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How would Atobe, Sanada, Marui, Kirihara, Niou, Jirou, Hiyoshi, Sengoku, Eiji, Yuuta, Shiriashi react to their S/O walking down stairs in sexy lingerie telling them to go back to bed only to find their boyfriend's whole team waiting by the door? How would the team react too?

I’m sorry, but the character limit is 10, so I had to leave out Shiraishi. Just requests for him when I open the requests again. I hope you like it, love! <3

You walked down the stairs, seeing your boyfriend stand in front of the door with his back facing you. You smiled and let out a tiny yawn “Come to bed with me, please?”


Atobe turned around with a pleased smile, revealing the rest of the Hyotei regulars standing in the door. Chotarou blushed and quickly averted his eyes, Oshitari smirked while Mukahi let his eyes wander over your naked legs. Atobe met you halfway on the stairs and wrapped one arm around your waist to place a small peck on your cheeks, subtly covering your body with his “I apologize for making you wait, love and I should add that you look ravishing. Wait upstairs, I’ll be there in a minute.” You happily smiled and wandered back to the bedroom. Atobe’s smile fell as soon as he turned around, his eyes piercing into Mukahi who still stared after you “Gakuto… This will have consequences. Now all of you leave. I have things to do.”


Sanada quickly whirled around, his eyes widened and he immediately blushed. You could hear Yukimura chuckle behind Sanada and Niou let out a whistle while Kirihara blushed just like Sanada, staring at your lingerie with big round eyes. Sanada stuttered, looking from you to his teammates and back to you. Suddenly he ripped off his jersey and threw the jacket at you “PUT SOMETHING ON! That’s indecent!” You giggled and waved at his teammates before slipping into his oversized jacket.  Sanada wasn’t prepared that you looked even sexier in his jersey and to make things worse Kirihara piped up, “I want a girl(boy)friend just like (Name)!” Sanada started to yell at his teammates “Don’t look! Out! All of you out!” while you just laughed about the whole commotion…


Marui looked over his shoulder, a grin slowly spreading across his face. Sanada covered his eyes, not daring to look at you as well as Yagyuu who politely averted his eyes. Kirihara was blinking up at you, his mouth hanging open “Woooah.” Marui grinned “You have to be a tensai to get a girl(boy)friend like that, Akaya.” You rolled your eyes “Can you come, pleeeease?” Marui laughed and walked up to you “Don’t worry. How could I not come if you look like that?” He gently ran his hand over your arm “Just give me a second.” He linked his hand with yours before turning to his teammates “Sorry guys, let’s talk about it tomorrow I have something else in mind right now.” He waved at the Rikkaidai regulars before dragging you along with him, leaving the rest of the team standing in your front door…


Kiriharaquickly ran to you, desperately trying to cover you with his hands. His cheeks were flushed red and the rest of the team started to laugh about his desperate behavior. His cheeks were burning when he held you close and childishly glared at his teammates as if you were his favorite toy and they wanted to take it from him. Sanada yelled at Kirihara to calm down while Niou let his gaze wander over your body, upsetting Kirihara even more. You awkwardly cleared your throat “U-Uhmm, I’m going to wait upstairs…” You walked back to the bedroom and Kirihara finally calmed down a bit until he noticed how Marui looked at your butt while you walked up the stairs causing Kirihara to lunge at Marui to cover his eyes…


Niou turned around with a sly smirk, thoroughly enjoying the view in front of him. It took some time for him to remember that all of the regulars are staring at you as well. Sanada, Jackal and Kirihara were completely red in the face while Yukimura looked rather unfazed. Yagyuu politely averted his eyes and Yanagi attentively observed the whole scene while Marui checked out your body. You shyly slid behind Niou, feeling a bit embarrassed by everyone looking at you. Niou laughed and gave you a quick pat on the head “No need to be shy.” before turning back to his teammates “Sorry guys, but seems like I already have an appointment.”…


Jirou sleepily turned around with a loud yawn, but suddenly was wide awake when his eyes landed on your lingerie clad body. A big grin spread across his face and he quickly skipped towards you, nuzzling his head in your neck. You giggled when his soft locks tickled you and Jirou whined “I wanna go to bed with you (Name).” not really caring that the rest of the team was watching both of you. You pouted a bit and lightly poked Jirou’s stomach “I was waiting for you…” He looked up from your neck and pinched your cheek in return “But I’m here now (Name), I just have to get rid of  the others…” Behind Jirou Atobe turned to the Hyotei team “We are leaving.  All of you come to ore-sama’s mansion tomorrow to discuss the rest.”…


Hiyoshi’s cheeks were slightly red while he tried to stay calm. Quickly he stepped in front of you, trying to hide most of your body behind his back. Atobe questioningly raised an eyebrow while Oshitari shamelessly looked at your exposed skin. Annoyed Hiyoshi snapped his finger “Eyes up.” Oshitari chuckled while the rest of the team tried to avoid the quarrel except Atobe who seemed to be rather entertained. Hiyoshi rolled his eyes “Out. Now.” Atobe now seemed rather offended and slowly left the house with the rest of the team, but not without declaring “50 laps tomorrow for disrespectful behavior Wakashi.” When everyone had left Hiyoshi turned to you “Thank you, because of you I have to run 50 laps tomorrow…” but his arm already snaked around your waist to bring you into a kiss…


Dan was the first one to see you and almost fainted, his ears turning bright red while he quickly stared at the wall. Akutsu bluntly licked his lips when Sengoku turned around with a smile and immediately walked up to you “Today must be my lucky day!~” He pressed a small peck on your lips, letting his hand ran through your hair “Wait in the bedroom for me, sweetheart.” You grinned and skipped back to the bedroom after waving at the team. Sengoku turned back to his team, innocently smiling at them before shooting Akutsu a stern look “I’m the lucky one here. Sorry, but looks like you have to leave now!~” Sengoku didn’t even wait for the team to leave before walking after you.


