If you aren’t proud of Yukimura Seiichi, you are heartless.


  • Overcame a literally paralyzing illness
  • Survived an experimental surgery with 50% chance of success
  • Got back on the court 3 fucking weeks after said surgery
  • Held up his own and lost gracefully in the face of this (let’s face it) cocky asshole who made fun of his illness
  • Made a total comeback in the U-17 camp
  • Called bullshit on the Pinnacle of Perfection
  • Admitted his (depending on interpretation) slightly twisted motivations for playing tennis
  • Overcame his own yips
  • (Tamed the fucked up cluster that is Rikkai)

Free! is going to have 3 F CKIN FILMS! And i’m really really happy i think i might cry out of happiness. KyoAni is doing things in the right way, is doing all this to explain more about ALL the character in it (hoping Gou, Kisumi, Asahi, Ikuya, Nao and Natsuya to have a spot in there ♡).

Next, if there will be a film or another season for Prince of Tennis too, my life would be half complete ❤ Let’s pray all together 🙏❤


A few days ago, Takeshi Konomi tweeted a drabble of sorts featuring both Ryoma and Sakuno! Rough translation of the said tweet below (thanks so much to @that-yellow-flower translating this!)

Ryoma-kun: Hey, Sensei, did you come and get a fortune slip this year? Konomi: Ah, now that you say it… 
Ryoma-kun: For our sake, please aim for four consecutive Excellent Luck!!
Konomi: Fufu Ryoma-kun, do you know a good shrine ♪
Ryoma-kun: Uhh… w,well
Ryoma-kun: … but there seems to be a lot of Terrible Luck there
Sakuno-chan: 💦

can you hear that teasing tone??? link to tweet here!

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Alternate meeting AU: Zuko is the chubby Firelord Prince with a pot belly and The Best Butt (TM). Sokka is a Southern Water Tribe Noble. "Hello, I'm Prince-" "Fucking sit on me."

ah yes, truly the beginning of a wonderful romance.

but also, zuko getting all pink and flustered and sokka spending the whole time hitting on him (with lots of eyebrow wiggling of course) and giving zuko really big hugs because he loves his squish

MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II)(Updates: 3/11/16, 9/8/16)

This is a follow up to my post on The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

 In that post, I identified eight types of “POTs” who are bad news.  It was a list of “POTs” that will NEVER treat you fairly and want only to deceive you and take advantage of you.  They are con men.   Nothing but trouble.  Radioactive. To be avoided at all costs! By identifying their tactics you can learn how to avoid them entirely and spend your time focusing on real POTs who can turn into real SDs.  That initial list consisted of the following:

The “Scientist” POT – the guy looking for “chemistry” and “compatibility” before “commitment”

The “Romantic” POT the guy who does not want an arrangement to be transactional

The “Puritan” POT – the guy who does not want to pay for sex because he’s not a John and you shouldn’t be an escort

The “Boyfriend” POT – He wants to “spoil” you, as long as that is cheaper than paying you

The “Doubting” POT – He wants to know what “he’s getting for his money”

The “Race Car Driver” POT – The “test drive” is all he’s after

The “Cautious Shopper” POT – He wants to “see the goods” first and wastes your time shamelessly, never wants to pay for the goods or your time

The “Penny Pincher” POT – The classic salt

When I finished that list, I knew that my work was not done.  I knew that I had not covered all of the “bad actors” who pollute the Sugar Bowl and hurt so many SBs.  Over the next couple of days, I continued to think about it and I am proud to provide you with a supplement to that list – four five six additional categories of men that are predators on the hunt.  And, I am also delighted that I had help with a two three four of the categories and I have provided the appropriate shout out to my collaborators!

The “Scammer” POT

The scammer is real scum. He plays to the SBs who let money cloud their judgment by making totally outlandish promises.  The naïve SB takes everything that this “older gentleman” says as the truth, and, to get that big hunk of sugar, she will literally do anything he wants.  He epitomizes the phrase “if it is too good to be true then it probably is”.  Signs to watch for:  

In his initial message, he says some shit like, “I am willing to pay 5k per month to start” or “I am willing to pay the right girl an allowance of 5k a month”.    Yeah, right!  No legitimate SD phrases an initial offer like that; that “language” is crafted by a man who has no money, but thinks he knows what you want to hear. And a lot of SBs fall for this nonsense because they let money cloud their judgment and they have on rose colored glasses, so they hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. If you get a substantial offer like that out of the blue, carefully read the language.  Forget about how badly you want it to be true!  Analyze the message critically.  Notice the grammar, the sentence structure and ask yourself, “would a gentleman who is truly schooled in “high finance” or business say something like this?  And if your conclusion is no, drop the guy!  If you ignore him for a bit, watch how he reacts!  He’ll show his true colors soon enough!

He promises to send you 10k via wire transfer and he coyly asks for some nudes or other initial tokens of your appreciation, and in your excitement, you are too happy to comply. Off go the nudes to him, but the money never comes in to you!  Or, along the same line, he meets you in person and gives you this song and dance about all his companies, all his money, all his houses and boats and how all of it can be yours!  Before you know it, you’re drunk from the wine and his sweet words, and you agree to his suggestion that you head back to his place to “celebrate” the huge allowance that is coming your way tomorrow.  The fact that his hotel is a 2-½ star joint kinda registers in the back of your head as being an odd place for such a rich man to stay, but, by then, it’s too late!  After a good fucking (for him), he sends you packing, and you never see a dime.  

