What is Apocrypha?

Apocrypha is the plane of Oblivion inhabited and ruled by Hermaeus Mora. It is an endless library of forbidden knowledge, resting between a sickly green sky and a writhing black ocean. It is said that if one reads any of the books, they will become attached to the realm, forever hungry for more knowledge, never leaving.

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How does one get to Apocrypha?

Black Books.

Of course, not a literal Black Book. Any item that grants new knowledge can act as a portal to Apocrypha. These portals are called Black Books. 

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Examples of Black Books:

  • Actual books
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Pictures

Once you have a Black Book:

  1. Hold it or touch it.
  2. Meditate- Close your eyes. Take deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Focus on Apocrypha and Hermaeus Mora.
  3. Visualize a green-black void opening up, and tentacles coming out of it. Let the tentacles pull you into the darkness.
  4. Obviously you won’t physically be in Apocrypha at this point, but you should be projecting or traveling there astrally. Don’t expect to see everything with your physical eyes (though that is a possibility).
  5. Explore the halls. Do not look in any of the books. If you see any spirits/creatures floating around, do not worry. They are only there to guard the forbidden knowledge in the books. If you ever do feel threatened, immediately follow step 6.
  6. I don’t recommend staying too long your first time, as it may exhaust you or put a strain on you. To leave, visualize the tentacles pulling you back out of Apocrypha. Keep breathing deeply, then open your eyes.
  7. Shake yourself off, stretch, eat a snack, get a drink. Ground yourself.

I’ll eventually make a post about the inhabitants of Apocrypha, but I hope you enjoyed this!

If you have any questions, my ask box is always open!


article by: marian lu. main article / twitter link

(cnn) the tour was shinee’s first in north america, taking in dallas, los angeles and canada. at the weekend, the k-pop powerhouse performed in hong kong, and on june 11 in taipei.

‘the thought of going to see our fans that have been supporting us from so far away made my heart flutter a bit,” said band member lee tae-min, 23, known as “taemin.”

finding and appreciating k-pop fans

in dallas and los angeles, lee and the rest of shinee band members spoke english between the songs, sharing how much they appreciated fans learning korean and their own love for american food, like in-n-out burgers.

unlike the now typical mercurial k-pop bands, shinee has been around for almost a decade, constantly evolving their look and sound. fans, known as “shawols,” are drawn to shinee for their dance choreography, along with their unique mix of r&b, electronica, rap and rock.

in the last year, several k-pop bands disbanded for various reasons, including scandal. but, one of the reasons for shinee’s longevity, said shekar, is the group’s “zero controversy … every member has held a pristine reputation and have earned themselves an incredible reputation with korean and international fans.

los angeles-based production company subkulture entertainment was able to almost sell out shinee’s us concerts by targeting fans online, like grant who discovered shinee through youtube.

our customer base, like most millennials are very internet savvy and acquire most of their information about k-pop via social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.), which is where we like to focus the majority of our marketing efforts,” said subkulture entertainment ceo derek lee.

but now in their 20s, shinee members are growing out of their “boy band” and “princes of k-pop” monikers. they are also near the age of military enlistment for south korean males, a destiny that threatens to tear other bands like big bang apart.

and while shinee declined to talk about the military, they do plan to perform in the us again sometime soon.

we hope that through our tour, k-pop and k-pop concerts will continue to leave a mark on a market as big as the us,” said taemin.

Cinders to Castles - A spell for a royal confidence/recovery boost

A quick and easy spell inspired by Cinderella’s transformation, it is meant to help the caster experience a positive change in confidence, both mentally and physically. This can also be used to help you recover from a bad experience!


  • Water (preferably river, moon, or vase water - but any cleansed water will do)
  • Incense (preferably related to the intent, like pine. Sandalwood is a good general replacement  too - but any will do!)
  • Sea glass and/or clear quartz
  • Glitter (optional)


  1. Set the sea glass and/or quartz in the water
  2. Focus on your strengths, whether it be things you know about yourself, or strengths others have pointed out in you, let that fuel the fire that burns away your weaknesses (or negative experiences) 
  3. Begin burning the incense, watch the smoke wind upwards, and send your weaknesses (or negative experiences)  with it, letting them dissipate 
  4. Let the incense burn out - or put it out when you feel ready
  5. Take the ashes from the burnt out incense, rub your hands together, covering your hands in the ashes. If you want, you can also smear some on your face and arms (do not put near eyes, mouth, or nose!)
  6. If you have the optional glitter, mix it in to your water
  7. Finally, use the water to wash away the ashes, while saying the following:

“Cinders and ashes are but a disguise,

from out of these ashes, a [ * ] will rise!”

