Alright then, here are some clean images of Jack Frost, Prince of Nightmares. Jerk Frost. This style of Jack would be if he was made into the nightmare child that Pitch had failed to create at first. Jack would’ve accepted it to save the other so on and so on. 

I imagine the fearlings this young Prince would make would be highly influenced by Jack’s wintry core. His personality would move into some icy extremes as well, heading towards a cold narcissism. His ‘fun’ would definitely border on the sadistic and harmful, a “if I’m not having fun then no one is having fun” basis.

I was thinking about the 1979 Jack Frost, how he causes little pranks and inconveniences with his shadow, and how Jerk Frost would use his fearlings for mostly the same things (without that whole ‘for love’ thing). He names them and sees them as close, clever pets who are always on the same page. He only has 4 fearlings.

My sister named this fearling May-hue, by the way.