Kikumaru excitedly turned around, but let out a dramatic shriek when he saw you dressed in only lingerie. He immediately lunged at you while shouting at his teammates “Don’t look! Nyaa!” He pressed you tightly against his chest, hoping to cover most of your body and rubbed his cheek against your neck. Ryoma pulled his cap lower while Kaidoh, Oishi and Kawamura blushed and averted their eyes. Momo openly gawked at you. Kikumaru glared over his shoulder, whining loudly “Oooishi! Make them stooop! (Name) is mine!” Oishi awkwardly cleared his throat and ushered the team out of your house “U-Uhhm, I-I think we b-better leave now…”


A blush spread across Yuuta’s face when his gaze wandered over your body. As soon as he remembered that his whole team was watching you he turned back around to face them, positioning his body in front of you. Mizuki was twirling a lock of his hair, giving you an approving nod that made Yuuta scowl. Yanagisawa had a stupid grin on his face “(Name) looks hot, dane.” Yuuta’s hand were balled into fists and he had to hold himself back from punching his teammates when he hissed “Out! All of you – now!” Mizuki chuckled and patted Yuuta’s shoulder “Very well, but I would like to add that the color really matches your hair (Name).” Yuuta was practically fuming and pushed them all out of the door before slamming it shut. With an exhausted sigh he walked up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist “Don’t let them look at you…”

Please support H.R. 223: Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Relief Act of 2011

Nonviolent pot prisoners like Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, could be released after serving only half their time.

This bill would “amend the federal criminal code to direct the Bureau of Prisons, pursuant to a good time policy, to release a prisoner who has served one half or more of his or her term of imprisonment if that prisoner: (1) has attained age 45; (2) has never been convicted of a crime of violence; and (3) has not engaged in any violation, involving violent conduct, of institutional disciplinary regulations.”

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Hi! I´m really happy thanks to your blog! I understand if you don´t take request in this moment :C but I would like a headcanon for Ryoga when he really falling in love (Ah! I'm so sorry for my english, I´m trying really hard!)

Aww, don’t worry I understand you perfectly fine and English isn’t my first language either. <33


  • he would still be extremely flirty but only towards you
  • an obvious sign for him really loving you is that he actually blushes whenever you return his affection or just compliment him
  • he would constantly make silly jokes just to see you laugh
  • despite his usual laid-back attitude he is a bit of a worrywart whenever he gets the feeling that something could happen to you
  • he often takes a nap on your lap urging you to play with his hair
  • Ryoga often gives you one of his oranges to remind you of him
  • he’s really really weak against your puppy dog eyes, one glance is enough and he immediately gives in
  • he tries to teach you tennis (he doesn’t really care if you are good at tennis and secretly hopes you are bad so he can “teach you how to hold a racket” by wrapping his arms around you)
  • he can actually get quite serious when you talk to him about your problems and tries his best to help you or give you a good advice

Marc Emery’s U.S. prosecutor urges pot legalization | CBC News

The former U.S. district attorney who prosecuted B.C. marijuana activist Marc Emery in a cross-border sting is calling for the legalization and taxation of pot in Canada and the U.S.

John McKay, a former U.S. attorney for the western district of Washington State, was joined by Emery’s wife Jodie and former B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant at a lecture in Vancouver on Wednesday.

McKay said he did not regret prosecuting Emery because he broke U.S. law, but he believes the war on pot has been a complete and total failure. He said the laws keeping pot illegal no longer serve any purpose, but allow gangs and cartels to generate billions in profits.

“I want to say this just as clearly and as forthrightly as I can, marijuana prohibition, criminal prohibition of marijuana is a complete failure,” McKay said.

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Happy ending for the post you did where the boys get broken up with because of tennis pleaseeee!!!

Anon:  Hey Mia! I was wondering if you can write a part 2 to the post you made about the boys thinking that tennis is more important than their S/O? About maybe making up?? Thanks so much!!

Happy ending for this scenario. Somehow this is soo long, sry! <3


It had been 3 weeks since you broke up with Ryoma. It had been hell, you thought you would feel better, but you had barely slept. Ryoma tried to call you and wrote you countless messages, begging you to at least talk with him one more time. You ignored all of his calls, but spent every night reading through the messages he sent you or listening to the voice messages he left you.

You walked through the convenience store, throwing some instant noodles and frozen pizzas into your shopping cart, you didn’t really feel like cooking. To be honest, you didn’t feel like doing anything. You just wanted to go to the checkout counter when you bumped against someone. You looked up to apologize, but your breath hitched when you came face to face with Ryoga. Ryoga smiled at you “You don’t look so good, sweetheart. How are you doing?” You forced a small smile. You always had been on good terms with Ryoga, but he just reminded you so much of Ryoma. They both looked so similar, especially since Ryoma grew up. You didn’t notice that you were staring at him for a long time until Ryoga gave you a gentle pat on the head “Ahh, you almost look as bad as Chibisuke.” You wanted to ask him about Ryoma but you just looked at him with big eyes. Ryoga sighed “Cat got your tongue?… Well, I probably shouldn’t joke about it.” Ryoga played with one of his oranges before glancing back at you, suddenly completely serious “Ryoma more or less told me what happened. I’m not going to tell you to forgive him, but you don’t look happy. Ryoma has an important match tomorrow, come and watch. If I can tell him that you might come it’s probably the only way to get him to even show up for the match…” Before you could say anything Ryoga was already gone with only a quick wave.