Finally, there is a sinister scammer as well.  He is the guy who is typically located in another city and flies you to him.  He promises you 10k or more for a three day weekend.  You pack your stuff, get on that plane and fly off to him.  After he picks you up at the airport and whisks you to the hotel, you realize that you are his prisoner for the next couple of days and he gets his money’s worth out of you, but you get nothing from him.  

The “Employer” POT

@blondeblogginbeeyotch is the author of this category, and I thank her for coming up with this!.  Her description of the “Employer” POT is spot on and perfect and is quoted here in full:

“There is also the POT who says he will offer you a legitimate job as their ‘Personal or Executive Assistant’. They will have you uproot yourself and move to their city and state where you know no one and have no support systems in place. They will offer you an Employment Letter guaranteeing your compensation but the trick is they will never officially sign it for you. Once you are moved in and thoroughly out of your element THAT is when they will break out their perverted real predator mask and if you refuse to do their bidding - they will ‘fire ’ you and refuse to pay you your salary aka 'allowance’.

I think this is technically sexual trafficking across state lines? This particular guy should be in prison.”

The “Inquisitor” POT

My “inspiration” for this category comes from something I saw posted by @omgwtfmia recently, and, after I read her post, I realized I had to include this in my list!   So, the “Inquisitor” is super annoying, gross and creepy.  From your first exchange, all he can do is talk about sex and he asks you endless questions about the types of sex you “are into” and will engage in with him. He wants to talk details, I mean TMI details!  And, what makes it so … gross, unpleasant and distasteful .. is that you have never met the guy and, already, he is talking in such intimate, graphic, dirty, non-sexy terms that it is making you wish that you didn’t have a vagina!  The guy is real loquacious when it comes to talking about his kinks and fantasies and how he wants to “lick your clit till you explode”, or make you choke on his huge cock etc etc ad nauseum, but he gets real quiet and unresponsive if you can keep from barfing long enough to ask him what he intends to pay as an allowance for this freak show.  Do yourself a favor, block the Inquisitor as soon as he starts with his shit!

The “Browbeater” POT

This guy is just mean, rude and nasty.  From the get-go he is pushing you around, whether it is in his messages or at the initial meet and greet.  He is domineering, aggressive, demanding and obnoxious.  If he doesn’t like your response to his text he is like immediately in your face, demanding an explanation, an apology, a retraction. He argues endlessly.  He is possessive and jealous and accusatory. Dealing with him is like dealing with an abusive boyfriend or significant other.  He gets passive aggressive.  He uses money like he uses his dick:  as a weapon.  The shocking thing to me is that this guy does get laid!  So, please, when a Browbeater darkens your computer screen with an aggressive message, get out of his sight!

The “Ghost” POT

@soflasugar contributed this addition to the list.  She dubbed the guy as the “Ghost” POT, a type of POT that ends up being a real time-waster.  Here is her description:  “This is the man who leads you along and may give you small amounts of money but when it comes time for your full allowance he totally disappears. He won’t answer calls, texts, or emails. Frustrating and annoying.”

The “Prince Charming” POT

This category was inspired by an anon in What do you make of a POT who literally says "I am a good looking guy” in his About Me section? He says more but that simple sentence makes me feel like he’s just a douche waiting for his next free fuck…

This guy fancies himself to be a “Real Looker”; I mean, he believes that he is just so damn handsome and sexy that you will want to have sex with him just to be able to say, “yeah, I fucked this really hot guy!”  Forget about allowance!  The sheer enjoyment of fucking “a pretty boy” is payment enough!  

Before you meet him or see his photographs, he will tell you that he is a “good looking guy” and soon enough he will tell you that girls are always so attracted to him that he never has to pay for sex.  He’s a real “Lady’s Man”; when you meet him in person, he will turn on the charm, flatter you, give you his patented “disarming smile” and ask if you want to feel his muscles, lol.  He’ll be a lot of fun on a date.  The words that he says are almost as pretty as his face!  

However, his pretty words never include the topic of money; he never talks about allowance and artfully dodges the question when it is raised.  Instead,  he will work hard to charm the pants off of you!  And, if and when he succeeds, you’ll find that, unlike the real Prince Charming, this guy turns into a toad AFTER you kiss him!  He’ll be happy to hang out with you as often as you like as long as he gets to fuck for free!

I really think that this list, now consisting of 12 13 14 “personality” types represents a fairly comprehensive list! Let me know if you have encountered some ugly demon that I have not identified!  I will continue to update this list and will post a separate “Update Notice” to give all of you a “heads up” when something is added!

Update History:

03/11/16:  added “Ghost” POT

09/08/16: added “Prince Charming” POT


Takeshi Konomi has reposted this old RyoSaku artwork with the translations below! (provided again by the wonderful @that-yellow-flower! Thank you so much!)

Ryoma-kun and Sakuno-chan’s Rare 1 sheet (page) (。・ω・。)ฅ “

Ryoma-kun「Hmm, so this is how you make a sausage…」
Sakuno-chan「Yes, Ryoma-kun should try it too ♪」

Link to tweet here!