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How awesome would it have been if there was an episode where Merlin and Arthur had to switch places? I didn’t even know I wanted this until the thought came into my head XD. And Merlin in royal blue really suits him :3

This image is inspired by a beautiful photomanipulation done by Jadedginger, who was kind enough to let me use it as a reference for my painting. ( It can be seen here)

Prince Arthur: x

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are you still taking asks for the au thing? :D au with prince! merlin and first knight! arthur (and they grew up together)

  • Merlin is lonely growing up. Life as a prince is isolating, and even more so when your natural talents place you far above your agemates in your training regiments. Merlin has no siblings, no friends, no one to play with, and he spends all his time with the adults who can actual challenge him where magic is concerned. Not that he minds spending time with his trainers, as they’re all very nice and knowledgeable and they teach him to do the most amazing things, but they won’t help him sneak into the kitchens to filch snacks and he never quite manages it when he tries alone. Sometimes Merlin resorts to conjuring smoke-people in his chambers, little smoke-people that are his size that he can talk to as if they’ll actually talk back. It’s a little pathetic though, so he lays face down in his bed instead. Not that that’s any better.
  • Merlin is 12 when he meets Arthur. He’s out on the primary training field, practicing his deflection spells, when he catches sight of a blond boy about his age sparring with a veteran knight and actually doing quite well. He’s never seen anyone so young be so good with a blade. He’s certainly not, but then honestly he doesn’t try very hard in sword practice. But Arthur obviously has the knack for it, bumped up to train far above his agemates just like Merlin is. When Merlin hears that Arthur’s expected to receive his knighthood by 15, he goes straight to his father and requests Arthur as his honor guard and his father grants it.
  • He probably should have asked Arthur first, in hindsight, or really spoken to him at all. Then he would’ve realized how damnably formal the boy is. He says yes sire and no my lord and by your leave when all Merlin wants to do is wrestle in the dirt the way his nannies would never let him. It’s not that Arthur’s timid or anything, he’s certainly not that, but he just has so much respect for Merlin’s rank that he’s not any fun at all. Finally Merlin gets fed up with it all and tackles him. Arthur’s got no choice but to be fun then because he simply refuses to lose, even if Merlin is the prince. So Merlin ends up pinned to the ground and giggling like mad with Arthur straddling his chest and looking thoroughly grumpy about the whole situation. But Arthur ends up laughing too, and he calls Merlin by his name for the first time in two months. Then he calls him an idiot and really it’s all downhill from there.
  • According to practically everyone in the castle, Merlin and Arthur are just desperate to die for each other. According to either of them, the other one is just a danger-magnet with no self-preservation instincts to speak of. In actuality, they’re joined at the hip and it’s a roll of the dice to see which of them manages to jump in front of the other to take the blow on any given occasion. With the poison, it’s Arthur who ends up drinking it and Merlin who goes riding an antidote. With the Questing Beast, it’s Merlin who gets bitten and Arthur who bargains with a Priestess for a cure. With the ransomers, it’s Arthur who gets beat up because he won’t keep his damn mouth shut and draws all their attention onto him and Merlin who fights tooth and nail against the magic-restraining cuffs until he burns them off his wrists. With the bandits, it’s Merlin who takes a knife to the shoulder because Arthur has his back turned and can’t see it coming. No matter which one of them happens to be injured or dying at any given moment, it’s a safe bet that the other was the intended target and is now the one beside himself and riding to the gates of hell at full speed and damn the consequences.
  • By the time Merlin takes his father’s place as king, Arthur is Merlin’s first advisor in every capacity (except for magic, of course, that honor goes to the Lady Morgana, High Priestess of the Isle of the Blessed). Merlin often jokes that really it’s Arthur who’s truly running the kingdom and Merlin there to be the pretty face they stamp on the gold coins, to which Arthur reliably replies that pretty isn’t exactly the word he would use. Until, of course, the night comes when a wine-sodden Arthur admits that Merlin is in fact very pretty and he’s actually quite fond of Merlin’s face, his lips mostly, and has been since they were 12. He rambles on about the wonder that is Merlin’s face (and a bit about his bum too) until Merlin’s ears are burning red and he can’t surpress his smile, and Merlin has to kiss him to get him to shut up. They’re even more inseparably after that, and Morgana’s jokes about them being joined at the hip take on a whole new connotation.

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Au where Balinor is King and Merlin is a prince and people without magic are treated horribly and Arthur is Merlin's servant. But they find Kilgarrah together and Merlin is still determined to make Arthur the Once and Future King