You were awake the whole night, thinking about what to do. Should you go? You wanted nothing more than seeing Ryoma again, but you remembered vividly how lonely you felt during the last months of your relationship. You didn’t know why or how but you ended up going to the match. You had a seat in the back, looking over all the people who came to watch Ryoma play. As soon as Ryoma stepped on the court you could tell that he was different. He lacked the usual confidence in his steps and his cap was lower than usual, hiding his eyes completely. Ryoma placed his tennis bag on the bench before looking up, his eyes scanning over the mass of people. 

Suddenly his eyes landed on you, somehow managing to make you out among everyone else. His expression turned determined and he quickly stepped on the court, holding his racket tightly. You loved watching Ryoma play and you could see that he was going all out, but it brought back so many memories. As soon as Ryoma made the winning shot you rushed out of the stadium. You were just so confused. What did you really want? Why did you even go to the match, weren’t you the one who ended the relationship? What did you even expect to happen?! Why should everything suddenly be different. Exhausted you plopped down on a bench, angrily wiping the tears threatening to spill over. You had your head buried in your hands when you heard quick steps coming in your direction “(Name)!” You would recognize that voice everywhere and quickly looked up. 

Ryoma was standing in front of you, still wearing his tennis clothes. You stood up and tried to run away, but before you could get away Ryoma gently took hold of your wrist “Please (Name)… don’t run away from me.” Ryoma’s voice sounded so sad, it made your chest ache. You stared down at Ryoma’s shoes, not daring to look at his face because you knew exactly that you wouldn’t be able to hold back your tears. Ryoma let go of your wrist to softly intertwine your hand with his. You noticed how perfectly they fit together, feeling his warmth spread over your cold skin “(N-Name)… Please. I know that it was my fault… I know that I am the one who messed up and I know that I don’t deserve you, but I love you. I hate myself for not saying it more often, but I love you so much and I hate myself for not noticing how much I hurt you. I wanted to let you go. I really wanted you to find someone better than me, but I’m selfish. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I can’t even hold the damn racket without thinking about you! You said you hope that I manage to fulfill my dream but how should I do that when you a part of my dream?!” 

Ryoma’s voice was hoarse and desperate, his hold on your hand tightening “Please… I need just one more chance. I know that I don’t deserve it, but I won’t mess up again. I would do anything for you (Name)… I realized that now. Please… I would never hurt you so much again. I love you (Name).” You could tell from Ryoma’s voice that he was crying and you slowly lifted your head, tears streaming down your face as well “Promise?” Ryoma looked a bit confused “Promise. D-Do you mean…” before he could finish talking you had your arms thrown around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder “I-I love you too. B-But if you ever mess up again we are seriously done.” Ryoma’s arms immediately wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer “One more chance is all I need. I love you so much (Name).” You stood like that for a long time before Ryoma slowly pulled back to capture your lips in a tender kiss. “You look tired (Name). Come on, let’s go home…” he tried to wipe your tears, but you were still crying, overwhelmed by all your feeling. With a small sigh Ryoma gently placed his cap on your head “Stop crying… I want you to be happy.” Through your tears you pouted up at Ryoma “Stupid Ryoma. It’s all your fault.” Ryoma nodded his head with a small smile, “I know, but I promise to take care of you from now on.” He gently took hold of your hand and tugged you along with him back to the stadium. He just wanted to take you back home and hold you close and that was exactly what he did…


You sat in the cafe where you had your first date with Atobe, wondering why you kept coming here every day. Since the break-up with Atobe you couldn’t do anything. You missed him. You missed him so much that all you could only think about him. You couldn’t close your eyes without seeing his face, without remembering how happy he made you. You knew that it wouldn’t be easy to forget Atobe, he was the man you loved more than anything else in the world after all, but it already had been more than 4 weeks. Atobe wrote you dozen messages. He called you so often you had to turn off your phone to stop yourself from answering. You lived at a friend’s house at the moment, but you still missed your old home. It wasn’t the luxury you missed, you missed the feeling of home only Atobe could give you. You missed how Atobe would kiss your forehead and whisper ‘I love you’ when he came home late and you were already half asleep.

You ordered your 6thcup of coffee. You couldn’t sleep at night because of the nightmares. Well, you couldn’t really call them nightmares. Every night you dreamed about Atobe – about the good times with Atobe and every time you woke up you realized again what happened to your relationship, how everything was broken now. That was the reason you didn’t really sleep during the last 3 days and barely ate. You knew it wasn’t the best to only have tons of coffee every day, but you didn’t really care. You just wanted to forget about what happened so why couldn’t you?! Why couldn’t you forget about Atobe despite how much he hurt you? You looked up when someone walked into the cafe and your eyes widened when they land on the man entering the little cafe. Atobe. 

He wore a perfectly fitting suit, but you could see the small signs indicating how he really felt. His shoulders were slightly slumped, his eyes were dull and his jaw clenched. You both were staring at each other, but when Atobe took a step towards you, you shot up from your chair, not caring about the coffee you spilled all over the table. You quickly threw some money on the table before rushing to the door. You shoved past Atobe, breathing in the faint smell of his cologne. You heard Atobe shout your name, but you mindlessly ran through the mass of people walking around in the shopping district. Somehow you made it into a nearby park, your head was spinning from all the running and probably the lack of sleep. You just wanted to sit down on a bench or something when you heard Atobe call out your name, his voice not more than a whisper. You turned around and shortly wondered why you even thought you would be able to outrun him. Atobe slowly walked up to you with a pleading look in his eyes “Just give me one minute (Name), please.” One minute? Did he really think something you change in a single minute?! “Just leave me alone Atobe!” 

