When You Have A Bad Dream (Be My Princess)
  • Wilfred: Calm. Your hand's claw at the wall, desperately trying to escape. Eyes are clenched shut. He grabs one hand, and then the other, before placing soft kisses on the back of both. He continues, until you still, finally understanding it was but a nightmare. His voice is soft as he whispers: "It's alright love, I'm here how."
  • Roberto: Nuturing. He holds you close, despite the sweat that clings to your skin. Kissing your forehead over and over again, until your whimpering subsides into a murmur. "There, there darling, you're fine now."
  • Joshua: Soothing. His breath fans across your ear as he whispers soothing words into your ear. He strokes your back softly, attempting to have you calm down, your sobs drenching his shirt. "Shhh, it's alright, I'm not going anywhere."
  • Keith: Gentle. His aggressive toutch, suddenly loses all edge and force. He's gentle as he wipes away any sweat that may have accumulated on your forehead, pushing your hair away from your moist neck. He's a bit amazed, that even a strong woman like you, can become afraid. His fingers string through yours. "I guess even you can become afraid huh? Only more reason to keep you by my side, I mean if I don't protect a commoner like you who will?"
  • Edward: Sweet. He holds you close as you recite the details, his hand holds yours against his heart, almost as if he's trying to assure you that he's still here. The other, combs your hair away from your face. A small smile illuminates his face. "You know, we have a saying in Charles. A man is protected from any harm the universe may throw at him, so long as he never strays away from his soul mate."
  • Glenn: Tender. His words are all tender, and his touch demands attention. Both hands clasp around one of yours as he whispers every soothing word he can find. He doesn't even know, that just by seeing him, your fears begin to side. "Don't worry, we made a promise, and I won't ever leave you. Not again. Not after I waited so long to meet you once more."
  • -SKY
Princes cheat on MC - the reunion (part 3)

Pfft. So I’m the worst and this was meant to come out DAAAAYS ago but it was way longer than I thought because I included less in the prologue than I intended but meh, what can you do? XD

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Prologue: It was 4 or so years since the…incident. Since then, there was not a single day when you didn’t think about the true love that brok your heart. However, you had to move on, for your own sake…and for the darling little girl that you had given birth to. One day, you had returned to the kingdom of your love, to show your little girl what kind of place her father came from. The one thing you didn’t expect however, was to come face to face with your past.

“____________?” You turned around at the sound of your name being called out. The face you were greeted with made you tremble to the core. Though he was in disguise, you could recognise him anywhere. A string of emotions attacked you. First, it was confusion that turned to realization. From that, stemmed memories which resulted to anger…but the last set of emotions that hit you, was the pain, heartbreak and yearning that had haunted you for the past few years. You stared in shock as all the emotions you had been suppressing and had hidden away began to well back up inside you, keeping you in a trance until, “Mummy?” You felt a small hand tug at the hem of your skirt and watched as his attention turned to the small girl beside you, eyes widening in shock.

