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imagine if Taemin is the Prince of the vampires and Minho is a werewolf and when taemin is in the woods and he gets jumped by a bunch of werewolves and they try to kill him but Minho comes and protects Taemin. Taemin and Minho fall in love after that

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But yes! I love this so much!

I’m thinking of something so different from the usual though? Because usually when people make Taemin a vampire, they make his this super stuck up, bratty vampire who thinks he’s the best just because he’s a vampire. (or at least thats what I usually see)

So just imagine Taemin as a vampire, obviously he’s pretty strong being the Prince and all but it’s not like he flaunts it? He’s generally pretty reserved and likes to keep to himself, so he really only goes places when people need him to and he doesn’t like to live in too much luxury. It’s too flashy for him and he prefers something more discreet, but he’s also a very curious little fellow. It doesn’t matter how many centuries he’s been alive, he likes to wonder a bit from time to time. So he’s currently living in the woods because it’s the safest place for him to be, where he can be far away enough from people to avoid the temptation of biting someone but also deep enough in the woods where no humans generally venture and he can prey on different animals for fill his thirst.

And one day, he wonders a little too far into the forest while looking for food and ends up in wolf territory. 

Of course, he could handle dealing with a werewolf, but a whole pack isn’t something he can handle on his own without getting severely injured in the process. So when a whole pack of wolves are surrounding him, he doesn’t even put up a fight because he knows he won’t win, and he also doesn’t want to stir up trouble where there doesn’t need to be. Instead, he tries to explain to them that he was just following a deer through the woods for food and he didn’t mean to enter their territory. Werewolves are pretty stubborn though and they don’t believe him because they think he’s nothing more than a sneaky little vampire trying to ambush them.

But then comes in the alpha, aka Minho, who stops them from attacking Taemin. Minho is arguably one of the biggest of the werewolves and maybe the strongest if you really get him going but he’s also the most level-headed and probably the least stubborn of the pack. He doesn’t exactly trust Taemin, because why would a werewolf blindly trust a vampire? But he at least knows that Taemin isn’t going to ambush them because it would be stupid for one vampire to go up against an entire pack of wolves.

So he pretty much threatens to hurt anyone that goes against him and attacks Taemin and then makes them all leave. Taemin is super thankful and offers to show Minho where he lives so that Minho can even keep an eye on him if he wants, to prove that he really means no trouble. Minho, of course, agrees because he wants to ensure that no one is going to hurt anyone in his pack and he switches back to looking like a human.

The whole walk back is filled with light and awkward conversation, mainly Minho wondering why Taemin isn’t with his clan and Taemin explaining exactly who he is and why he doesn’t want to be there. Taemin thanks Minho for saving him again and comments on how pretty Minho’s wolf is, which makes Minho embarrassed because he’s used to people telling him he looks intimidating but never pretty

Eventually they end up becoming friends, which makes a minor peace treaty between Taemin and the werewolves in that forest because even Taemin admits that some vampires are very hard-headed and probably would cause trouble, while Minho admits that some werewolves probably go looking for trouble too.

Even though not everyone in the pack really accepts Taemin, they all accept that Minho is pretty smitten with him.

Once they actually start dating, the pack isn’t really shocked because anyone is capable of taking the position of alpha, its not really a genetic thing, and Minho and Taemin were really obvious about their feelings.

There relationship is filled with races to see who is fast, Minho’s wolf or Taemin’s general speed, who is stronger, playful times in the river nearby, and cuddling which is pretty much Taemin lying on Minho’s wolf, and Minho curling around him to keep him warm. They sometimes go hunting together and Taemin is a little creep who thinks it’s kind of sweet when Minho brings him an animal to feed on.