Atobe visibly flinched at the use of his last name. You wanted to take off running, but when you turned around you stumbled over your own legs, dark spots clouding your vision. Before you could fall Atobe had one arm wrapped around your waist, holding you upright “Are you okay (Name)?!” Stubbornly you tried to wriggle out of his hold “I’m fine! Just let me be!” Atobe loosened his grip, but you immediately stumbled, causing Atobe to tighten his hold again “Just let me help you!” With a weak voice you tried to protest, but Atobe easily picked you up and set you down on a bench before crouching down in front of you.  He gently cupped your face and softly traced the dark circles under your eyes “When was the last time you slept (Name)?” You unconsciously leaned into his touch, suddenly feeling so tired after not being able to sleep for such a long time. Atobe cursed under his breath and suddenly picked you up again “You have to sleep (Name)…” You squirmed a bit, but soon rested your head against his chest. The last thing you noticed before you fell asleep was Atobe tightening his hold on you while he soothingly whispered into your ear.

You woke up in an all too familiar bed, wondering if your dream was reality before it all came crashing down again. You slowly sat up and angrily rubbed your teary eyes. Atobe quietly opened the door and walked into the room with a small tray full of food. When he saw that you were awake, he placed it down on the nightstand “You should eat something (Name). I had the doctor come over and you should be fine after catching up on sleep. I had a maid change your clothes as well.” You looked down on yourself and saw that you were wearing one of Atobe’s oversized shirts. You jumped out of the bed to glare at Atobe “Give me back my clothes so I can go!” Atobe frowned and stepped closer to you. You could see the worry and despair on his face “(Name), can you please listen to me before you go? I know I don’t have the right to ask you for a favor, but please.” You tried to keep your face expressionless, not wanting Atobe to see how weak his presence made you “Oh, don’t you have tennis or work to do?” 

A look of hurt flashed over Atobe’s face, “No. I took the day off after I brought you here yesterday. (Name), I want to apologize that it took me so long to realize my mistake. I should have never make you feel like that. I love you (Name). I can’t imagine loving anyone as much as you and I don’t want to. I don’t even know how I couldn’t see that I was ruining our relationship and I don’t know if I ever can make it up to you, but you have to know that I will spend the rest of my life trying. I need you in my life, love. You are the one thing that makes me happy, the one thing I don’t want to lose. I haven’t once slept in our bed since you left, I just couldn’t. The whole mansion feels empty without you here. I thought a long time about how I could win you back. I know that it would be no use to buy you gifts, but I can give you one thing. Time. If you still love me and if you could ever consider me to give me a second chance I promise to spend more time with you. I found someone who could take over parts of my work to spend more time with you. I know I still made a mistake, but nothing will ever change how much I love you.” Atobe’s voice was firm and honest, but there were silent tears falling down his face. 

You slowly walked closer to Atobe with tears in your eyes as well “A-Are you serious?” Atobe’s hand instinctively reached out to gently cradle your face, wiping every single tear “I am serious. One call and someone is going to take over some of my work. You have to know that I never wanted to hurt you (Name). I love you too much to ever do something like that again.” You knew that you could believe every word Atobe said, if you know something for sure it was that Atobe never makes the same mistake twice and never lies to you. With an exhausted sigh you let yourself sink into Atobe’s arms, trusting him to catch you “One last chance. I missed you so much Keigo.” Atobe immediately wrapped his arms around you, dipping down to catch your lips in a loving kiss before whispering “Thank you. Thank you so much. I promise to not let you down again” You smiled against his lips, “I love you, idiot.”  Chuckling Atobe picked you up, playfully twirling you around before gently placing you on the bed, “So, now it is breakfast in bed for you, princess!” You giggled and enjoyed your breakfast while catching up with Atobe. When you fell asleep against his shoulder after talking for a long time Atobe placed a loving peck on your forehead. He pulled the blanket up to your shoulders before gently shifting you to lie on top of his chest, tightly wrapping his arms around you to watch over you.


You picked at your food while you halfheartedly listened to your “date” talk about himself, like he already did the whole evening. It had been more than 2 weeks since the break-up and according to your friend you needed a date instead of moping around all day long – something about new love new life. Your friend set you up with the guy, telling you that he was such a ‘good catch’. You only agreed to make her shut up, not feeling like having a date at all since you could only think about Tezuka and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. With an inaudible sigh you took a sip of your wine, could he please shut up?! You didn’t really have high expectations, but you expected him to be at least a bit of a gentleman and not a total dick. Instead of listening to the guys rambling you thought about your first date with Tezuka, at least that made you smile. Speak of the devil – exactly that moment Tezuka walked into the restaurant with one of his colleagues. You would have laughed if you weren’t so shocked. Tezuka looked equally surprised and both of you stared at each other until your “date” interrupted you “Oi, are you even listening?!” You muttered a small apology and broke eye contact with Tezuka. 

