Okay so we’ve got all of these (unquestionably gay) sports anime these days. Like:

Kuroko no Basket


Yowamushi Pedal

and of course, Haikyuu!

But does anyone remember the sports anime that was THE sports anime?

You know those precious little dorks that played either solo

or in pairs

but were all a part of the same team

And that even had it’s own live action series

Yeah it’s a bit older than the rest (like 1999 early 2000)

But it’s impossible to deny how attractive


And all around perfect this anime was

So let’s all give it up for and never forget this all important, bad ass, tennis sports anime that’s a senpai too all of those present mainstream sports anime:


To anyone that forgot or somehow hadn’t heard of PoT before this post, I only have one thing to say to you.

Mada mada dane.

Anime in 5 words or less part 1

Kill or be killed. TITANS

Volleyball is life, also Kageyama

Ninjas with issues about Sasuke

Utopia more like uNOPEia

The butler did it. Always.

How is that ball survive?!?


Please support H.R. 223: Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Relief Act of 2011

Nonviolent pot prisoners like Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, could be released after serving only half their time.

This bill would “amend the federal criminal code to direct the Bureau of Prisons, pursuant to a good time policy, to release a prisoner who has served one half or more of his or her term of imprisonment if that prisoner: (1) has attained age 45; (2) has never been convicted of a crime of violence; and (3) has not engaged in any violation, involving violent conduct, of institutional disciplinary regulations.”

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Marc Emery’s U.S. prosecutor urges pot legalization | CBC News

The former U.S. district attorney who prosecuted B.C. marijuana activist Marc Emery in a cross-border sting is calling for the legalization and taxation of pot in Canada and the U.S.

John McKay, a former U.S. attorney for the western district of Washington State, was joined by Emery’s wife Jodie and former B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant at a lecture in Vancouver on Wednesday.

McKay said he did not regret prosecuting Emery because he broke U.S. law, but he believes the war on pot has been a complete and total failure. He said the laws keeping pot illegal no longer serve any purpose, but allow gangs and cartels to generate billions in profits.

“I want to say this just as clearly and as forthrightly as I can, marijuana prohibition, criminal prohibition of marijuana is a complete failure,” McKay said.

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