Wilfred: Carefully, he began to approach you, the usual cool smile that graced his face showing you the kindness that you had missed all these years. His deep, crystal blue orbs never leaving yours, yet you could see them waver now and then. “_________.” When he finally reached you, you bobbed a curtsy, unsure how to greet him. “Your Highness.” The response you gave him stabbed at his heart and his eyes became racked with sadness. “_________ I-” “Mummy? Who’s this strange man?” Bending down, you smiled at your daughter. “This man is the crown Prince of Philip! He’ll be King here soon, now, what do you say?” Nodding enthusiastically, your daughter turned to him and bowed her head. “Good afternoon Mister! I mean, Your Highness!” Smiling proudly, you stood up, fully prepared to bid your farewell to the Prince when, “She’s a cute kid…” he began. “Yeah…she’s my world now, and I love her to bits.” You found yourself smiling fondly as you watched your little girl crouched over a small pot of flowers, admiring the colours. “May I ask…how old is she?” “She’s 4 and a half-” you had answered before you could stop yourself and looked back at Wilfred, covering your mouth in shock. “4 and a half?” You watched nervously as his eyes widened from the realization. “You mean…” Slowly, you began to nod. “Yes…she’s yours.” Bracing yourself, you squeezed your eyes shut, only to find seconds later that you were wrapped in someone’s warm embrace. “Y-Your Highness?!” “Thank goodness…” he murmered. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if she was someone else’s…_________. For these 4 years that we’ve been apart, I’ve done nothing but think about you. Think about the future we should’ve had together. The life we should’ve lead…if only I hadn’t been so stupid.” His words, tinged with regret, made you tense up from the stinging memory. Noticing this, he quickly continued. “I have spent the last few years dreaming that you would come back to me, praying that you would find it in your heart to forgive me…and now that I’ve seen you again, after these few years, my heart yearns for you even more so than before. Please _________. Return to the Chateau with me. Bring your daughter, our daughter…please, these pasat few years have been torture without you and I don’t think I can take it much longer.” “….” Feeling you hesitate, he continued. “Please….if not for me, do it for her.” It was at this point that he pulled away and motioned towards your daughter, filled with innocence and joy. “I already know that you’re doing an amazing job with her but I want to be there for her too, as her father…and don’t you think she’d be happier if she could grow up with both her parents around? Please. I want to be here to support her. To support you…not to mention, I never stopped loving you once in these 4 years so please _________. Give me another chance.”.

Keith: “Who is he?!” Almost immediately, Keith was marching up to you, absolutely fuming. “Who’s this unworthy jerk that knocked you up?!” Ignoring him, you ushered your little girl to play on a nearby slide, making sure that you could watch her as she did so. After she skipped away, you turned back to Keith, expression turning dark. “Look Keith, you need to calm down. You have no right to come marching over to me, demanding the name of a man I may or may not be involved with, it is not your place.” “My place?! My place?! Of course it’s my place! I’m your-” “My what, Keith?” Silenced, by your words, you turned to go meet your child and before you left, turned to him and said, “She’s yours by the way.” “Mine…” a few seconds later, as you were approaching your daughter Keith grabbed your arm and pulled you back. “Wait! I wasn’t done yet! ________,,,please will you come back to me, and live with me in the Manse?” His words were like a dream come true…but then you remembered the reason you left in the first place and felt your mood cloud over. Somehow sensing this, he reached for your hand. “Please ________, without you by my side, I’m restless everyday. You saw me just now, even the slightest possibility that you might be with some other guy is enough to drive me insane so please, come back with me…bring out daughter too…I want to be there for her, as a father should be. I’m begging you _______, I can’t take this anymore. A life without you is too painful.”

Roberto: “Hello little girl! My name’s Roberto! What’s yours?” Within seconds, Roberto was crouching down to match the height of your daughter and was engaging in a conversation with her. You smiled as you watched the two of them and caught yourself wishing that the three of you could stay together in such a  way forever…it was almost as if, with that one scene of father and daughter bonding, the past could be overlooked because it was worth it, as long as your child was happy. You knew that you couldn’t keep her father’s identity from her for much longer, and it when you looked at Roberto, there was still the aching love you had for him that refused to disappear. After some time, Roberto stood up again and pulled you tight into his chest. “_________. My dear, dear _________” As he said your name, his grip on you tightened. “I’ve waited for so long to have you back in my arms like this again, and I don’t intend to scare you off again.” “….” Taking your silence as a signal to continue, he spoke again. “…she’s mine, isn’t she?” At this, you pulled away in shock. “Huh? How did you know?!” Chuckling slightly, he stroked your cheek gently. “She told me she turned 4 a few months ago and so I just figured…why didn’t you tell me?” “W-Well I just figured you wouldn’t care about me anymore…you know, just considering…” You had expected to hear some sort of joke, but when you looked up, his eyes were laced with sorrow and regret. “My dear _________…I am so sorry I made you feel that way…believe me, there has not been a day when I don’t regret my actions…please, don’t say ridiculous things like ‘I wouldn’t care about you’. You are the one person in this world that will always stay in my heart _________, and if you can find it in you to give me a second chance, with you and our adorable daughter, then I would be the luckiest man alive.”