You wondered why you panicked about the thought of Tezuka thinking you were in a relationship with someone else. Out of the corner of your eyes you could see how Tezuka sat down with his colleague, his face was tense and he constantly looked at the table you were sitting at. This was probably the worst date of your life. You had tried your best to forget about Tezuka and now he had to be here of all places? !  With one gulp you emptied your wine glass and sent your “date” a fake apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling well. I think it’s better if I take my leave now.” Honestly, there was no way you would ever like a guy like him and you just wanted to get out of here, away from the guy and Tezuka. The guy grumbled and payed the bill while complaining about how expensive it was. You offered to pay for yourself, but he waved you off. Well, if he wanted to pay he should not complain, besides you just had a salad. 

The guy already walked out of the restaurant, leaving you to gather your things yourself and slip into your jacket before rushing out of the restaurant with a last quick glance at Tezuka. The guy already stood outside of the restaurant and sent you a sly smirk “Should we drive to your place or would you prefer my place?” You knew exactly what he was implying and rolled your eyes, did he really think you would do something like that after such a date? “I really don’t feel well, I’m just going to take a taxi.” The guy grinned “I can take care of you, I just take the taxi with you home.” You suppressed an annoyed groan, you would really have to talk to your friend about the people she tried to set you up with “I said no. I’m going home – alone.” The guy glared at you “Are you serious! Why do you think I took you on a date and even paid!” You took a deep breath to calm yourself down and just wanted to give the rude idiot a piece of your mind when someone gently grabbed your upper arm to pull you towards him and a stern voice intervened “The lady/gentleman said no. It would be wise to leave now.” You tilted your head back and could see Tezuka glaring at the guy, his hand still gently holding onto your arm. The guy spat a few insults before disappearing into a taxi. 

You slowly turned around to Tezuka “Thank you, but I could have taken care of it.” Tezuka’s face softened and you could see a deep sadness in his eyes “I know (Name). He didn’t treat you right, I couldn’t tolerate such behavior towards you.” Always a gentleman, you sadly smiled up at Tezuka “W-Well, I better leave now…” You took a few steps towards one of the waiting taxis when suddenly Tezuka grabbed your arm again to stop you “(Name)… I know you didn’t react to my attempts to talk with you, I can understand why and it’s your right to keep ignoring me, but please… can I please talk to you?” You never saw Tezuka so hopeless and broken, you wanted nothing more than pulling him into your arms. You had to fight back the urge to just run into his arms. Despite how much you still loved Tezuka you couldn’t forget how much he hurt you, how he didn’t seem to care. You sighed, well you had nothing to lose “Fine, but I need a coffee first.” A small smile spread across Tezuka’s face “Thank you. Come on, let’s buy a drink and then we can take a small walk in the park if you like.” You nodded your head an let Tezuka lead you to the small coffee shop across the street. You noticed how he gently placed a hand on the small of your back to pull you out of the way before someone could bump into you. His soft touches made your heart ache, why did your relationship have to end like that. Why didn’t you manage to make it work?

Tezuka silently walked next to each other for a while, your grip on your cup tightened when Tezuka stopped walking to turn to you “I tried to reach you during the last weeks… You didn’t answer your phone and your friends wouldn’t even tell me where you live now or else I would have talked to you sooner.” Tezuka shakily ran a hand through his hair “Not that I blame you. You have every right to not want to talk to me ever again, after all I am the only one to blame.” You never saw so much insecurity and guilt on Tezuka’s face before. You wanted nothing more than go back to your good times, but how should you know that everything wouldn’t be like before. You wouldn’t be able to bear it if he made you feel so alone again, if he made you feel like he didn’t care about you. Tezuka was fighting to keep his composure before he continued to talk “I don’t understand how it took you telling me for me to understand how much I was hurting you. I will never be able to understand how I could ever hurt you. Why wasn’t I able to see it?!” 

You were shocked when you saw how despaired Tezuka was, his usual calmness long gone. “My life is a mess without you (Name). I can’t be calm without you around me and when I saw you in the restaurant with this guy… I just couldn’t bear the thought of seeing you with someone else. (Name)… I need you. I sadly can’t turn back the time, I would if I could. I love you. I always have and always will love you.” A single tear slid down Tezuka’s face and you unconsciously reached out to wipe it away while Tezuka continued to talk in a weak voice “I don’t know what to do anymore… I want you back so much, but I can never undo what happened. All I can say now is that I really love you, I care about you so much and if you ever consider taking me back I can swear you that I will never take you for granted again. I will treat you how you deserve it. You are more important to me than tennis, more important than anything else…” 

Tezuka’s voice died down at the end and he hung his head before mumbling “I better leave now. Come on, I walk you to a taxi… It’s already late…” Tezuka took a few steps back to the restaurant. You looked after him for a few seconds, watching how his usual broad shoulders seemed loaded with worry. Quickly you ran after him, wrapping your arms around his torso to press your face into his back “I… I still love you, Kunimitsu. One last chance and please don’t make me regret it…” Tezuka stood frozen for a while before he quickly spun around, placing his hands on your hips when he asked with a deep voice “Are you serious?” You shyly nodded your head and Tezuka pulled you into his chest, holding you tightly “Thank god… I promise to treasure you (Name).” He gently stroked over your hair while burying his face into your neck. You could feel his body shake in your arms and Tezuka mumbled in your ear over and over again how much he loves you.