*Traditionally “Princess” but can be replaced with any 2 syllable phrase (ex: ”new Prince”, “Princex”, “new me”)

Heelies to escape the feelies

…or Roman is desperately trying to get a date with the smol emo dancer kid but he’s having none of it @prinxietys

continuation to Flip you….kinda??

((probably not my best work btw))

Warnings: Swearing, blood mention, injury mention, (tell me if i missed somethin’!)


Anxiety was so goddamn tired.

He’d been a total badass, giving Roman what’s what by literally flipping away from him, telling the royal pain exactly what he thought about his little date proposal.

But his victory ended when on his last flip his shoes slipped on the tile, sending him sprawling right over the tile and into the front iffce doors, hands braced to catch himself but only succeeding in getting a painful rug burn that made the entirety of his palms red with small droplets of blood leaking through in some places.He cringed and hissed as the disinfectant sprayed on his hands, covering the carpet burns that burned red on his hands in little fiery pains.

Logan tutted from in front of him, watching the white foam of the hell-spray settle into Anxiety’s into the wounds.”What have I told you about hissing at people?”Anxiety scowled.”Your mom hisses at people.”He jerked back as Logan pushed more spray out of the bottle, again filling his carpet burns with pain.”Christ Logan! That hurts!!”

”Your mom hurts.”The intelligent boy shot back, wrapping Anxiety’s palms tightly.”Maybe now you’ll listen to me when I say no parkour in the halls.”Anxiety rolled his eyes, not even bothering to explain what parkour was to Logan.”Yeah yeah, I won’t do parkour again, promise.It’s not my fault I forgot extra shoes…These are really slippery on all this tile.”Anxiety said, casting a glare at his dancing shoes.

Logan rolled his eyes.”Trade with me.”Anxiety looked up at the other, eyes squinted.”What?”Logan was already unlacing his shoes.”I’m not risking you being hurt again, trade shoes with me or you’re going barefoot.”

Anxiety rolled his eyes.”Fine, i’ll go barefoot then.”Logan looked up, raising an eyebrow.”I’ll give you the math-”Anxiety kicked off his shoes, nudging them over to Logan with his hand outstretched.

Logan’s glasses flashed as he reevaluated his life leading to this point and pulled out his math notes.Setting them in Anxiety’s hands he also pushed his shoes over, ignoring Anxiety’s satisfied smirk.

Anxiety picked up Logan’s shoes, something shining at the bottom.Anxiety gave the small wheel an incredulous look, eyes flicking back over to Logan.

“Are these heelies???”Logan’s eyes widened and his head shot up, staring at Anxiety with a blush slowly forming on his face.Just as quickly he looked down, slipping on Anxiety’s dance shoes.”T-they were on sale.”He mumbled, standing up, adjusting his bag and nearly running out the door.

Anxiety laughed, planning on teasing his brother later about the shoes.He stood, popping the front of his feet foreword and pushing off, sliding through the door.As he approached the throng of students moving from class to class with the tact of cattle following roadsigns he started walking normally as not to cause trouble.

He finally entered a deserted hallway, reading through the math notes to get caught up.”Angel!”Oh god.

He cringed as for the second time that day his space was invaded by the Princely asshat named Roman.”What do you want Sir Sing-a-lot?”

“You’re getting better with your comebacks, i’ll give you that.”Roman said, pushing Anxiety back and standing in front of him, effectively blocking his path.Anxiety watched as Roman opened his mouth and promptly shut his mind, off.He began thinking about anything else than the boy in front of him, already going on a long winded speech.

Anxiety brought himself out of his mental get away to hear the last part of Prince’s voice.”….i have feelings for you Angel.Romantic feelings to be specific.”

Oh god

Oh no

Holy shit what was he supposed to do now???

Anxiety started to panic, visibly paling and eyes shifting.His gaze landed on his shoes, mind racing and empty.’Ohnoohnoohnohohohohohohohgodwhy.’

Prince looked concerned.”Angel? Are you ok-”

Anxiety reached out, slapping Prince, the action creating an audible snapping noise that echoed throught he empty hall.

WEAR THE HEELIES TO ESCAPE YOUR FEELIES!!!”Anxiety screeched, facing heating up as he ran past Prince hand popped his feet, rolling smoothly around the corner, blushing beet red.

Prince was bent awkwardly, still reeling from the slap, the lasting red handprint on his cheek stinging.

“What the fuck?”