Joshua: “This is…” still bewildered, he stared from you, to your daughter and back again. Figuring it out almost instantly he asked, “Is she….?” Slowly and uncertainly, you nodded. Eyes, wide open, he approached you, a gentle smile on his face. “She’s so cute…and I’m sure she’ll grow up to be just as beautiful as her mother.” Hesitantly, he reached up and stroked your face. His touch was so familiar and comforting that you felt yourself lean into it, eyes closed at the relaxing warmth of his palm. “________.” You looked up to find his expression suddenly serious. “It’s been too long. Life without you has been bleak and colourless…and now, with this little girl too, I want nothing more than to have you back in my life, than to support you. I have never missed someone this much before. I have never felt this empty by myself before. I need you _________. You are what brightens up my world so please, let me show you how much you really mean to me.”

Glenn: The second he met your eyes again, you simply nodded politely and began to usher your child away when, “_________, wait.” You felt him pull you back the and turn to look at him. “What is it Glenn?” “Noth-no, I miss you _________. I can’t lie to myself anymore. My life is empty without you in it. I remember the day I found you again after all those years was one of the happiest moments of my life…and when you left well, I almost felt dead inside…and the only one who can resurrect me is well…you…” After his speech, your daughter poked her head out from behind you again and he smiled gentlly at her. “I don’t know who’s she is…but because she’s yours, _________, I would be more than happy to support her and care for her as if she were my own, so please _________, give a foolish guy like me another chance…”

Edward: “Hello! …and who is this beautiful bud?” You watched as Edward bent down to greet your daughter. “When you grow up, I’m sure you’ll be the most graceful rose there is! …after your mother of course…” after saying this, he looked up to smile at you gently. “My rose, how have you been? It is amazing because it only takes me a single glance at you to have my breath stolen from me. Once again, your beauty has captured my heart, though my heart has always been with you, even in the last 4 years…” Suddenly, his gentlemanly smile was tinged with sadness and regret. “There will never be enough ‘I’m sorry’’s in the world to make up for what I have done. I had you by my side and I took advantage of that and betrayed your trust…I do not blame you for resenting me…however, my dear, dear _________…I have also come to realize that a life without you in it is like a flower that cannot bloom, pointless, and painful. My garden is meaningless without you in it my flower so please, give me another chance, let me show you how vulnerable I am to you, how weak I am to your power over me, for my heart and soul has always belonged to you.”


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Stay Beautiful~


Kissing the princes (Gif Headcanon)

I’ve seen alot of gif headcanons, so I thought I’d give it a try! Here goes nothing…


Just like the man himself, Roberto’s kisses are really sweet. Through every single one of them, you can feel how deeply in love he is with you. Each of them being better than the last one, you can’t seem to let go of each other.

Until Alberto barges in the room and cockblocks you.


Perhaps due to his age, Glenn’s kisses are kept simple. However, that doesn’t make them any less amazing. He kisses you tenderly, showing you how much he cherishes you.


Keith, being the alpha male he is, likes to be in control. When he wants you, he wants you now. His kisses are agressive, yet full of love.


Wilfred’s kisses are hot hot hot! He can’t stop touching you and showers your whole body with kisses, marking you with his love. 


Edward is the eternal romantic. He treats you like a precious rose, his gentle kisses being filled with love.


Joshua  isn’t the best at expressing his feelings, so he’ll just kiss you out of the blue to express his love.