You walked out of the door, the loud sound of the door closing behind you echoing in your ears. It was drizzling, making the night seem even darker and drearier. You grabbed your bag tighter, noticing just now how heavy it felt. Was that really it? Years of relationship just over. Tears were streaming down your face, stinging in the cold night wind, but you didn’t even bother wiping them. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to stop crying. You had no idea where to go. Well, you would have to figure something out. You could probably crash at a friend’s place for this night and think about it tomorrow. You remembered the look of sadness in Yukimura’s eyes, the thought of it making you sob. Maybe he did care? Or maybe you just wished he did. If he did care why would he treat you that way. If he really did love you he wouldn’t have let you feel so alone, right? You were too tired to fight for your relationship any longer. You already fought for a long time, hoping that the love you felt for him was enough to make things work, hoping that he would realize your feelings, but now you were just tired. Tired and empty – too weak to fight, too weak to bear it. You had never felt so alone in the world, never so hopeless like you did now. 

You stopped walking through the rain and let your bag fall down, not caring that it would get wet. You fumbled through your pockets for your phone, deciding to call a taxi. You whirled around when you heard quick footsteps behind you. Yukimura was running towards you, his hair messy and wet from the rain “Wait (Name)!” You backed away, not expecting him to come after you, but Yukimura quickly shortened the distance between you backing you up against a the wall of a house. Yukimura’s face was wet, tears mixed with rain, his hands were dirty from the flower soil and his breathing was laborious. You flinched when you saw the look in his eyes, full of determination and something you couldn’t really grasp. Yukimura rested one hand next to your head, efficiently trapping you. You looked up at him with wide eyes, not knowing what to expect from him. Yukimura let his head fall forward, water dripping down on your face from his hair and he suddenly looked so broken. You shortly wondered how he could still look so beautiful, his blue, almost purple eyes were shining with tears. 

You stared at each other for a long time before Yukimura let out a sad sigh, his other hand came up to gently cradle your face, his thumb brushing away the tears you didn’t notice sliding down your cheeks “(Name)… Don’t cry. Please…” You almost had to laugh, because he cried at least as much as you. Yukimura’s hand felt so warm against your skin, so gentle and caring – so real. “I really messed up this time, huh?” Yukimura was more talking to himself than to you “Look Seiichi, I-I really love you, but I’m just tired… I can’t do this anymore. It just hurts…” Yukimura looked as if you were plunging a knife into his stomach “Oh god, you have no idea how sorry I am. All I ever wanted for you was to be happy… I wanted to make you happy and I didn’t even notice that I was the one hurting you the most.” a humorless laugh escaped Yukimura’s mouth “I’m so pathetic. I couldn’t even protect the one person important to me from myself, how pathetic is that?” Yukimura took a shaky breath “But despite that I know what an asshole I was I can’t let you walk away from me – not like that… not ever. I love you too much to just watch when you walk away.” 

His words were getting to you and you felt your resolve crumble, but it’s not like you could easily forget how you felt during the last few weeks. Yukimura gently tilted your head up “Look at me (Name)… I never wanted to make you feel like you are not important to me, like I don’t care about you because to be honest all I care about is you. I thought that nothing in this world could break us apart and in the end it was me who managed to do it.  I was just too immersed in tennis and almost forgot why I try my best in tennis.” Yukimura softly brushed his lips over yours “You – You are the reason I want to get better. You are the reason I keep going. You are the one I want to make proud. You are everything I want. I know I can’t make up for what I did – maybe I never can, but I will try if you give me the chance to do so. Maybe it’s selfish, but I can’t let you go. I just can’t. (Name), I love you so much. I don’t want to ever hurt you again. I know now what my mistake was and I would never let you feel that way again. Never. You have to believe me… please. Don’t give up on us. Give me the chance to make this right again. Please believe in me just one more time…” You looked at Yukimura for a long time, searching in his eyes for something to tell you what to do. Yukimura’s eyes bored into yours and you could only see love in them. Slowly you raised on your tiptoes and placed your lips on his. 

A silent gasp escaped Yukimura’s lips before he quickly wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you against him, his other hand cupped the back of your head to deepen the kiss. The rain didn’t bother you any longer, feeling the heat of his body against yours felt so right. When you wanted to pull back from the kiss Yukimura tightened his hold on you, not wanting to break the kiss. Soon both of you were out of breath and Yukimura rested his forehead against yours, his arm still secure around your waist “You are so beautiful… Does this mean you give me the chance to show you how much I love you?” A small smile spread across your face when you nodded your head “I love you Seii-chan.” With a wide grin Yukimura quickly pecked your lips “I love you. Does that mean I can take you home with me again?” Again you nodded your head and Yukimura picked up your bag, slinging it over his shoulder before suddenly picking you up as well. You squealed, but wrapped your arms around his neck “What are you doing?” Yukimura chuckled and carried you back to your house “I’m never letting you go again…”


You were a mess. All your anger was gone, leaving behind a feeling of loneliness and sadness. Even after 2 weeks you couldn’t believe that your relationship was over, despite you being the one who ended it. You just couldn’t believe it really happened. You just couldn’t believe that someone who had made you so happy could make you so sad. Everything had been so perfect, so why had Fuji suddenly no time for you? You still couldn’t really understand what happened. Did he just stop loving you? You thought your relationship was the real deal. You thought Fuji and you would grow old together - You spent so much time together and to be honest you still loved him so much. You both were so happy so why did it change? 

You spent the two weeks curled up on your best friends couch, altering between staring at the wall and sobbing into your blanket. You tried to throw away the bracelet Fuji gave you for your 2 years anniversary, but you just couldn’t. You already wore the bracelet for years and I just felt wrong to take it off. Your friend had confiscated your phone after you almost threw out of the window when Fuji tried to call you. You wondered how your friend could even put up with you. You groaned and rolled over on the couch when your friend waltzed into the living room, actually you shouldn’t groan after all it was her couch and her living room. Your friend unceremoniously ripped the blanket away from you “Stand up! We are going out today.” You glared at your friend “I don’t want to…” Your friend rolled her eyes “I don’t care if you want or not. You are freeloading here sweetheart, so you are going to get dressed now. I  have a surprise for you!” You had no chance against your friend and ended up getting dressed and dragged out of the house. 

