Only more reason to keep you by my side, I mean if I don't protect a commoner like you who will?"
  • Edward:Sweet. He holds you close as you recite the details, his hand holds yours against his heart, almost as if he's trying to assure you that he's still here. The other, combs your hair away from your face. A small smile illuminates his face. "You know, we have a saying in Charles. A man is protected from any harm the universe may throw at him, so long as he never strays away from his soul mate."
  • Glenn:Tender. His words are all tender, and his touch demands attention. Both hands clasp around one of yours as he whispers every soothing word he can find. He doesn't even know, that just by seeing him, your fears begin to side. "Don't worry, we made a promise, and I won't ever leave you. Not again. Not after I waited so long to meet you once more."
  • -SKY

BMP Halloween Event: MC + Princes Costumes 

Some of MC’s costumes sounded so cute that I had to do this =p

Prince Wilfred: Pilot & lady in masquerade dress
Prince Keith: Vampire & lady in deep red dress
Prince Roberto: Gentleman Thief & Sexy Policewoman
Prince Glenn: Matching Cat Costumes
Prince Joshua: Pirate King & Mermaid Princess
Prince Edward: Gypsy (?) & Fairy


Be My Princess [Non-GREE]

Honey Kiss Christmas Spin Off

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Joshua, I can’t stop looking at your lips

Edward, I love your aggressive CGs and this one’s no different

Wilfred, you will always be a suave, smooth prince that makes all the girls swoon.

Side Note: I love how the art just gets better and better