What They're Like When You Have a Panic Attack (Be My Princess)
  • Wilfred: Silent. He wordlessly scoops you into his arms. His heart pressing against your own. A hand creeps up to your head as he strokes your hair. Each action is meant to reassure you of his presence, as if he's trying to say: "I'm right here."
  • Joshua: Expert. For once he actually knows exactly what to do. He closes the curtains to make the room dark. He presses a cold compress to your head in hopes of alleviating your growing migraine. And finally at your insistence he strings his fingers through yours. "It doesn't say anywhere that holding your hand will help."
  • Roberto: Attentive. He doesn't entirely know what he's doing. But he's not half bad at figuring it out. He holds you close to him until the shivers stop and then he untangles himself from you and leaves the room. When he comes back he's holding all of your favorite things. A catalogue to your favorite store, a childhood favorite dish, your favorite book, and a nice warm blanket. "You should always be surrounded by the things you love, to remind you how lovely you are."
  • Keith: Panics. He's scrambling to find the right words and actions to put your heart at ease. To make the wheezing stop. To make your eyes and soul rest once more. In his panic words spew out erratically and he grabs you and pulls your him. The words continuing to pour out if his mouth like a waterfall. "Just don't think about anything, and don't smell anything, and close your eyes and just feel me."
  • Edward: Effective. He personally makes you some rose tea. After a cup or two, he pulls you out into the garden for a walk. His hand entertained with yours, while his thick coat is around your shoulders as you wander in the garden at night. "I suppose it's true, a rose must always be surrounded by what she is in order to truly remind herself of what she is."
  • Glenn: Knowledge. He knows more about this then he would like to let on. He remembers countless nights where he lay trembling until he could pull himself together and go to sleep. So when it happens to you, he knows exactly what to do and say to make you feel better. "Just try and count back from 240 by 4's."
  • -SKY
Princes react to a woman ‘touching’ MC (Request)

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Prompt: Can I request a BMP or BMP2 (whatever works best for you😁) where the princes react to another woman at the ball inappropriately touching MC right in front of him? And her being upset but not wanting to cause issues?


Prologue: The two of you were attending another grand ball at the Nobel Michel. Gorgeous women in exquisite ballgowns and handsome men in charming suits dotted the ballroom, engaged in various conversation. You and your prince were happily chatting in a corner. He was leaning against a pillar, smiling down at you as you stared up, giggling and laughing along at all his jokes. Out of nowhere, a beautifully dressed woman appeared, she wore a unique gown herself and came up to stand just behind you as she smiled at the prince. “Your Highness! What a pleasure it is to see you here!” Politely, you stepped to the side, allowing them to engage in conversation…but…something wasn’t quite right…gradually, you felt someone’s hand reach up to cup your bum. Jumping slightly in shock, you looked toward the woman in surprise as she smiled at you meaningfully. It was a discreet glance before she turned back to your boyfriend…but it was there. As their conversation wore on, you began to feel her squeeze lightly at first but increasing more and more in pressure. Quite frankly, you were feeling beyond uncomfortable. Silently struggling, you could feel yourself begin to squirm from her touch…until your prince finally noticed and looked over your shoulder to check…

Wilfred: His eyes glazed over in anger and almost immediately, he bowed shortly and spoke. “Well, miss, it has been a pleasure engaging in such a conversation but if you could kindly remove your hands from my ________, that would be marvelous.” The woman removed her hand almost immediately, shocked from his icy tone. Seeing her do so, he flashed her a cold smile, took hold of your trembling hand and began to lead you away. “It was nice meeting you miss.” And with that, the two of you were gone. Leading you out of the great hall, he stopped you and looked deep into your eyes, regret clouding the deep blue of his orbs. “Oh, _________…I’m so sorry, it must’ve been horrible right?” He pulled you into his chest, clutching you tightly. “Please forgive me, I should’ve noticed sooner…it’s my fault for not being on my guard. You’re so beautiful…of course people would approach you…”

Keith: Without thinking, he grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from you, anger showing clearly in his expression. You saw her visibly shrink away as he stared down at her. “Get your hands off my woman!” “Y-Your Highness…!” “Shut up! You don’t have nearly enough decency within you to talk to either me, or her!” And with that, he stormed out of the room dragging you behind him. The second he pulled you into a private room, he pinned you against the wall. “P-Prince Keith?!” He grinned down at you mischievously, “That cheeky little…heh, looks like I’ll have to make sure you forget all about her…” and thus began his long ministrations of making sure you ‘forgot’.