Your friend ushered you in her car and blindfolded you. You just let her do whatever she wanted, knowing that there it would be useless to argue with her. After driving for a while your friend stopped and helped you out of the car, “Can I take the blindfold off? I’m not really in the mood for your games. Let’s just get this over with so I can go back to my or your couch, whatever you want to call it.” Your friend just giggled and led you somewhere, in some shop or house. She sat you down on something soft, instructing you to count to 100 before you take off the blindfold. When you finally ripped off the blindfold your eyes widened. You were in your own living room, well more Fuji’s and your living room. It looked slightly different, your couch and table were gone and you were sitting on a soft beanbag, a few candles lightening the otherwise dark room. You frowned, what the hell was going on?! You wanted to stand up and leave as soon as possible when suddenly a movie started to play on the tv. 

A blurry video of you hugging Fuji after he won a tournament followed by pictures of you and Fuji. Some you knew and some you didn’t even knew existed – Fuji and you sleeping in a car after a party, Fuji and you during a picnic, Fuji giving you a piggyback during a hiking trip, you both and some friends during a barbecue at your house, you waving flowers into Fuji’s hair, a short video of Yuuta and you playing tennis against Fuji, a picture of Fuji having an arm wrapped around your shoulder while you were sitting on the beach, pictures of your last birthday when Fuji threw you a surprise party, you placing reindeer antlers on Fuji’s head on Christmas, you sleeping on Fuji’s lap. Halfway through the movie you started to cry, curling up on the beanbag. When the movie ended you felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around. Fuji stood behind you and slowly lowered himself next you, pulling you into his chest while you continued to sob. He gently stroked over your hair, clutching you against him. You breathed in his familiar scent, loving how familiar the fabric of his shirt felt against your cheek. Fuji felt how you balled his shirt in your fist and pulled you closer, enjoying the feeling of finally holding you in his arms again. 

You sat like that for a long time until Fuji slowly pulled back. He gently cupped your face, coaxing you to look up in his face. Fuji’s voice sounded hoarse when he started to speak “(Name)… I don’t even know what to say. I thought about what to say for the last 2 weeks, but now I forgot everything. I love you so much (Name). I love you so so much. You can’t imagine how much I hate myself for how I treated you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up on you.” Fuji gently traced the bracelet on your wrist “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the girl/boy I want to marry one day so I just can’t give up our relationship so easily. I know it’s my fault. God, how could I be so stupid? Please (Name), I need you. I know a simple apology can’t make up for how I treated you the last months… I should never have let something like that happen. How could I leave you so alone? How could I make my own girl(boy)friend feel lonely, feel like I don’t care?” 

Fuji’s voice cracked at the end and he shorty averted his eyes as if he was embarrassed by his own behavior “To be honest I’m disgusted by myself.” Fuji let out a humorless chuckle “Yuuta almost punched me when I told him what happened. I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t really do it… I would deserve it. (Name) you have seen the photos right now… you have seen how happy you make me, how happy we both were. I should have never risked what we have, but I can promise you that I would never let things go so wrong again. I would make you feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world because that’s exactly what you are to me. I can make more time for you. I managed to have more time for you before, but I somehow took you for granted and I would never let that happen again. I adore you (Name). You are perfect in every way for me. You make me a better person. Please give me another chance… please let me see you smile next to me again, please let me try to be the boyfriend you deserve. Plea…” 

Tears were brimming in Fuji’s beautiful eyes and you cut him off by cupping his face and pull him down to you, crashing you lips against his. You could feel Fuji relax when he lovingly worked his lips against yours. He gently grabbed your hips, lifting you up a bit to place you on his lap, his arm curled around your waist to pull you impossibly close while his other hand tangled in your hair. When you pulled back you panted against his lips, “I love you… I missed you so much.” Fuji smiled against your lips and pulled you into another kiss. The kiss was incrediblegentle as if you were the most frail and precious person in the world, making you feel weak and strong at the same time. After the kiss you rested your head against Fuji’s chest, his arms secured around you, holding you against his body. 

You both smiled at each other, feeling the world shift back to normal again. You tilted your head back, looking up at Fuji “How did you make the video?” Fuji grinned, you could feel the muscles flex in his arms when he tried to pull you even closer “Mhhm, I had to ask a lot people to get all of them. We can watch it again if you want… Well, if you decide to stay here with me?” You smiled, seeing how much Fuji needed reassurance that you wouldn’t leave again “I stay.” in a teasing voice you added “…if you cook dinner later and watch the video with me again.” You could feel Fuji’s chest rumble when he laughed, pressing a kiss against the side of your head “Whatever you want, (Name)… but now I just want to hold you for a while. It just feels so perfect to have you in my arms again.” You nuzzled your head into Fuji’s chest, enjoying how he gently stroked your lower back, letting his touch wash away all the stress and sadness from the last weeks…

The ‘Prince of Pot' Marc Emery denied prison transfer

In the same week an Ontario court struck down Canada’s marijuana law, “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery was told he won’t be allowed a prison transfer and must serve his entire sentence in the U.S.

Kirk Tousaw, a Canadian lawyer for Emery, said authorities told his client in a letter received Friday that the U.S. government refused his transfer request due to the “seriousness of the offence” and “law enforcement concerns.”