Hmmmm let’s see……

  • Merlin didn’t really care for being a prince and he didn’t fancy the idea of being king. Not that he didn’t care for his kingdom and his people. He did, very much. But he hated the weight of responsibility that hung around his neck, weighed him down until every step was a slog through mud. If he had his way, he would do nothing but study magic for every day of his life. But such was not his due. Instead he was sat down in council meetings and put through rigorous training that he really didn’t enjoy at all, and generally made miserable with the burdens of being the heir to a great throne. He did his best though, always. For his people’s sake.
  • Arthur became Merlin’s manservant when he leapt to Merlin’s defense. Merlin, being an enormously powerful warlock, generally didn’t need to take guards or knights or mages with him wherever he went. And if he wanted to spend an afternoon wandering the woods along then he was perfectly welcome to do so. And was all well and good until he wandered into a set of runes carved deep into the ground, an entire clearing that suppressed magic so thoroughly that even he could barely make use of it, and was met with a pair of men with swords. He drew his own and fought, but swordplay really wasn’t his strength. A passerby jumped into the fray without hesitation, drawing his own sword and cutting down not one but both of Merlin’s attackers in minutes. And then he proceeded to berate Merlin on the horrible lack of foresight he displayed in coming out there alone. And the two of them quickly devolved into name-calling and insults, but they somehow ended up back in the citadel together to explain what had happened. In gratitude, King Balinor awarded Arthur the great honor of being Merlin’s servant. They were both thrilled.
  • Mundanes are boring and useless and dense, that’s what everyone says. Nothing good ever comes of mundanes. What use are they without magic? Arthur keeps his head down around the city when whispers like that pop up, gossiping about the prince’s useless manservant and what else he must be good at that Prince Merlin keeps him around. He grits his teeth when the knights use magic to trip him and knock things from his hands, has to hold himself back from challenging them to fight him properly, blade to blade, and insult him then when they’re flat on their backs. There’s nothing he can do to stop the abuse, not when everyone around him is powerful in ways he can never be, so he takes the insults and the harassment and the occasional slap with as much dignity as he can muster and keeps his head down the rest of them time. When the abuse abruptly stops, it takes him a few days to notice Merlin stood some way behind him, arms crossed over his chest and a furious glare on his face, staring down the knights who had dared to look askance at him. Part of him hates Merlin for interfering, wants to fight his own battles and take care of himself. The other part glows with happiness that Merlin cares enough to want to protect him. He doesn’t admit to that part though.
  • The Great Dragon is something of a recluse, but he’s been known to call out to Merlin on occasion. It had been some time since the last summons, since before Arthur had come into his employ, but this time Arthur comes along. And the first thing Kilgharrah does is lean down to peer very closely at the prince’s mundane servant. The dragon calls him the Once and Future King and Merlin gasps as though that means something to him. Prophecy and legend and the balancing of the scales, all cryptic gibberish that the dragon spouts at them and that Merlin eats up like a starving man at a banquet but which leaves Arthur’s head spinning because it’s ridiculous. He’s no king. He’s a mundane in a magical kingdom that hates him. But then Merlin looks at him with such faith, even though there’s nothing for him to base it on but one encounter in the woods and a few months of friendly bickering. As if that makes him fit to overthrow a kingdom.
  • Arthur doesn’t have to overthrow the kingdom, as it turns out. Someone else does that for him. When Morgana and her men swarm the kingdom and drive out all those who oppose her, effectively dethroning and killing King Balinor, Arthur finds himself hiding out in the woods with a despondent Merlin and a ragtag group of knights, most of which were the good sort who had never picked on him much. The knights look to Merlin for guidance and instruction, but he sits and stares at the cave wall, blank and disbelieving and utterly useless at the moment. Arthur gives the knights the instructions he thinks Merlin would be likely to, and they obey him. When their little makeshift camp is attacked, Arthur fights hard with his sword and comes out victorious, and the knights acknowledge his skill with a blade, respect blooming on their faces. Arthur gives a rousing speech to draw Merlin from his stupor, a speech which is overheard by all the knights and makes them glow with determination to take back their home. They all look to him, even Merlin, with hope and admiration in their eyes, and he doesn’t know where it came from. When they storm the castle, it’s with Arthur and Merlin walking side by side, but Merlin looks to him, waits for his word, for his command. The knights do as well. After a moment of floundering, he gives it. With a sword forged in the Great Dragon’s breath, Arthur is the one to fight and kill the usurper Queen, and when he has, Merlin kneels before him and offers up the crown to him as the conqueror. With a sword in his hand and his best friend by his side, the crown doesn’t feel out of place on his brow.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

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The same thing happened to me recently & I'm not sure why, but it's a really nice feeling to be comfortable with your body and I'm glad you're getting to feel that too. There's nothing wrong with being a little chubby or having some extra curves. You're a cutie regardless and it's high time you feel like one! c:

I’m always worried about my body, especially when I wear clothing that pretty much shows off how much chub I have and that just bothered me so much I felt like shit whenever I wear them

but now it’s just

I don’t care as much anymore. I want to finally feel comfortable enough with my body instead of beating myself over what people thought about me and mostly what I thought about my body. Ofc I’m not gonna carelessly eat and stuff, I’m going to try and keep my body as healthy as I can. But I’m also gonna try and give my appearance a break and be happy with what I have right now.

Like dang, this is a good feeling!

I’m looking for a specific Merlin fanfic - can anyone help? It was basically Prince Merlin in a neighboring kingdom, their kingdom was full of dragons, there was some kind of war or uprising that caused Balinor to send Merlin to Camelot where he became Arthur’s servant, and basically everyone finds out Merlin’s a prince, they go to save Merlin’s kingdom, and Mergana is endgame. And Merlin’s family gave Morgana a precious heirloom dagger or something like that, and there was a Dragons council I think?

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over the past 17 yrs of my life my eyes have gradually changed from blue to grey to green so one day when I was learning about eye color and gene mutations in my science class I asked my teacher about it and she said it was impossible and didn't believe me so the next day I brought in old pictures as proof and she just looked at me funny and said she didn't know

LOL teachers sometimes…

well my eyes were very very blue when i was younger, now they are more of a greyish blue. i wonder if my eyes will become green too? that would be hella cool tbh

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