Roberto: He took action immediately. Saying absolutely nothing, he took your hand and guided you away from the woman. “Wha-Your Highness?!” Hearing her protest, he turned and gave her a menacing smile. “Oh, pardon me miss. I have no time to waste with people who dare pull such a thing on my girlfriend.” Tilting his head in a sickly sweet manner, he stared at her with cold eyes. “So don’t do it EVER again ok?” Leaving her speechless, he took you away and guided you outside of the ballroom. The minute you were alone, he collapsed his head onto your shoulder, leaning on you in fatigue. “Oh ________…I’m so sorry…I can’t believe I let her go that far without noticing…” Raising his head, he looked up at you sheepishly. Blushing, he said, “but don’t worry, I’ll protect you from now on ok? I’ll make sure that no one except me touches you~”

Joshua: His expression was unreadable but you could tell that the second he realized, he went from mildly interested to ‘would never wish to speak to you again in my entire life because you bore me’. Without saying a word, he held his hand up to silence the woman, reached to envelope your hand in his firm grip and walked off, not even glancing back to hear her protests. After the two of you had exited the ballroom, you became worried. “P-Prince Joshua…do you think it was ok? Leaving like that?” Hearing your words, he stopped short and turned to look you in the eye. “Would you have preferred it if I let her continue such a disgusting act?” You flinched at his intense words. “Well, n-no…but…wouldn’t it harm your reputation?” Your concern brought a soft smile to his lips as he gazed fondly at you. “Don’t worry about that. She was not worth my time. If anyone had the nerve to do such a thing, then they are definitely far to small to deserve my attention. Kissing your forehead softly, he smiled, “So don’t worry about that…ok?”

Glenn: Realizing the situation, he was shocked first and foremost. He hadn’t realized that such situations could occur. However, keeping up the good mood, he motioned for the woman to lean in and after he did so, he whispered something in her ear. You watched as the colour gradually drained from the woman’s face as she quickly curtsied and hurried away, a look of terror shadowing her expression. Curious, you turned to Glenn and asked what he had said to her. Hearing your query, he simply chuckled and said. “Oh, nothing much. I just reminded her how, as a Prince, I have enough power to make sure she never appears in the Nobel Michel, or the 6 nations, ever again, no questions asked. Then, I simply hinted that it would be a good idea for her to get her filthy hands off my girlfriend’s ass.” His explanation left you speechless. You knew that Glenn was never the subtle kind but you certainly didn’t expect this…

Edward: Seeing your silent cry for help, he smiled a gentlemanly smile and wrapped his arm around your waist, subtely pulling you to his side so that you were facing the devious woman. Though shocked at first, the woman’s eyebrow twitched slightly as if to say ‘well played’, she then proceeded to bob a curtsy and was gone just as quickly as she had arrived. However, even after her exit, Edward’s grasp around you stayed tight and firm, as if he would never let you go. “Um..Prince Edward?” you asked, a bit worried of how he was spacing out. “Oh! Yes my flower?” “Are you okay?” He sighed lightly and smiled down at you. “Yes my dear, I am fine…I was just thinking about how I must protect you even more than before. You are like a rose stripped of your thorns, a vulnerable beauty. I have to be careful or else someone else will pluck you away from me~”


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Stay Beautiful~


request finished anon! tbh I’m having WAY TO MUCH FUN making memes about Ed and his garden cause I can totally see him being upset, but making him this way makes me laugh…so yeah hope you like it :D RUN FAST ROBBIE!!