Emery, who had been imprisoned in Georgia, pleaded guilty Sept. 10 in Seattle to selling marijuana seeds to Americans through his Vancouver-based catalogue company and was sentenced the same day to five years in prison.


"Prince Of Pot", Marc Emery, To Be Released From Prison This Wednesday

“Prince Of Pot”, Marc Emery, To Be Released From Prison This Wednesday

The “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery will be released from a United States prison this Wednesday after serving a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds to customers south of the border.

His wife Jodie – who is gearing up to run for the Liberal party in a federal election in the Vancouver-East riding – says it only dawned on her this weekend that her husband was coming home.

She said, ”He knows…

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a rikkai scenario of their reactions to their crush confessing to them when they had thought that their crush had like no interest in them at all??

I hope you like it, love! <3

You took a deep breath and walked up to him. You would confess now. Sure, it would destroy your friendship if he doesn’t feel the same, but at least you tried. You had practiced what you wanted to say, but everything that came out of your mouth was a blunt “I like you! … I mean I really like you.”


Yukimura’s eyes widened in surprise for a few seconds, but he managed to not show it on his face. An honest smile spread on his face and he hid it well that he actually thought that you weren’t interested in him at all. When you shyly glanced down at your shoes Yukimura noticed that he stared at you longer than he thought and placed one hand on top of your head. You looked back up at his face and saw a playful twinkle in his eyes “No need to be shy, but it’s rather adorable.” His smile widened when he saw the blush on your face “Mhhm, how should I put this? ‘I really like you, too.‘” Yukimura rested one hand on your waist and placed a gentle peck on your cheek…


Sanada blinked at you a few times, not able to process what you were saying. He awkwardly cleared his throat, “I apologize, could you please repeat what you were saying?” You flushed and mumbled the same words again. Sanada blushed as well and for a bit you just stood opposite of each other with bright red faces. Sanada couldn’t believe his ears. He thought that someone like you would never like someone like him and he almost had given up the hope to ever get in a relationship with you. “I f-feel the same, (Name)-san.” His voice sounded gruff, but his expression clearly showed his happiness and when you grabbed his hand he gave it a gentle squeeze, hoping you would understand that he truly meant his words.


Yanagi tilted his head, observing your body language. He was completely thrown off guard by your confession. He was so sure that you weren’t interested in him and he wasn’t really used to be wrong. The probability was only 8,13 % that you would confess to him. Had he made a mistake in his estimation? You started to feel even more embarrassed by all his staring. Yanagi noticed how you shifted uncomfortably and quickly snapped out of his thoughts, feeling his lips tug up into a smile. The data certainly is alive. Yanagi cupped your cheek, smiling at you gently “I didn’t expect you to say that, but you can’t imagine how happy your words make me. To be honest I already like you for a long time.”


Actually Yagyuu wanted to confess to you, being all gentlemanly but he feared the rejection, thinking you had no interest in him. When he heard you he was more than surprised, but quickly forced his surprised down to give you an answer, not wanting you to worry about his answer. Yagyuu gently grabbed your hand, slowly tracing his fingers over your palm before he intertwined your fingers “Thank you (Name)-san. I apologize for not having the courage to confess to you, but you have to know that I feel the same way. I like you a lot and I would be honored to be your boyfriend. I promise to take good care of you.”


Kirihara stared at you with big round eyes “Really?! You like me?!” He pointed with his finger at his own chest. You nodded your head and Kirihara’s mouth formed a perfect O “You are not kidding right? You mean like like in loving?!” Again you nodded, but started to feel a bit insecure because he just didn’t seem to believe you. Suddenly you were crushed into a tight hug, Kirihara’s arms wrapping around your waist “I’m sooo happy! I thought you would never like me, but I liked you for a really really long time!” When he pulled back he had a big grin on his face “I’m so excited to tell everyone that I have an awesome girl(boy)friend!” He looked at you with puppy dog eyes “C-Can we go on a d-date tomorrow?”


Marui had his head tilted to the side and slowly a smug grin spread across his face. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he actually thought he had no chance and now you were standing in front of him confessing your feelings. Marui tried his best to keep up his confident attitude, but there was a small blush visible one his cheeks. To hide his embarrassment he place one finger under your chin and tilted your head upwards, his lips softly brushing over yours. He slowly pulled back, sending you a teasing smirk “Well, I think that already answered how I feel, but I want to say it too. I like you so please go out with me.”


Jackal first looked left and right before looking over his shoulder, checking if you really were talking with him. When he saw that there wasn’t a single person except you and him his cheeks flushed. He stuttered out a few incomprehensible words before taking a deep breath. When he finally had calmed down a bit from the initial shock he shyly smiled at you and sheepishly rubbed his neck “I really like you (Name)-san and I’m so glad you feel the same way. I’m going to try my hardest to be the best possible boyfriend for you!” You giggled about his adorable reaction and Jackal slowly chuckled along with you, feeling completely content and happy.


Niou always was hard to read and that didn’t really calm your nervousness. You didn’t know that Niou actually felt relieved. After thinking you would never return his feelings he couldn’t be happier right now. Soon a grin spread across his face “Aww, that was cute.” You blushed and turned to walk away, getting the feeling that he wasn’t taking you seriously and you didn’t want to humiliate yourself further. Quickly you got stopped by Niou’s arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you back to look at him. He rested his forehead against yours with an honest smile on his face “Sorry, I shouldn’t have teased you, but it really was cute. I like you too (Name). To make up for teasing you I’m going to take you on a nice date. How does that sound?”