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For the future kings known as Laurent of Vere and Damianos of Akielos, and for the evolution of their relationship together.

From their identities as individuals, to “slave and master” shifting towards something else, to desire and love… into (hopefully) a united partnership against the Regent and Kastor.


ok imagine this: laurent being the first to wake up in their bed and trying to wake damen up and becoming so aggravated bc this man sleeps like a log but then damen just kisses his forehead and mutters ‘five more minutes’ and its this absentminded tenderness that breaks him and suddenly hes so thankful that damens half asleep bc he doesnt need a mirror to know hes flushed

When DC drops trailers for Wonder Woman, Justice League and another one for Suicide Squad but you wasn’t prepared for the badassery it contained.


Show Ohara / fb 4.9.2014

I thought it can be a good substitute for a blog but I am not sure as I have nothing to post about. (laugh)

Recently every day, I have been doing some preparation for (our) future environment, while absorbing many things.
Things that I would not be able to see if I did not come to a halt. That is what I think.
Sceneries, feelings, that you overlook while you constantly run while looking ahead. I want to use this timing to reaffirm those things.

I have been reading letters received from 23.8 and also the office**, and through reading them I can personally feel the uneasiness that we indeed have caused by our announcement.
As the talk about this withdrawal had been going on since spring, the title 「NEVER ENDING UNIVERSE」 was decided to convey that 「this atmosphere created by Alice Nine and everyone who has supported us, will never end」, and (hopefully) ease the feeling we cause even just a little.

With that vow in my heart, I shall refine myself as we head toward a new beginning.

** office - this refers to PSC. Reminder fanmail and gifts for A9 are still accepted until November

this was done quickly so, usual disclaimers apply★ \(^o^)/ 


The driver wakes Noctis up from his slumber. Noctis looks out the window and squints for a release date. He sees no release date in sight, and immediately proceeds to fall back asleep. True story


Seen today: Harry Styles going to see his wonderful wife and their newborn in the St Mary’s Hospital in London. The singer was with Niall Horan who seemed delighted to visit his best friend. Accompanied by their bodyguards, they had a wonderful smile on their lips.
Harry is definitely the happiest man on earth today but as he said, he’s been happy since he met (Y/N).
So, green eyes and brown curls for the little prince? We can’t wait to see the little Styles and wish that (Y/N) will be back soon to lighten up our world with her smile.